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That's okay they sometimes protect certain criminals.
i honestly thought cracking it would've been easy O_o
Just create a database with all possible screen patterns and one is bound to match... although I'm sure they already tried that.
Clearly Wired was paid by the FBI to print the article.
Try cracking my encrypted drive #Android
Dan O
Somehow, this doesn't sound right...
What most people don't realize is that this ability is also available on the iPhone (who isn't getting so much attention lately...)
Hey John, I'm just happy somebody else uses "Podunk".
Suck it iPhone! We are secure are FFFFFFUCK. :D
Funny article too let people think they are safe. You just plug the phone using USB and access the data using adb. This is pretty easy, legal and documented on Google sdk ..
And this is one of the procedure to root your phone ... and they are Odin mode or recovery mode methods
"What’s more, many states, including California, grant authorities the right to access a suspect’s mobile phone, without a warrant, upon arrest for any crime." Jay walk and someone is allowed to dig through your personal data. Damn it's great to live in a free country...
Just look for the smear on the screen.
I have that it. soooo helpful!
Searching through someone's phone without a warrant should be a violation of the fourth amendment.
smear pattern on the screen, shows which pattern to use
The fourth amendment also means that they need a warrant, OR A ILLEGITIMATE REASON/SUSPICION TO SEARCH THROUGH SOMEONE'S BELONGINGS.
Yeah but wont other people know your patter now?
+Paul Baker lol This is why I'm OCD about finger prints... Not really, but I'd like to think so.
No, Pierre, smear patterns for pattern locks can't be discerned from smears from other actions (there is a study out there that supports this). I'm not overly fastidious but I do wipe the screen periodically removing all smears.
you can figure it out via looking at the touch screen on an angle and seeing where the owner has dragged their finger
Android phones are safer than military-grade encryption!
kinda sad the FBI can't do anything about it.....
If only the FBI realises that the patterns are actually hidden numbers ...
The FBI couldn't crack a walnut. Ask any 5th grader to do it for them.
Haha it's just replaced the numbers with dots and instead of clicking them you just connect them it's not rocket science 
lol ikr. and tht kind of cool way how FBI can crack the code
Steve K
The FBI are a joke and the laughing stock of every police force around the world!

They couldn't crack their butts with both hands! LOL!!
Find a thirteen year old problem solved.
Evan Wu
thirteen year old: playing angry birds. FBI: "how do you unlock it!?!?!" " i dont know. just shoot it." lolololol
can't you just tell what the pattern roughly is by looking at where people's fingerprint smears are?
fbi lying asses off again

My 5 year old nephew got through mine first shot, by looking at the smudges on the screen.
I honestly thought it would be easy by just following the finger print smears.
Wait a minute... What a rookie FBI couldn't crack it. It's not infinite combinations. It's is finite. Maybe the rookie would get a callus.
hahaha..just so amazed by that. Congrats Google.
might have to use both handa
Nice...I use 9 pattern and encrypted the sdcard, gotta luv op3n source.
The FBI just made this up so that they get the warrant for the google password to access data on gmail etc.

While all this is going on, the guy has wiped his phone remotely. Lol
This way of unlock is so amazing that I have to use it.
totally fed proof fersure
I think a lot of people have not read the article. It's not so much that they can't, it's that the pattern lock system allows only so many attempts, thereby triggering the backup email/password system that requires a warrant. Also, it's suggested that they could use other means to access the phone, but worry about data destruction.

And even the private sector extraction company said their software would not in fact work on a locked phone.

So apparently, everyone here, including various anonymous 13 year olds, is brilliant, but the FBI and the private sector specialists are the morons. Got it.
The warrant requires Google to turn over Samsung’s “default code” in “verbal” or “written instructions for overriding the ‘pattern lock’ installed on the Samsung model SGH-T679.”

Is the FBI certain that there's a backdoor on the phone?
That's what they want you to believe.
People keep talking about finger print smears, but what if there aren't any. Some people actually clean there phones. Imagine that.
Tim KH
+Bento Box you do know android is the name of the OS, which was created by Google and its affiliates. Its just like Windows and Microsoft.
lol teaches them to mess with us ;)
The "pattern" portion of this is irrelevant a password or pin would have been just as effective (assuming other aspects of locked phone are handled the same). The problem is that the phone only allows a few unlock attempts before it either 1) wipes itself or 2) requires the full username and password. In this case it was #2 so really it was the user's passord which defeated the brute force attack, not the pattern input system itself.
ha-ha in Jo face FBI haha now i kinda want a android
K Lang
What a shame...
I would think cell phones would fall under the 4th amendment (ie. effects)?

Bill of Rights
Amendment IV
The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.
Just get sum1 to hack it for you, but if the FBI cant get it, I'm sure prob no one can!
I think m gonna switch to Android
Why would you hack the pattern lock when you can get in through the adb/usb, recovery partition, bootloader, goldcard the phone, or even just rip the nand out of the phone and put it someplace else and read it.

This is stupid. It's like living in a rice paper house with a military spec lock on the door. If anyone wants to break in they just walk through the wall.
FBI is run by Odumbo so yeah I doubt they could crack it even if they knew the password.
really ..... wow they are dumb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ok hold the power button and the volume button down together at the same time for a few seconds. This will access the db of the phone. :)
A stolen portable can be wiped remotely. I would think a phone could also. Why do the feds need the real backdoor when the user name and password would work? It means they want to get into everyone's Mobile phone without warrants. In my opinion our government has gone way over the line and is totally out of control. They are an elected dictatorship. We all best vote these hoodlums out of office.
Yet another reason I'm glad to be an Android user, and not an iphone zombie.
As I see it, it's not an issue of what they can or can't do, but what they can do legally. It would surprise you if you knew what abilities they had.
The emergency call button on the lock brings you to a dail pad you can gets in from there or the forgot pattern is also an option aswell. likely due to the fact government employees cant afford smart phones .
freaking awesome. that shows how cool it is. damn
How do recover ur numbers from my gmail account
If the above info is true then i guess we are out of Echelon.
they probably paid Wired to put that article out so that hackers will buy Android Phones.... and android will give this info to the feds....
Don't believe it, best ex hackers become agents
I saw this in the News it is very interesting to see FBi agent can't crack the code and kudos to Android Developer making this happened...LuLz
Android sucks because you can't move all your apps etc. To an sd card because the phone space it comes with is a joke. I had to hack the falkin thing to make it move them to the sd crazy!!!
ng Bin
At least Android has an sd card instead of paying an extra $100 bucks for 8 gigs and you are able to upgrade your memory
I think this article is fake because I lost my nexus s a while back and the lady who found it cracked it using google search and tracked me down . And I highly doubt that FBI can't crack it
Space for Apps is not an Android issue but a manufacturer issue.

I will agree that the partition schemes manufactures choose are pretty screwy. Example: the droid incredible had 16Gb of internal memory but apps and data were confined to 512MB and pictures went into the extra partiton and if you installed an sdcard, pictures and media would go to it and leave the internal memory alone.

The nice thing about android is that OS updates don't wipe out media you have stored on the device.

I love the freedom of being able to make kernel a tweaks, flash differnet radios,
Tim P
This is dumb, just "dock to unlock"
wow is androids are osome,,,
but cant beat apple,,,,,im always on apple side,,
+Jean-François Laflamme except the Android debug bridge does not work on a locked phone, and access would be limited anyways unless the phone is in debugging mode, which is unlikely.
As a IT consultant, web developer and hobby programmer general, let me assure fanboys of all creeds there isn't a smartphone, tablet, laptop or computer whose data is secure when in the hands of a compitent technician with time and a desire.
This is surprising, but I feel kinda good about how secure my phone is.
So they're too dumb to crack the gmail password too? I call BS on this story.
When I turn my screen display off I can see a very obvious streak of my unlock pattern. I don't think it's that hard...
it's ain't easy like a egg to break....
That's OK. I am sure China's PSB (Public Security Bureau - their FBI equivalent) can crack it.
Did they try looking for the finger print smudges?
Omg hey guys did they check for fingerprint smudges yet lol, cause like omg you could totally crack the lock by checking for smudges you know. But really, all you have to do is trace the smudges. lol, I'm smarter than the FBI, because I can crack this code by checking for smudges. Have I mentioned that all you have to do is trace the smudges yet? Cause that's all you have to do is trace the smudges.
Are they for real??? LOL
The technology behind touch screen itself doesn't allow brute-force method to crack the pattern. 9 button will allow 1,000,000 combination deduct with 1000 pattern of 3 digit combination it has exactly 999,000 pattern, unless if there is someway to capture the data packet send by the Android OS to the touch screen. With limitation trial it already reduce the possibilities of cracking the pattern to near 0%.
Smudges aren't a good way to crack a pattern lock. I mean yeah, if you use a simple lock or something easily discerned. But if you take certain steps you can create an elegant, yet complex, pattern that even running over your greasy fingerprints in several ways wouldn't yield results. Plus I use a SlideIt keyboard that uses swiping motion to enter text, so that adds more patterns to decipher.

But really, unless you don't clean your screen that often smudges shouldn't register well enough to figure out the pattern.
figures as there are literally billions of combinations
I wonder how many more people gonna suggest looking at the smudges...
+Titan Rain total and absolute give away. I cracked friend's phone based on smudges haha. But I'm guessing the FBI ruined the smudges with their own finger grease already.
+Mark Zhang Yeap I've done it too, actually the first time I ever held an android device. It was a plain as day "M". But I think the FBI have probably already exhausted that avenue. What if 2 or 3 hundred more people suggest it on this thread, maybe it will magically appear?
Lol this article is to funny. And the comments are even better.
That's funny as I've found on a touch screen you can tilt the phone at an angle and see the finger marks on the screen and see the unlock pattern.
take a clean sheet and wipe off oily finger pattern.
Shhh +Solomon Utuedor I was trying to help the FBI. Don't tell the populous how to secure their devices. How will the FBI ever see what they were looking at on Facebook or Google+?
it is secure but then Google decided to replace it with a face recognition lock..
i hav a android mobile but its locked how 2 crack da lock . i try da password but its not working n nw its asking a gmail account i forgot my old gmail account nw how can i crack da lock. i m not using dat mobile nw i gave 2 service center dey can't crack da lock:-)
do u knw hw can it get crack
There is only so many patterns that could be used, so I personally believe this to be false....
But you can simply crack face unlock in android with just a photograph of the person
{Ash dakin} if that was the problem you can still use the phone manual it will help and direct you to opened ur phone if it dosn't opened try as much as you can to think of ur old gmail account or check your all social webside that you use befor and presentsly may be you use it some where as your email if you did not see it nd recognize it text me and i will help you. 
I bet the teen down the street broke it weeks ago.
+Tyler Lego Anyone who does it in Savannah Ga, that's for sure. Our nazi's are out of hand around here...
Just look for the greasy finger line.
As long as I always hold you in my heart,
I will never lose you!!
WOW......literlly lol +Malcolm Mee
This is good to know.
While I'm glad to know my data is secure, this does nothing to boost my confidence in federal law enforcement.
Fbi is no thing beyond the andriod
Looks at pic... sonofa.... goes to change lock pattern....
EPIC! Android sticking it to the man.
Ray Lee
disable usb debug on phone
look the can at in si so you did do they
I read that if the phone owner has greasy fingers; he/she will leave a "trail" on the screen that can reveal the pattern.
It's just like playing a maze like we all do when we were just kids. Bollocks!
What uninformed people here don't know is that in order for ADB to be working you need to enable USB debugging on your phone. Unless locking software is stupid enough to store unlock combination on your SD card the only way you can get data on this phone is to butcher it up and access data from hardware itself or get Google to unlock it since after few tries phone locks permanently and requires email/password to unlock. Or flash a custom kernel with a high possibility of loosing data.

Edit: Additionally logic behind "leaving traces on screen" is kind of faulty because you unlock phone to use it not when you stop using it. Meaning traces would most likely be covered during usage of the phone.
+Mladen Mijatov
Thank you. I've been meaning to comment with that for a while. I've got several android devices from 4 different manufacturers all running different versions of android and not one of them could be cracked with USB debugging off.

And the email is an entirely different issue. For the FBI to get into your email they need an entirely different warrant then the one covering your cell phone.
Seriously, laughing. My thirteen year old daughter can crack these on her own in 30 seconds.

Hold the phone to a light and look where the finger patterns go. You will see the pattern almost every time.
Good Idea Mike Johnson that's so simple
Wow Mike! The FBI would have never thought to look for the fingerprints on the phone, they need to hire that girl asap to show them how to do away with their fancy equipment and just use a lamp. Lamps after all show the true fingerprint path, and hide the fingerprints that can confuse the FBI after the suspect has used it a few times (being a dealer - sure he has alot of calls). Brilliant!
Just wipe the screen...smear gone ooh my God...the ignorance in these posts...a worldwide powerful organization most likely with a database if all your google info, fb posts bio metric data and every voIP conversation you've ever had are idiots because of one article as if any of you have done any actual investigation into the federal bureau of investigation in order to support these claims
C'mon folks, we have to keep things easy for precious Apple users. 4 numbers is about all they can handle.
I can crack my brothers. Every single time he changes it I just sprinkle some baby powder on the screen dust if off and you have finger prints. You look for the one that is most smudged around and you got your password right there :D
For 9 points, there are at most factorial(9) patterns.
+Norman Ma that shows you that our fucking government just wants the master password so they can hack everyone's cell phone. If they are truly so stupid they couldn't crack it, they should all be fired

Told you the FBI are stupid! I can hack their whole mainframe, but they cant get past the android pattern-screen lock!?! WTF?!? XD HAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!! IDIOTS!
+gayle noble There is no master password. That would be absolutely stupid. +Norman Ma No, there would definitely be many more since the pattern is not defined. Regardless, I could completely see this happening, because yes, it WOULD be easy to hack it, but it would also be easy to wipe all of the user data. In that case then it doesn't really matter, but I'm sure Google designed it to be hard to crack.
give me enough time then it will be useless
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