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The freeze will last 24 hours, which will give Apple the time to determine what security policies needed to be changed, if any.
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So they're going to do something about it wow...
Lol, not as much as apple though....
I'd rather pay extra for an apple product then a POS pc that needs to be updated every other day. Not to mention the security on PCs is none existent. Every other week there's some eff'd up malware or virus. Dirty PC users...
+Ron Summer, what +Kevin Kirk says about opinions applies also to what you write, of course. But you are airing very old and largely outdated myths.
As far as constant updates are concerned, they are not bad in themselves and - did you notice ? - they are a constant feature in modern IT. The lack of regular and frequent updates is very often simply a sign of neglect and end of life.
Like I care what you think dude. 
Excuse me +Ron Summers I have been using linux for over 3 years and never got a single virus or any malware. The difference between your computer and mine... is that I didn't pay anything for the operating system.
'Epic' hack? Really? I think not. This is a case of not locking down one's accounts to the extent possible in combination with laughable security policies on Apple and Amazon's part. It seems both companies are taking this seriously, as they should. I just hope that whatever steps they take to improve their systems are both robust from a security perspective, and relatively unobtrusive from a user standpoint.
^ ...enough to post that you don't anyway ;)
I agree, but I hate it when people assume that because your not using their system. It must require alot of updates, or be a virus and malware disaster. That is not the case, and the fact that his operating system is built on a unix/bsd based kernel and he is paying outrageous prices for it is just insulting...
+ash hason "a blogger gets hacked, once again, we've gotten used to it" there fixed it for you.

+John Bastian Just because you didn't get one, doesn't mean there aren't ones out there for Linux. There is malware for more or less every major system these days, thinking you're immune is ignorant, regardless of what system you run.
That's not the point, and I don't think my system is immune.
So then, what's your point? You don't support the developers of the software you use?
Hear, hear. Let's completely miss the point of the posting from Wired and distract anyone who might have legitimate questions about the way large companies provide security in the cloud to their customers by turning this into a my operating system is better than your operating system argument.

The 90's called, they want their flamewars back.

Seriously. I think that this event is pretty important, given the response both on Apple's part and on the part of consumers. Anything that motivates people to change their habits so that they become more secure in how they use their infrastructure is good.
No I do just not apple, or microsoft.
IMO PCs suck... Don't really care what you think. I guess I just like things that work. 
How come if I get the name, email, postal address and credit card details and wipe your account is Apple's fault? These info is not commonly available (or shouldn't) and it's me hacking the account, not Apple. This is like saying because I get virus infected is Micrsoft's fault.
Making a "the X called joke", that is truly 90s, wearing hyper color by chance? ;)

Sadly people will still have easily guessable passwords, or security questions, & companies will still have their databases hacked. Until we move away from passwords as our only defense, we'll continue to have these problems.
+Ron Summers Being rude, you weaken your already feeble point.
Let's face it, +Ron Summers, you weren't the brightest pupil in your class, were you ?
Risus abundat in ore stultorum.
+Shaun Johnson Don't forget the marshmallows !
But, seriously, I think I kept my cold temper ;)
Jacopo. Just because you found a phrase in Latin on the Internet and figured out how to copy and paste doesn't make you a smart person. Besides, I could care less about what you say about me. Your opinion does not matter. Besides if you were an educated person you would recognize that ad hominem is the sign of a weak argument. Besides. You can't even recognize when a person if talking shit just to stir the pot. 
Lol. Could not... Thnx for the heads up. 
+Ron Summers, let me quote you: lol, whatever :)
If you have to look up that phrase in Latin on the Internet, well... That speaks for itself.
On one point we seem to agree, at last: that it is a discussion about a topic, not people.
That was just what I was stressing out: if you just want to shout your more or less educated opinion and not debate it, you are out of place here.
To show your cultural flaws would be tempting just if I had time to kill and no other option at hand, which isn't the case. Take care and good luck !
Set up two stage authentication on my accounts after reading. Thanks for taking one for the team +Mathew Honan !
Scumbag user says over and over he doesn't care. Replies to every comment.
Lol... Scumbag huh? Sounds like you care more then I do.
+Ron Summers I'd say 'get a life' but since it's you, get a Mac :)
But also try to think different.
Getting back to the subject, Apple ID Accounts have been target of vicious attacks from quite some time.
I have been myself victim of a clever browser based one and I can attest the good quality of the customer service, that restored my credit without hesitation.
On a large scale, tough, that is not sufficient.
It is important to figure out what the thieves intend to do with the data.
One of the purpouses is to buy in-app credit in supposedly free to play games (today's trend) and resell it through eBay or elsewhere.
While reading Honan's article of the play-by-play of his "epic hack", did anyone else think to themselves, "Wow. That's a really circuitious way to gain control of a guy's Twitter.", or was it just me?
Frozen Apples, Apples with worms in them, Apples with viruses is them, these rotten Apples need to be thrown out.

Hmmm... Wonder if Apple is gonna blame this one on Microsoft too. 
+Ron Summers At least do your research on Macs before you embarrass yourself with your dramatic rants. A little home work on your end might help construct a more intelligent response. So here's the facts for you:
1. Macs uses, and orders, the exact same internal hardware than PC's, from the exact same companies. 
2. Your secure iCloud files are actually run by Microsoft servers.
3. There are far more Windows based PC's than Macs. That alone speaks volumes in many areas, more on that later on. 
4. Apple used Microsoft programming and software for years. It was actually Microsoft programming that saved Apple from going bankrupt. Here's a link with Steve Jobs admitting that himself:
Stop arguing about mac vs pc     Despite the similarities between the two, Macs in numbers and percentage don't get as many viruses as Windows. But it has nothing to do with their software, or systems, being "superior" to Windows. Think of the programmers who write these viruses as employees or business owners. Like any business investment, viruses and malware take time and manpower to develop. And just like any business, they want the best possible return on investment of this time and manpower. It makes the most sense to cast the widest net and write the viruses for Windows machines, very simply because many many many many more people use Windows PC's than Mac's. And speaking statistically, the more machines running a specific platform, the more users are going to exist who don't update their security patches, or will allow viruses to be installed on their machines.  
    And even though the number of Mac users has grown over the years, Mac hasn't come within a universe of being used more than Windows. So it still makes the most sense to write these viruses for Windows users. Therefore, Mac users are subsequently safer than Windows users. The percentage of Mac users allowing viruses on their machines has grown evenly with the amount of Mac PC's being used. So, statistically speaking, yes you are more safe on Mac, but not for any superior software, or because they're more secure than Windows. Very simple, true fact.  
There has been no impartial research conducted in this area, so it is nothing more than opinion. And if you walk into any Apple store, you will find long lines of people waiting to have one of the many Apple devices looked at for repair. Speaking from personal experience (owning and operating multiple computer repair establishments), we repair the same percentage of Apple PC's as Window PC's in relative percentage to household share. Simply put, say 100 people in the United States own computers. 90 of those use Windows PC's, 10 use Apple. 45 Windows users take in their computer for repairs, 5 Apple users take in their computers for repairs. While more overall Windows users took in their computers for repair than Mac, 50% of each took them in. Now that specific percentage is not relative to actual percentage of my companies, it's an example, but the percentages are identical relative to household use. And while, yes, you probably know more people with problems related to Windows PC's, you most likely know more people with Windows than iOS. The fact is Apple computers don't install as many viruses because there aren't as many out there. It has nothing to do with superior hardware or software. 
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