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A small group of coders (claiming they belong to Anonymous) have designed AnonTune -- a new social music platform to share music:

"...designed to pull songs from third-party sources like YouTube and let anonymous users put them into playlists and share them — while keeping the service from being shut down by music industry lawsuits..."

Read more on UnderWire:

Will it change the face of sharing #music ?
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It might, but it doesn't matter to me. I like what I have with Google and Apple, let other people wrestle with the moral issues.
i bet it is a fake just like that anonmyous-OS that a couple of collage kids made not long ago
i think this is a trojan horse for their dos-attacks - these crackers are untrustable...
+Caan Polite: Right, because Anon are "soldiers on the front". Look, I don't let people (like you) define what I associate myself with. I like Google and Apples music services because I have both an Android device and an iPod. I have those devices because I like their interface, music quality so on and so forth. If Anon isn't putting out a device to play their music on (or even a music service that's somehow better than what's out there now...), it's useless and a poor attempt to remain in a spotlight that is quickly moving to the next big drama story (remember Wikileaks?). So, I don't care what they do, ever. Let them fight their so called "Robin Hood" battles, but I like to make my own choices. If they bring something that actually matters, like...I dunno...actually helping people, then it's possible they'll matter to me. Until then, I've got my life, they have theirs. I'm alright with not being part of those "cool kids". Fads come and go, and Anon is a fad.
+Paul Johnson never done it, and neither know how to do it - which tools available from Debian/Ubuntu repository you recommend?
Wireshark is great. But remember, you gotta be on the same segment as the device you're trying to sniff, so either the same WAP or the same ethernet segment (use a hub, not a switch).
This has come just in time I was jusrt searching(and just as quickly deleting) for a music sharing site
Dear Anonymous,
I know you can get your message out more efficiently. 3:37! Let's tighten it up.
+Caan Polite cool story bro. EDIT: On second thought, a quick response: People, groups, corporations, governments all do bad things. It's life. My battle isn't your battle. So fight where you want, I'll fight where I want. If our paths ever cross, then hopefully we can make a better solution together. Until then, I don't care what you do or who you associate with, but you can quit acting like you're alone in fighting those who would wrong others. It's arrogant, misguided and frankly wrong. Your response above is why Anon has the reputation it does.
Went to their site and it looks both interesting & promising. Can't wait to see what comes of this.
Anonymous isn't an established organization. It's the concept of random people on the internet working together to accomplish something. All that this AnonTune thing is, is a mashup of already existing services to make it easier for you to find and share music already existing on big name company's websites like YouTube.
Me thinks the underground take is a marketing ploy....

well i cheked out the .com and it was very ugly and needs to be hevily improved. also i think that the people who make the music have the right to put out thire music and put a price on it because if they dont make money then they wont be able to fund the exspencies of making music like, equtment, studio, instruments, and paying people to set this all up. so with no money for them comes no music for us:(
Methinks it's fake or possibly a honeypot to catch users who pirate things. There is no way to prove that this service is set up by the same "Anonymous" cracking group. Cracking governments and government agencies to expose wrong doings is one thing, but releasing "goods" or "warez" (haven't used that one in a while!) to the general public makes me leery of them.
I just love it that everyone thinks music is worthless
The expressly said "noncopyrighted music" I think it will be a great platform for new music and music information sharing.
Marcus, it's because most never learn how to play an instrument or sing in a choir. They have no idea how much training and work it takes just to be a mediocre amateur. Let alone a professional musician.
this doesn't seem to be in the spirit of anonymous, they understand freedom but are not stupid. Musicians need to be supported too.
I've got a feeling this isn't THE Anonymous. Those guys wouldn't make simple errors in capitalization (can you spot it? Look at 0:47) and use such a cheesy voice modulator.
Also, that website ( is really ugly. I would expect better from the real Anonymous.
=_= Yeah. That's right. "THE" anonymous would've done better. It seems like you're a fan of their work, which begs me to ask how you completely miss the point?
lol. i could almost see that one fly over your head. 
You sure it wasn't a rainbow shitting pop tart chasing retarded comments? I've seen a couple of them lately.
irish d
this is just gonna get youtube into trouble
I'm sorry, I can't listen to this horse shit video. I just don't have the robot ears to do it.
lol Andy I'd use my real picture but I don't have a camera. :P
I refuse to consider an organization like Anonymous as an organization for the people by the people stadning up against corporations infringing upon our rights. In fact, I find the blind devotion people give to be laughable at best. I use the term "blind devotion" because, like its namesake, its members are anonymous. You can make the claim that the members are made up of volunteers fighting "the good fight" but how can you prove this? Also, if they claim to be fighting on behalf of us, why do they maintain this level of secrecy? A lack of transparency only results in an inability to legitimize their claims (i.e. if my grievance is not worth assuming any risk, my grievance has no real value). Also, if the level of injustice is as grave as Anonymous claims it is, the risk-to-reward is actually quite low (i.e. fines, incarcration, not internet privilages in exhance for our freedoms). In comparison, we can look to recent past events in Tunisia. There, people felt that the government's oppressive regime was so great and terrile that they publically protested knowing fullwell that the penalty could be far harsher than anything we would experience as Westerners. By taking that risk, they effectively communicated that their grievances had great value. Anonymous has not done that and as such, I cannot understand the blind love and devotion so many give to the "organization."
Won't work. The pirate bay has no copyrighted material either. They don't even have torrents. Doesn't matter, the law doesn't care about trivial distinctions.
Law? Law was invented by people and applied by people. Law is not evil. Greedy people are.
+Alex Artsikhovsky spoken like a true content consumer. I don't know if you've ever produced anything worth stealing, but it's not quite that simple.
+Seth Moon Greedy is always a convenient epithet to use against people who are wealthier than you. So, people in other countries get to call American's as a group greedy. The secret is to admit your flaw and then explain that if they would just donate a little money to your self-improvement fund you might be able to overcome the ailment.
+Seth Moon Imagine that I have 1000 donuts that I do not need at all. I can give you a 900. Am I greedy? No. But question is - how did I get 1000 donuts that I do not even need anymore....
+Alex Artsikhovsky Easy, I'm conducting a donut drive to feed the impovershed members of my local community. Due to the giving nature of my community, donations exceeded need. At this point I am now in excess of 1000 donuts. I figure that I can sell 100 donuts and use the proceeds to purchase donuts for tomorrow and continue to assist those in need (I have to sell the donuts 'cause frankly, they just don't keep). The other 900 exceeds my logistical capabilities but not yours and so, in my giving nature, I kick the 900 to you.
remain anonymous please
so it's a youtube/soundcloud/other aggregator

anontunes already existed then, it's youtube search.
Uhm, so, Anon-Social Website, Anon-OS and now this... anyway I like the idea behind it, not sure about the execution though, but my support goes more to what The Pirate Bay has been doing lately. Musicians need actual support, away from the greedy hands and interest of corporations.
For the great majority of mankind are satisfied with appearances, as though they were realities, and are often more influenced by the things that seem than by those that are.
Most people prefer to believe that their leaders are just and fair, even in the face of evidence to the contrary, because once a citizen acknowledges that the government under which he lives is lying and corrupt, the citizen has to choose what he or she will do about it. To take action in the face of corrupt government entails risks of harm to life and loved ones. To choose to do nothing is to surrender one's self-image of standing for principles. Most people do not have the courage to face that choice. Hence, most propaganda is not designed to fool the critical thinker but only to give moral cowards an excuse not to think at all.
"When buying and selling are controlled by legislation, the first things to be bought and sold are legislators."---O'Rourke
+Regina Dailey you are assuming that those that don't have the talent to play an instrument or sing don't appreciate music and well that's just wrong i enjoy and love music and believe that music is more than just sounds and voices its an art and is deffenetly a way to send a messege to the public. I pay for all my music because well those who made it deserve the money but guess what never played an instrument in my life and trust me deffenetly can't sing so what you expressed on your comment is not right or at least not worded the right way. And +Marcus Simmons i know its sad really. And to the original post its hard to believe its the same anonymous that caught everyone's attentions, not saying is not anonymous just not the same group remember anyone can be anonymous.
Ah, the flame war that is Google+ comments
They don't work any harder than a Nurse or a Teacher. Do they deserve to be millionaires? The likes of Liam Gallagher? Really? Let's get some perspective.
+Seth Moon who said you have to spread your wealth to lazy loosers? I do not mind helping ones in sudden need, but I am against mandated social programs. I lived in USSR I know what I am talking about.
+Branden Prins says it right. Once its been dissembled and fully traced maybe....blind trust in software usually doesn't end well.
Well don't do face book, nor twitter. G+ only, nor do I search with google. This software runs an applet with FULL permissions
Never did I say that this is a bad or malicious piece of software, just that a group releasing software needing complete control of the operating system. Until someone with better skills than mine traces through its complete inner workings, and what google analytics really tracks in it... Or it becomes truly open source (more than just the Javascript that's not obfuscated) I'm good on this.
Well that's stupid, do what google will with my name and job info, its services don't run at full permissions, and smart use of your browser can eliminate tracking of you.
Haha okay buddy. Well until browsers require full permissions and give savvy users zero control I'll continue my use of google+
+Caan Polite
He's suggesting that most citizens prefer not to believe that their leaders are corrupt, and those who do are the ones who can make the differences. He's said nothing about leaders who aren't corrupt... so all leaders are corrupt?
Well +Alexa Alexa only point is that this software needs some major security testing before I use it. I'm not a CISPA supporter, that's neither here nor there atm. What is here is the Diablo III open beta :O
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