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"The U.S. military taught its future leaders that a “total war” against the world’s 1.4 billion Muslims would be necessary to protect America from Islamic terrorists, according to documents obtained by Danger Room."
Before the U.S. military suspended a course for senior officers on Islam, instructors lectured that a "total war" would be necessary to protect the United States from an Islamic menace. "Islam must ch...
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Really? Ain't that a surprise? >.>
" This barbaric ideology will no longer be tolerated. Islam must change or we will facilitate its self-destruction.”

This is why I hate being an American.
you have one rule for everybody else n another for them...
oh yes a total war, what a brilliant idea why didnt anyone else think of it? oh wait because its freaking suicide! i cant believe our leaders actually taught this! how is this supposed to protect against terrorism when we are being terrorists ourselves, while saying we are liberators?
We wouldnt even be in the middle east if it werent for the fact that there is oil out there. That's all we care about, is the protection of our assets in the middle east which is all oil. What else do they have for us? nothing! A total war is asking for us to be hated by every other country in the world. As a "leading nation" shouldnt we be the ones to set an example of what not to do?
Everytime the U.S. has tried to "correct" the world in the end has blown them up in the face. Good to see what they have learned from their mistakes (nothing at all)
When George W uttered the word "Crusade" in relation to the arab world I knew the US was so unaware of the sensitivies of the region that they were going to make all the mistakes the europeans made in the 12th and 13th centuries and now as every day passes I see to my utter sadness how correct I was. Your political leaders need to read some history before speaking and your generals should be ashamed of thiere ignorance of history as it is essential to any general who wants to win a war
+Anthony McGowan i agree, what our country really needs is a :Department of History: maybe then we wont keep making these same mistakes over and over again. "if you're not with us, you're with the terrorists!" -George W. Bush.
I as a German immediately was reminded of someone else asking for the 'totalen Krieg' ... and we afterwards needed the Americans to be freed from this ideology of deleting all the jews from the planet!
i don't remember Jews doing much suicide bombing killing thousands of innocent people a year
I'm not sure why everybody is so shocked that some people think this way. Yes, to a large degree Americans were ignorant of the Middle East, ignorance just meaning you haven't learned about something yet.

Just because these people were military officers, doesn't reflect badly on America overall. The fact that the situation is being corrected is a is a good thing. Let's hope that all the Imams out there tell their followers how treating people (including other Muslims) badly leads to these kinds of misunderstandings.
This is why the dogs of war must be treated, controlled and kept under surveillance by society like the dogs they are. Uniforms turn simple minds into believing in infinite righteousness. That's not only a problem with armed forces, but CIA, FBI and even the police.
To Hans J. Furfjord, And who watches the watchers ?
If you actually read this its pretty simple. This is phase iii. Phase I being deterrence, phase ii is not in this. I believe it would behoove anyone in a military planning and strategy role to think through something like this from an approach of what we want, what we need, and what the heck do we do and what does it look like if everything goes completely FUBAR. This makes sense.
One doesn't expect civility from an uncivil mindsets Govt controlled terrorists like army or Govt backed terrorists like those in Pakistan or non state actors like Taliban etc
At the very least, we seem to only open our mouths to change feet
+Eli Fulton Perhaps my statement left room for interpretation: I never wanted to say that jews were doing suicide bombing etc.
I am only sad to read that in a land which freed Germany and protected my hometown against the Russians for good reason, now creates ideas with that kind of mindset of deleting people.
The military reflects at least portions of society, especially those communities from which its ranks join - remember it is an all volunteer force.

The class taught to senior officers was wrong. Perhaps we should address how the theory could be allowed to be part of the course material. Part of it appears to be a lack of actual diversity in those who developed the course. The US military needs "Ivy League Liberal" experts to want to get involved in its education programs, they can't be forced to.
+Kurt Brackett There will always be extremists. Especially in religion. Society structures our way of life and, for many, beliefs. Obviously there are Muslims that are terrorists but that doesn't mean that all Muslims are or even that all terrorists are Muslim! There are plenty of terrorist organizations out there.

But that even stretches beyond your comments. Looking past all of the generalizations you just made, it seems that you know very little about the subject at hand.

P.S. To the people that use Christianity as a counter-argument to the persecution of all Muslims, you should realize that you're doing the same thing. Don't blame one religion. Blame extremism.
I'd like to point out that this is the US military, not the US population. This is the point of a military, to destroy the enemy. That is why military dictatorships are so terrible so this is not surprising that they planned this. I mean come on the US Military planners during the cold war felt that 50 000 000 deaths in a Nuclear war with the Soviet Union were "acceptable losses".
+Kurt Soren You're a drooling moron and most likely a rambling Jesus freak. The holy books of Islam and Christianity would for all practical purposes almost be identical if Islam permitted the idea God-sons, miracles and killing people for picking up a branch on Sundays. Both religions have drooling morons like you, giving the rest a bad rep. Islam is only capable of secularism? In what part of your fungi-infected, rotting, stinking brain did you make that up?

+Edward Gonzalez You're reasoning with a putrefied lump of pig meat with blonde hair and a mask fooling people into thinking it's a person. Why don't you raise the bar a bit and try to persuade a hamster to drive your car next time.

+Kurt Wall Uneducated is not the word you use about lumps of pig meat.
The funny thing about Kurt and his rant is that his vile racism is on display for all - especially future employers - to see.
Have fun with your life.
Dang Hans, why don't you tell us how you really feel about it...
Islam is capable of much more, science, literture, archectecture, sadly we only hear about the raving nuts.
I don't agree with any of you, but thanks for the comedy tho...
But I'm not so bad! :)

+Hans J. Furfjord Even if you do seem slightly enthusiastic about their opinions on the matter, I am curious about what you were referring to when you said, "giving the rest a bad rep."
If it hadn't been for Muslim scientists and scholars taking care of and developing the knowledge Christianity burned and/or chased out of Europe, the renaissance would've been delayed 100s of years.

Science and Islam: Part 1: The Language of Science
Science and Islam: Part 2: The Empire of Reason
Science and Islam: part 3: The Power of Doubt

Jim's a professor in physics, math genius, won a bunch of awards. He's the only living equivalent of Carl Sagan in regard to educating the public. He's made a number of physics documentaries. He's not a mindless attention whore like Michio Kaku or Lawrence Krauss.'re completely insane. Funny, but insane.
His profile wasn't private so you knew what city he lived in and what high school he went to.
Not very smart when you say shit like that.
Well aren't you forgetting the Mongol Empire? Baghdad was burned to the ground along with much of their documented knowledge. Yes, Christians are to blame for much of the destruction of Islamic advancement but Mongols stopped the growth of the biggest and most prosperous city in the world. Baghdad still has yet to fully recover from this attack over 700 years ago.
Min Ko
How nice of them :P
+Kurt Wall The destruction of Islamic advancement? When did we change the subject? I was talking about human progress, the modern world. Which rests on the renaissance, which in turn rests on the effort of Muslims when Europe succumbed to apathy, self-loathing and general chaos during the true glory days of Christianity, when priests and popes had total control of everything.
US... why are you at war against some of your citizens?
+Hans J. Furfjord I wish Google Plus had a "-1" for your post! You evidently have a very superficial knowledge of the Middle Age!
Yeah I guess I should have phrased that differently.

That is true, Christianity had a lot of control at that point. But funny you should mention that because the reason people were vulnerable to that type of control was because of the Black Plague killing people left and right. Who's to blame for the Black Plague? The Mongols. And so on...

There is always a way to derive a certain conclusion with enough reasoning. History is a fickle thing and laying blame gets more complicated as time goes on.

But back to the article. Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Most religions teach good moral values. The people in a position of power are the ones we should be the most careful and most critical about. To generalize the actions of a few extremists as the actions of the whole would be a fallacy which, unfortunately, the United States still sees fit to do.
Since this is a college presentation, is the plan (though ghastly,) academic?
+Alessio Sangalli When you pop out of nowhere to say someone is wrong and then leave, what are you trying to achieve? I'm interested in the psychology of that maneuver. Do you do that a lot? Does it make you feel empowered somehow? How would you react if someone rang your door and said "Hey, you're wrong, bye"? Are you an academic pedant who's annoyed I didn't write fifty footnoted paragraphs with every reservation possible in my comment, and therefore thinks I'm wrong because I simplified the dark ages into a single one, or are you a Jesus freak who can't take it if anyone refers to the glory days of Christianity as the dark ages? Or are you just your average Arab-hating republican scumbag who gets mad if anyone suggests Arabs helped getting the modern world started?

+Kurt Wall I was talking about the middle ages spanning a thousand years, not a few events in the middle of it. And I was talking about Christianity initiating the downfall of the Roman empire by getting itself installed as a obligatory mentality of defeat and self-pity, which in a couple of hundred years of degeneration allowed the barbarian hordes to take over Rome. Christianity then went on to firmly place Europe in the dark ages and actively kept it there by killing off any signs of progress. Yes, plagues and Mongols didn't help, not only were they disasters by themselves, they reinforced Christianity massively (God's punishment requires penance). The light, so to speak, was kept safe partially by Arab scholars (which was my original point), until it could be returned to initiate the Renaissance. That's a simplification, but it's not a speculative one. Munks also stored ancient text and duplicated them, but only to the extent they were compatible with Catholic dogma. If it had not been for Arab scholars, the renaissance and the age of enlightenment would've been delayed by centuries. I dumped 3 hours of BBC documentaries in a previous comment here for a reason. Consider them a gift, I could've said "you're wrong, bye" like +Alessio Sangalli. I could also spent the rest of the night arguing my point referring to historical facts and whatnot, but then, I don't paint my walls with batshit.

For further study:
I skimed thur most of the docs. I seems to remined me of someone trying to infranate the commisit party in the 50's. but since the war on terror has been going on, the bigots have come out form time to time.
Oui il est vrai ... l'Amérique est une puissance qui attire et qu'ils sachent que jamais les musulmans ne sont ni l'ont été des terroristes
ceux qui le font "le terrorisme" ne sont jamais des musulmans ni d'autres religions que ce soit ceux qui le pensent du mois n'ont qu'à lire le livre sacret peut-être qu'ils changeront n'en pas d'avis mais ne se posent plus même cette question......MOUNIR Chui'là!
+Hamilton Kulchetscki I'm sure it feels bad for you, as a Portuguese, to think about having had your country invaded 1200 years ago, but that didn't stop the advancement of time and the rotation of the Earth. Of the six outbreaks of what can be defined as an inquisition, only one was initially concerned with potential worship of Allah a long time after the Muslims had left. It then went on to concentrate on witches, which was a much bigger problem than a couple of Arabs secretly worshiping Allah in their homes. The other five was not connected to Islam, nor were they and nor were the crusades connected in any way whatsoever to the Ottoman empire, which didn't arise until after the crusades were over. The crusades was about gold, like the invasion of Iraq was about oil. Incidentally, both wars were blamed on Jesus' advice (Bush: "Jesus told me to attack Iraq"). The latter left half a million people dead, over twice the wildest estimates of the death tolls of the crusades, but then, it was a lot more profitable than the former. Bush called US efforts in the war on terror leading to Iraq a "crusade", and were slightly right for once, though inadvertently.

And as for scientific knowledge brought from the Arab world in the 14th and 15th century, I'm too tired to write anymore. I've wasted enough time as it is. Google Science and Islam.
I appreciate your thorough responses +Hans J. Furfjord as I am not an expert on the subject. I am wary of misinformation though. You never know when some lunatic spouts their opinion as factual. I will watch those documentaries when I have the free time to do so and I especially liked that .gif you posted. I don't presume to know more than the average person or even tell you that you're wrong. One must be careful about putting stock into things other people say, especially on the internet.
+Hamilton Kulchetscki That's the last time I'm gonna trust Google to tell me what language someone's using on their profile. Or is it Portuguese? Wouldn't be shocking, they went to Brasil as well in the old days. They even came here, to the North Pole. I'm 1/32 Portuguese.
+Hamilton Kulchetscki Seems I can trust Google afterall. And yes, Sortland is well beyond the arctic circle. There' a lot of reefs along the coast of Norway and Portuguese ships tended to crash into them. It was a long walk back home so to speak, so some found themselves wives, built farms and stayed instead of going home.
+Hans J. Furfjord and then you link a GIF that is supposed to tell all the story? Come on. If the Arabs (or Chinese, etc) were so good, why didn't THEY advance science?
+Alessio Sangalli, I think they are referring to the individual "leaving Google Plus." Their combative approach however only causes fundamentalist to throw up walls and refuse to even pay attention to logic and reason.

It is not fair to say that the Arabs or Chinese have not advanced science (ever). At different times throughout human history, various civilizations/societies have been advancing science while others were languishing in scientific dark ages. In our modern world, we are becoming more and more integrated and in many ways scientific communities are global.

A goal of many fundamentalist (regardless of their faith/culture) is to combat general, accurate education. Education, for all, is one of the best ways to combat ignorance. By teaching the next generation the ability to think critically about what they read, hear, and see the world will become a better place.
+Rob Holland I agree on most of what you say, even if I do not understand the "leaving G+" thing. But also Catholics (and Jesuits in particular) are very well known for the excellence of their educational institutions, even wealthy Indians send their kids there!
All Islam teaches is to Worship ONE GOD, ALLAH, which means, "The One Worth to be Worshiped".
Islam is only about this Monotheistic Ideology.
Islam is not about marrying kids
Islam is not about Suicide bombers
Islam is not about Polygamy
Islam Is about worshiping GOD, the Creator, and none of the created.
In Islam JESUS is NOT son of God, but His honored messenger, who has never been crucified, as God didn't let anyone to lay their hands on him.
Islam teaches that Jesus is alive and will descend to fight Antichrist.
Koran is the holy book of Islam
Koran mentions Jesus almost more than any other name of any of the Messengers
Koran contains a whole chapter called "Maryam" = "Mary" Mother of Jesus, where her story is described.
Koran says that all Messengers should be believed in, including Jesus, peace be upon Him.
Now look at the Fundamentalist:
Fundamentalist = the one who follows foundation, on which the certain belief is built upon.
If we believe in Constitution, how can one start adding anything to it, based on his/her experience, wish etc.

There is divine law, sent down by the Creator, made by the Creator, sustained by the Creator, and all of a sudden a created one starts amend it, revise it.
Whould the fact that one thinks is good be the justification for him in front of the Creator?
The fundamentalist is the one who follows law in its original form. Should he be blamed for this?

Name anything from Koran, and i can prove using worldly examples that Koran is the best guidance for successful life.
What??????????????? Where's the -1 button? Has anyone at the Pentagon considered that the word fundamentalist actually means one who follows the basics in a system? It does not refer to terrorist!
+Caspian Explorer the Koran, as with any holy scripture, can be misinterpreted. It's common for man to distort the message the original writer/writers were going for.

With that said, I agree that the Koran can give one guidance toward a successful life. I don't feel it is the "best" guidance though. I feel man should live a life of their choosing. I have free will for a reason :) Learn life lessons from books as such & spread these lessons. The rules you can do without and still be successful, happy, and compassionate.
+Keri El Armali, from the perspective of many (UBL, Iran, Baathist), the United States (& its allies) have been terrorist for decades. As the saying goes - "One man's freedom fighter is another man's terrorist."

So, arguably 11 Sept 2001 was a something bad to cause the government & people to wake-up. It caused us to pursue war in the Graveyard of Empires - Afghanistan.

However, within the United States, we have our own religious fundamentalist and they sometimes find their way into places of power. The challenge before the American people in this regard is to decide whether it is a secular republic as it was founded or a "Christian republic," similar to how Iran is an "Islamic republic." The second challenge is whether or not to continue engaging in interventionist foreign policy and act as the "world's hated police force" or to pull back forces and allow the rest of the world to stand on its own two feet.
The US Military-Industrial-Congressional Complex always needs a bogeyman to justify huge taxpayer expenditures and keep everyone afraid. President Eisenhower warned us about this over fifty years ago.
a theocracy of any type involved in politics or militancy is a threat. Just like radical Islam we have the threat of radical christainity here.
Of course does not radical islam tech the same thing ? it is sad and scary that we seem to be returning to medevil thought . Religion can do a lot of good but it can be a very brutal weapon.
If you make a correct statement then it is easier to find the cure. Root cause is not a single 'Radical Islam', root causes are many:
Radical Muslims <- İgnorance
Incorrect interpretation of Holy Scripture - Koran <- Ignorance
and further on.

But the statement 'Radical Islam' leads to one conclusion - Terminate Evil Religion. Whereas it it not the person who concludes, but the person who makes intolerant, ignorant statement is liable for consequences.
Islam teaches to pay back, but at the same time encourages to pay by good even to evil. Islam doesn't teach to bow in front of the oppressor, but teaches to guard ones dignity, honor.
I would like to offer my help to anyone who has any questions about Islam. I'd be more than happy to clarify any issue within the boundaries of my own knowledge.
not to defend the anti islam bent of the west ,but why does the islamic world condone radical islamic practice ?
anyway livin peacefully in a country is words to explain........
I,m, not for fundementalism o f any sort christian , islam etc. a sepera tion of church and state. the right wing g here in the states scares me as much as the mullahs in tehran and quetta
But the only way to end 'Negative' religious issues is to return to the source, to the way the Prophets, peace be upon all of them, understood scriptures and built their societies. The fundamental of Christianity is the same as Islam, they are both from the same Source - the Creator. And who would say that the creator meant to harm people. He wants Paradise for people, for this reason He sent the messengers, to guide us back to the path of the Creator.
To me it would be an honour to be a fundamentalist, if it is understood like 'following Jesus, Moses and Muhammad'.
As one of the people islam wants dead (a lesbian) I have to agree with those documents. Islam is evil, and should be treated as such. I thank the people who are trying to stop them
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