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The talk of the web today is that deceased rappers, #Tupac and #NateDogg performed with #SnoopDogg over the weekend by #holgram at #coachella .

It's safe to say: minds blown. What did you think?

Read our take at Under Wire:
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I heard about it, technology is amazing.. Go with God my brother
The technology is very impressive. Can't wait to see a 2Pac on stage!
Ya, pretty awesome.. didn't they do this with M.J a while back
AMAZING hw science makes everything easy. Tupac and Nate Dogg,it's crazy
F $nookie but Pac real figure whats u↑p my thug much love for my outlaw passion above in the man†ion.
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I wish that i was there to see that....Technology is the s---.
This will not help the conspiracy theories that he is still alive.
but the technology to pull this off was over the top cool....
Old technology or not, this was still cool. It also made me a little sad. I wonder how many fans at Coachella got a little choked up.
Well, thank you snoop, you turned an icon of rap into a puppet...
Whoah, talk about ghosts in the machine...
+Will Thornton I kinda saw it as a tribute. If anything, it may turn the younger generation on to Tupac, kids who didn't experience him as a dominating musical figure in their youth.
That was amazing, I woulda gone to #coachella2012 just for Tupac :P
This was creepy. Even in death he can't rest in peace w/o someone trying to make a $ off him. Whose next Bob Marley?
Kind of creepy, but I'll get to see first hand next Sunday ;)
very unatural and bizare it actually signifies the coming of rapture because of all these weird stuff going on
Neat trick to do, but pretty disrespectful in my opinion, leave the guy rest in peace.
while watching tupac i wonder if id def like to see biggie ...nvr got to see him live
Who's Bob Marley? LOL. Just Kidding.. This Technology is amazing and yes.. kind of creepy. Can you imagine the interactive theme park of tomorrow.. Everything from being there .. actually there on the deck of a ship during a battle.. or dancing with the stars.. any of them.. or the one that will prolly actually fund the progress.. PORN..
I want to see an artist play 5 different places at once and see if people can tell which one is the hologram.
Dudes bin dead for more then 10 yrs and is still a better act then Justin Biber.
Awesome! ohhhmmm the future's gonna be good... if we stop killing eachother
Too bad "deceased rapper" isn't considered redundant...
wait a second i thought Tupac was dead!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
just a bit weird, i thought hip-hop was keeping it real
Wow.... dead rapper on stage rapping.... What's next??
Good Lord. I can't even process this. I've got mixed feelings. :( It just doesn't feel right to me...
mouth opened, jaw dropped = officially in awe.
Help me Obi Wan Kenobi... they are bringing holograms back from the grave and charging big $$ for the show!
holograms... only the next logical step in technology. It was already predicted
jus imagine .what the govt can do with this ...whhhheeeew
The Abraham Lincoln Museum in Springfield, Il has been using this technology for 5 years on a far more worthy subject. It's an amazing show at the museum. How 'bout doing an article on that?
wow that was cool
#notahologram but still pretty well done, as far as the animation and projection. There were a couple times where camera angle changed, and you saw the illusion fall apart.
I H8 Wired these days why does it show up on MY G+
account when I've cancelled them/it?
well it does that just to let you know you have done it most of the time
this is not mind blowing, it is scary to see such a thing, IMO
The power of technology is crazy. 
Tupac continues to be the hardest working dead man in show business...
in history, First hologram arise the dead, and let he sings " rise your f@uking finger " to us....
I thought this was so innovative. Really cool.
Amazed... until I read the articles about how the Japanese have been selling out entire concerts to a Holographic pop star for 2 years.
I find it a bit creepy and over the top..yet im thoroughly entertained.
Old news. This kind of thing has been done in Japan for years.
awwwww i wanted to be there!
Just think John Lennon could preform once again :D
Is Snoop a #hologram too? How can you ppl now tell are you listening to a live or a projection? O_O
hands downs that was slick they say Elvis is alive so why not Tupac dig that
Disgusting. He is dead. Let him rest. The Music industry is milking the last bit of money out of him(its not the first time).
Let him R.I.P. you soulless capitalist and crazed fanatics. Show some real respect to the dead and the living. You don't even realize the power you are offering to this beast.
this has been done before with vocaloids in Japan, America=Tupac Japan=Anime haha
I'd rather see Herman Munster interacting with Rob Zombie during Superbeast.
Yeah..uh..mother fucking uh..grab my cock..uh..yeah..
I thought that shit was cool, but I do hope Tupacs fam is getting paid somehow..
I think it was a computer-rendered Tupac. I'd be better off looking at the graphics in Call of Duty.
Proof that celebrities are as much franchises as Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck now.
That is justy freaky, and kind of awesome.
creepyand just another a.h. using someone dead for his own gain.he stinks w/or w/o tupac anyway
I actually got a shiver down my spine when I watched this the first time 0.0
Awesome.."Help me Obi Wan, you're my only hope."
Wow! That video is bannanas! isn't technology great! is that........
I can imagine Jerry Garcia playing with the Grateful Dead at the Shoreline again
Make this available to everyone's so everybody gona have their own Elvis/Bob Marley/Tupac/Michael Jackson & other great artist at home with families for a fucking party.This is scary & awesome
i hate it when they call a simple 2d projection onto a flat glass plane "hologram". lying bastards.
Beside the fact it's profiteering with a deceased, it's not great, too synthetic and it doesn't represent the best that person was. Just creepy.
I can't stop watching it. This is crazy. I love it! Who's next MJ?
damn i thought we were @ Disney land California adventures for a min.
i knew he was still alive . talking bout he wrote this song a long time ago in 94
Unbelievable, looks so real, kinda creepy and amazing at the same time. Love mr sum Tupac tho..RIP.
Tupac lives with the love of music..
Can we do this but make it Lennon?
he did write this in 94...if u r old enough u should remember the makaveli album...but yea that hologram shit is way crazy!!!!!!! has come a long way. THIS IS COOL!
Wow. That's amazingly real looking.
Ou Ija
" you think this is the real Quaid? "
that hologram has probably made more money than the real tupac ever made
I was scared the entire time that a spider was going to burst from the flesh of Tupac and eat Snoop right there on the stage
This could start a very strange trend in live performance.
This just amazes even after his death he's still alive in his music and in his fans
good to see a real musicain even if it was just a hologram best rapper ever and my favorite artist gave me the chills
What happened to just letting people die? This is just sad. Dude didnt cure diseases....didnt rescue people...shit this dude shot at people. I guess society has always erected statues to the most selfish and blood thirsty. Now society sells the dead....what ever works.
Thats fucken tite u go tupac thats the shzzzzzzzt
Home boyz tupac started this shit u don't even know whatz up shit my dog was an is steel tite as shizzzzzt tip respect it dog lol your mad because your a broke ass lol
thats amazing technology i don't think i've ever seen something like that. i don't care about rap, but that's cool right there.
Hatsune Miku, go and search that~
james V
wow very impressive!!!
John Ha
That was cool. Thats how we'll be watching TV in 30 years
Breaking News: Americans discover Vocaloids.
OK...mind blown here as well..... O_O
That whole performance was crazy! The hologram was on point with all his movements! Watch for #KiaayoClothing 
real man, respected his mom. more political than a rapper. He had a message taken to soon!RIP
They should have done someone with some talent like Freddie Mercury or Tiny Tim.
well I bet we will be seeing Michael Jackson's hologram concert soon.
i have a clip posted on hear and my facebook that was actuly preety intresting i thought the way they did it it looked like he was rly there...only thing i can say technolagy 1 came a long way 2 amazing what u can do with a projector an a holligram not sure how they actuly did it but i found it pretty amazing and i'm sure what it cost them to do it was amazing to
Hatsune Miku has been selling out concerts around the world using similar technology for almost 2 years. Go back to Justin Beiber Americans
Thats just fucking awesome, gotta love technology!
Who the fuck is tupac
Who the fuck is NateDog
Who the fuck is snoopdog
In my day it was all about the yodalers!
+Niles Standish People like you are the reason we need a -1 button. If you don't care about a post, don't bother commenting on it.
Cheesy gimmick. Talented classics should not be reduced to the novelty of a vocaroo performance. The West side is not kawaii.
Can't remember if it is an adverb or adjective....but do we really need an accompanying word for "awesome" Awesome is a powerful word, Francisco.
It's a shame it was wasted on a thug.
I don't care about rap music but The idea was very cool. Snoopy investing in technology is a good thing. He knows how to make money. Some keep complaining but some keep making money.
Dr.Dre invested in the hologram witch cost somewhere around a million and that's not including the whole presentation. This show ment a lot to Dre and Snoop and it showed by there performance. 
Just wait till you see what we do next.... :)
I love all the old ass retarded backwaters fucks talking shit about snoop and pac, go comment on george bush's page and leave people the fuck alone.
Interesting. I don't know about this hologram stuff though.
Quite amazing and quite possibly a pivotal point in performance history
2pac my idol missed u anyway that was awsome.
I can't say but souls last forever thug life is through holograms unity grows
It looks like a flat projection of some moderately impressive CGI. Hardly mindblowing technology
Wow chills every time I hit repeat.
That was unbelievable !!!!! I wish they would do the same with Dimebag Darrel from Damage Plan !!!!
I discussed this post with 11 people in a hangout.
I wanna see them do Michael Jackson doing the moonwalk or maybe dancing the Thriller. That would be scary.
I can understand Hatsune Miku because she's fake, but this? This is something else completely. 
#wm Newman..miku is entirely cg. 2pac redux is something far more complex.
Jimi Hendrix at Woodstock next please, that would be awesome
you need to follow #HologramTupac on Twitter, he is hilarious !
mokai means veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyy uglyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
Jeez the guyz dead leave him at that.... there are so many better artists than him...
Not that i like the music but it's impressive nonetheless! Looks very real!
Impressive, sent chills down my spine the first time I watched it.
Just imagine, it'll come to the point where we can bring back artists for specialized holographic performances. Elvis, Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston all in their prime performing their most famous hits.
This is sick... I'm pay to go to a 2pac concert now... R.I.P.
It starts with artists that have passed away, and ends with live artists pre-recording concerts and playing them back with this system.
for anyone that thinks this is new, Miku Hatsune and Vocaloid have been doing it for at least 2 years... I am happy it is spreading, but people need to know and give credit to the original :D #savemiku
I would love to see more of that for many artists!
This technology is incredible. Now to advance it in many different areas!
Ed Hill
This technology is rear screen projection of pre-rendered CGI animation.
Amazingly done. Really like the way they bring dead people back on stage. Maybe they should try it with Elvis or Ritchie Valens.
Haven't they already been using this technology for a few years in Japan in order to bring anime characters "to life" for stage performances?
It's amazing how far technology has come in such a short space of time.
I just can't believe these people that put 7 figures worth of investment in the technology for this display used it to give themselves a chance to remember and honor a lost loved one. I mean I put nothing in it, but they should have pandered to me by using the technology so I can see Gumby in realistic live action.
Dead Thugs Rap Again

This Tupac holographic performance is about reproduction and consumption of sheer commodification as a process. It's about digital reproduction technology itself, used to commodify emptied-out stylizations of dead celebrities.

Even death is no escape from the commodity fetishism of late capitalism.
I can say for all of us, we have missed you Tupac! Truth is, he never died! He is still alive though! No joke! :)
that is the most ridiculous thing i have ever heard! I still see Elvis too.
That's not a hologram!!! It's actually Tupac, he's still alive. His new album is gonna hit stores this summer.
nah im damn sure he's dead...I was So Cal girl!
its incredible
Paul Ho
Pedophilia /Necrophilia in the media should be prosecute in every state .
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