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Amazon user orders a flat-panel TV from a third-party vendor. Gets a Sig Sauer 716 assault rifle instead.
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Hmm.. I think it's time to replace my old tv.
More useful :-)))))))
However I'm surprise that it's possible send a weapon via mail!!!
You wont believe how often I order assault rifles online and get stuck with a lame TV.
when did megatron also get flat-screen capabilities?  
That's gotta be a big TV stand for flat screen...
Good thing it wasn't a present for Jr.
I once ordered a dozen PC case fans and got several 12 volt 30 A industrial power supplies instead. I called the vendor and they told me to just keep them. Then they sent me the fans anyway.

No assault rifles for me.
With super saving shipping? Awesome! o_O
Why does he want a new TV for? All they have on it nowadays is guns and viole...oh wait...
That amazon review was hilarious!

Mark Chidlaw
If only they sent TVs to all who order guns, then the world would be at peace.
Bored...but at peace. ;-)
Definitely a UPS mix up...I would've kept it though.
What's the vender link, I need to order some tvs too....
Wow awesome can I put my order in.

Was there a note that reads: "The Eagle Flys at Night" or something with it? That is bizare. As a gun buyer I would be pissed. Good luck getting that back from the DC police. 

The one star review is not fair - it should be a review of UPS who ultimately made the mistake. It also suggests the ease in which diversion of weapons could happen.
Was the return address DoJ c/o Eric Holder?
I'd be p'd off if I'd ordered an assault riffle and got a flat screen TV instead!!
Also, little disturbed at all the people who said "I want one!". Especially after recent events...
I guess my next TV will be ordered through Amazon..  (crosses fingers)
Ummm what's that sellers name?
this guy isn't too bright, it's worth a couple grand...
+Kit Malone NO. The mix up was at UPS which is co-located with Amazon warehouses. The gun originally was shipping via a middle man from a lawful gun dealer to another lawful dealer. But labels got mixed up. Some craziness happened and now this guy gets one if not two rifles.
Hell, if he didn't want it, he could have sold it and made $$. NEVER NEVER call the cops if you have something you don't want to lose it.
Good one. "Gosh honey, I swear I ordered a TV. Isn't that funny? Oh well, might as well keep it. La. La. La. La."
The seller was "EricHolderJusticeDepartment" on Amazon..  
I think they give u the gun to hold up a store to get the tv?
Sounds like a good deal to me.
So I'm still not seeing a link to the next "tv" I'm adding to my cart.
So what TV did he order....I need a new rifle.
Nice order another one see if you get a rocket launcher or maybe even a tank!!!! 
He had a good thing going...a very very nice rifle, Sig Sauer make one of the finest rifles, + it wasn't registered...and $1300 in the good too ! If this happened to me, you damn sure wouldn't be reading about it here.
Must have upgraded to Amazon Crime shipping.
Really not seeing what the laws have to do with anything.
whats the model number, im gonna get a couple and see a movie....
There's a terrorist out there somewhere beating up civilians with a flat screen TV. It's quite a bit of hard work though, and not very effective ;)
You should be happy. The assault rifle is much more useful than a TV. Just ask the NRA, they'll agree with me. :D
People do what anyways? Just because it is possible to get military grade weaponry without any background check doesn't mean we should let it be easy.
it had a note; Dear Sir, if you want a T.V., your a moron, just shoot yourself with this here assault rifle!
Westinghouse TV gets one star; sounds about right
$1600 Sig rifle can be pawned for a damn nice TV upgrade that's for sure.
This guy should have called the gun shop in PA and worked something out, because amazon and the cops sure as hell don't give a shit he's out $300
why on earth would you call the police? 
they would have traced it to his door via the delivery
Too bad he didn't get both, because then he could have used the Sig to shoot the Westinghouse after it crapped out on him in a week or so.
The response to this story just days after a mass shooting in milwaukee and weeks after one in colorado, and oh yeah, the arizona guy is on trial. . . Pathetic. Muted.
About to order a TV next week to see what I get back!!!!!!
and amazon charges tax now, boooooooo...
if the shipping labels were applied incorrectly in the warehouse there's no way UPS would have a clue this was a 'mis-shipped' item. the TV's probably still sitting on one of their conveyor belts to this day.
Can you watch the gun?
Now that's a misplace going all wrong. 
Did the return address have Eric Holder's address? 
Massiv difrence betwen gun and t.v

Hope you have a license for that. I sure wouldn't have posted having this either. I assume you've mad e up your mind on returning it. Lol good find.
Oh shoot!
The gun was worth 5 of the TV's he ordered...
wow, easy access to weapons. No bueno! 
Tell u what I'll give you a tv I'll take the gun lol
That's Reality TV for you...getting in on the action :)
Are they shipping such tv's to the maldives?? :)
Not just an assault rifle a SIG 716, what 3rd party did he order from please
I need to reread DC law, but I think DC puts this into the machine gun category . For people that don't live around here, DC has some strange gun laws.
I hope people aren't blaming Amazon for this, it sounds like a UPS mix up.
Oh wow, I want a tv just like that one! LOL
Good for him.  Now he can go out and get all the flat screen TVs he wants.
Let's hope they track down who really ordered it.
I wish this guy luck next time he tries to get on a plane.
and we wonder how terrorists get weapons  ):
Wow....just wow. What purpose does an "assault" rifle serve ? Has any one been taking notice of all the craziness that's been going on in this country lately?
I ordered a nerf battle axe and got a pizza pan once... I think this guy got a better deal!
Didn't even know they sold weapons on Amazon. I can imagine the guy calling: "You SOB's sent me the wrong item, if you dont get it right next time I'm gonna use it!"
Whoahhhh… maybe its time for me to order a flat screen rhru amazon lol…
Nothing good like that ever happens to me, lol.
Now I guess he can get all the free tvs that he wants!
You should just shut up and enjoy your Sig. lucky stupid bastard!!!
I wonder who the guy was who ordered a high powered assault rifle and got a TV?
Sounds like an upgrade to me.
'Westinghouse 39-inch LCD? My bad, I thought you said Sig Sauer 716 patrol rifle. Sorry about that.'
Can I line up for the next UPS mix up like this?
Don't Blame the United States Postal Service It was UPS that delivered it!!!!!!
The Sig Sauer is a much better deal anyway.  Can't defend yourself with a T.V.
score! (I wouldn't complain)
I have no idea why he called that in, i would of loved to have kept it.
does he get to keep it cuz some one in the warehouse was not paying atention ?
Yea buddy. Order a blueray. Maybe they send you ammo for it.
There's nothing good on T.V. anyway, here's a rifle go create some entertainment.
Lucky bastard. How does this work?
That's pretty sweet where do I sign up for one? Lol
I will send you my 32 inch for that Lmao
Is it Amazon that screwed up or UPS?
Cost saving ... the military just needs to order a couple million TV's. Way cheaper. :)
The thieves that see the empty box in the front of the house will think twice about robbing it.
Chris Brown If guns are outlawed then only outlaws will have them. I would rather have a gun and not need it then to need a gun and not have it. Don't forget, this country was founded by determination and guns. Without the guns we would be living in West Britain instead of The United States of American.
Hmm, a Sig Sauer 716 patrol rifle.  Not a bad surprise at all.  I wonder if the rightful owner will get his property back or if the D.C. donutovores will keep it as 'evidence' (?)
Keep gun and use it to get a larger tv. Hmm problem solved.
If you dont want the rifle I'll take it off your hands and get you a TV
what i gotta tell the misses to order me that "TV" that would make a nice anniversary gift
Go to the seller with the gun: WHERES MY DAM TV 
I work for Zgraph, which designed and hosts and I personally have worked on their site a bit. This appeared to have been a UPS mix up. Just wow.
Fuck it, TV rots your brain anyway.  I'd keep the Sig.
Bought a TV to watch the news, got a Sig Sauer 716 and became the news
I bet right now someone is getting his ass chewed out for badly entered data, or a sequencing error in a Print and Apply module implementation.
TV. Assault weapons. Its a fine line, no?
If that had been me, I wouldn't have said a word...
It boggles my mind that you can even purchase a gun on the internet and have it delivered to you.
What a &*^%%***##!!!   UPS mixup

Some FBI CIA and heads are gong to roll for ths _________  "mixup" ??????

You call this  MIX UP.

           Please do  
 not insult our intelligence!!!!
I ordered a motherboard and got a motherboard box with a huge book inside. Weighed 8lbs
Is amazon trying to increase their tv sales. Damn. I'll order a tv from them now.
+Matt Whited you actually can't, if you purchase a gun online it has to be sent to an authorized dealer who then handles the money and gives you your gun. in any state this would have been confiscated.
Does this mean that another schmuck now have to sit at home watching TV instead of hitting the local bank and grocery store?
And to all you turds who say you're surprised you can even mail a gun... you are what is wrong with this country.
Wow! That is awesome and tragic...... poor guy won't get his flat display or his money.
+Robert LeBlanc +Stephen EveryMan +Mike Carr
according to the article the TV was ordered from a third party seller THROUGH amazon, Amazon didn't sell the TV or stock it in their warehouse. So this has nothing to do with Amazons new state of the distribution systems.

The labels could not have been mixed up in the amazon warehouse because as mentioned above the TV was never in Amazon warehouse, it was coming from a third party. The shipping also couldn't have got mixed up at the third party vendors warehouse, because he never had the rifle (presumably the rifle was shipped from the gun dealer to the second gun dealer and not to an electronics store).

The labels therefore had to have been replaced in the UPS warehouse distribution center which is neither Amazon or the third party vendors fault.

Unless UPS delivered the rifle from the first gun dealer to the electronics vendor, who then mixed up labels in their warehouse and had it shipped out.
Keep an eye for this guy on the news, another shooting like the Dark Knight Rises 
The police confiscated the gun...
Lol. Wait until some crazy gun holder says "WTF!I ORDERED A 716 ASSAULT RIFLE! NOT A TV!!!" 
I call it 'shut the hell up and keep the gun,.. dumbass'
It's a gain... Now he can sell the gun and get two tvs!
Maybe he is a hypnotized sleeper spy and he doesn't k ow it. Just wait for a trigger message from his employer and he turns into Jason Bourne.
This is your mission, should you choose to accept it...
I am shocked the DC police didn't arrest him. That he wasn't arrested makes me skeptical of the whole story.
it might be Holder tracking this rifle . they couldn't track the Arizona ones
G+ kindly truncated this headline to, "Man orders TV from Amazon, get Ass..".

Just HAD to read what on earth that was all about! ;)
Did you buy it from a store on amazon or just a random sale !
Gotta order me a flat screen !
Damn I ordered a cd should've gone with the tv
The only unexpected thing I ever got from an Amazon vendor was a classic My Little Pony. I was able to deduce where it was supposed to go from the packing slip inside and sent it on its way. I had also received the intended item.

Well, that, and the usual Bandolier Of Carrots from Woot! which is run by Amazon.
HD A.K.47 assualt screen T.V. ! Yeah Im likin this !
+Pesach Z ok I see, couldn't have been amazon. But I'm not aware of UPS changing labels. One barcode consist of origin departure and every stop until delivery. There is no logistical reason for UPS to ever label anything.
Will he get his TV back?
This sounded like the luckiest Amazon purchase ever, but then I found out the poor guy is unlucky enough to live in DC.
It would appear a few rules were broken...somebody is going to jail
He looks like a happy customer. The TV will later arrive with gun invoice. He tried combine shipping.
I'd call and tell them you never got your TV.
Where do i sigh up for the tv/rifle?
Dominic dont be a winnie, or @ least grow out of it one day!
Not everybody is a crazy wack job that will go out and shoot people like target practice!!!
It's not a bug, it's a feature. 
TV was the Call of Duty addition, all I got was 9mm earbuds.
What a bunch of ignorance, don't blame Amazon for a UPS f'up, and don't call it a military grade weapon, as it is not. It is know where near it. Just because a gun is black, doesn't make it military grade. And, it is not an assault rifle, I am so sick of hearing this crap. Use a damn dictionary.
Somewhere there's a guy loading bullets into a remote....
Ma Loy
Who's that 3rd party vendor? Ill order some lol
From now on I am having all amazon orders come to my house no matter who it is going to.
Hey, the deer season is near bro. Keep that sh@$t, trust me. This is the best advice you probably have gotten in years. 
The part about the rifle yes Warren, the part about Amazon no. They clearly do not, nor can you buy one from any of their stores. The fault lies with UPS.
C Oh
They sell these in US gun shops? Are they insane??
How about something like "I am a criminal... I need to get rid of my gun... I know! I'll put it on amazon as a tv and sell it!"
Certainly not an 'assault rifle' unless it is full auto.  AR stands for ArmaLite as the company that first made them.  Stop trying to spin it otherwise.
Thats bout right for yanks as thickas f***
You might want to call Eric Holder and see if he might have misplaced one.
I would have put it together at least.  Gotta make sure all the parts are there.  LOL
amazon's third party seller has its own warehouse... amazon has nothing to do wid it.. seller is the only one who is responsible for this kinda blundr... i work with amazon and its one of the best online shopping website so far....
Id like to see the look on the guys face who got the flat screen
I'll bet it was shock and awe when he opened it!  Hopefully they can ship him the television that he ordered.
Lol is it cheaper or higher price let's see if it win win :)
Well, I guess with this delivery he can now go pick up any flatscreen he wants :D
Thank goodness it didn't get into the wrong hands.
Something is wrong with Amazon. We ordered a Galaxy Nexus and were delivered a Galaxy Note. And its been 15 days and they are still to sort it out.
Don't bother ditching it on eBay, they're worse.
I feel safer now, ty 3rd party A mazon fulfilment company which if I wasn't so lazy would order something from just in case lightning struck twice and I got anything remotely fun and newsworthy...
He can use the gun to shoot his TV when he sees something annoying..
Assault rifles just seem overkill to me
I just placed an order for a hundred tvs! 
Amazing keep it then use it to get your tv
Hello Amazon I would like a plasma TV in the 40 mw range.

"Just what you see on the shelves, buddy."
That's crazy pants.  Also good for him reporting it...even though I might have considered not...
Never trust amazon. I wonder if I get a Book on Kindle would I receive a book or a nuclear launch code? I should just do it and find out. HEHEHEHE
Sounds like somebody with sticky fingers is working in a UPS distribution center. I'm willing to bet that the TV and the gun went through the same facility at the same time.
If he keeps the rifle he would be in violation of several federal firearms laws and thrown on jail.
What was that electronics store name?  I could use a good rifle like that.  Not illegal here!
hey, Amazon, I want super cool cleaning robot which is more intelligent than i Robot :)
Can I get one too?  Sounds like a steal ..
in life everything is possible, some are human error others can be fun , but that a nice one Ooooooooo!!!!!!!
It is a paramilitary style weapon, not an assault rifle and definitely not military grade.
Okay so this is real? That's scary because guys who order tv's are mainly cool cod players. But wat happens when the wrong guys get it ? You know the noobs who wanna really do what they don't get the chance to?this is scary and it should be watched you guys know it's a win but behind our security this has got to be a fail. 
Where did you order that tv? I want one shipment like that too
I want to know where in the world Amazon sells European assault rifles...
- give a man a fish - he eats for a day 
- give a man an assault rifle and he becomes famous

nice . . . 
I guess that's proof that we have too many gun laws and regulations! Please note the sarcasm within.
isnt that like, we are out of t.v' is a gun to make up for it. Talk about great customer service.
Whoa that is wierd...or did he really mean to purchase that...hmmm?
Cool story bro...... Umad bro?
+adrian lekay ...what's the deal with all the Australian's on g+ being anti-firearms? What are you going to do if your country is ever invaded?

Let me tell you what you will are going to hide and cower while you watch your invaders rape your women and children and murder you, while waiting for countries like the U.S.A. and the U.K. to come rescue you with their firearms.

The United States will never be invaded by any military force as long as every citizen has the right and freedom to arm and defend themselves.
It has to be a serious error. Amazon does not have the paperwork to handle firearms, and it does not accept other sellers to do so through its system either.  Therefore this is a third-party seller, violating its contract with Amazon, and quite likely illegally trafficking in firearms using a front business.
With all the pots and pans in this picture I thought you ordered a new blender
Dam what a lucky bastard. Why cant that happen to me?
Whats the item number,, I want one
Amazon Prime has some sweet benefits.
I say BS on this story. Guns MUST go thru federal firearm licensees. They can not be bought mail order. 
you wanted something to see action movies with. Amazon'll one up you and make you part of the movie!
You guy's it was a Transformer he transformed from a TV to a rifle simple as that.
What an idiot. Keep the gun and shut your mouth!
I almost typed, "no place legal to shoot it outside in DC, but sig makes good weapons", but decided against it, maybe.
Wonder what will happen if I order a book
+Ryan Keith For once...I would agree.  Keep the gun...and then call up Amazon and say "I have yet to get my TV".
ok I am not going to best buy again
You can buy one. In fact, if you want you can buy a machine gun. It's all about the money and having a clean record.
As for the gun control issue, yeah, because if we didn't have guns people would live in peace and kumbayah. I mean, it's not like airplanes and fertilizer are never used.
This guy deserves the "retard of the year" award. I mean I would rather have a $1500 assault rifle than a shitty tv.
I'm just glad he filed the claim instead of the barrel.
Joe Pas
I'd take that.
I still don't understand how a semi-auto is an "assault rifle," let alone in 7.62mm NATO.  Not only will you kill your ears if you fire it indoors, but say it was an actual assault rifle and full auto, 7.62mm NATO means it's anti-aircraft by the 3rd shot.  ;)
ya. shipping a firearm to a resident and not an FFL dealer for pickup is very illegal lol
I would of kept the sig sauer worth a lot more then the $ 320 tv.
I'm waiting on my order from Amazon right now I ordered a school workbook but I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a baby eagle .40 or a assault rifle will do just fine
I call bullshit too.  Definite political motive here.  Or this guy is a huge dumbass.
guy gets an upgrade from a shit brand tv to a decent rifle and he is complaining? Next time I order printer ink maybe i'll get a nice pistol 
The things you can buy online
Why can you get an assault rifle in the mail?? I guess a murderer some where is even more pissed off now!
This is why we always use amazon, because we can always get this kind of great stuff.
and someone got assault TV!!!
If you get a Sig 716 assault rifle when you order a tv, I am curious what you'd get when you order a toaster!
I wonder if the sender was a fan of Batman.
I'm tired of the media calling semiautomatic rifles "assault rifles." It must have full auto capability to be called an assault rifle.
only idots trust their government enough to turn in their guns!
Employee: He ordered the discounted flat screen t.v and we are all out boss, what should we do?
Boss: Is he American?
Employee: Yes...
Boss: They love guns, just send one of the rifles instead.
Apparently it was delivered to the wrong address in the wrong state. Looks like the carrier screwed up. All the moron had to do was call them and they could get it back on the truck.

What was he doing opening packages that weren't addressed to him? If this is a true story, that dummy should be brought up on charges for doing so.
I just got done watching one of those 'comedy central roasts' at least Brickson has new material.
3rd world revolutionaries order all their TVs through amazon 3rd party vendors.
i wish  that happened to me , that sig rifle is worth 10 times what the t.v is and is a beautiful weapon. but than again i don't live in DC anymore : ] 
Hmmm. Let me see. I could be target shooting with an awesome Sig or pretend to be while watching Rambo on my screen? What a turd nugget! This is like some people who'd rather be great at guitar hero than actual guitar playing! What a foofy!
Oh dear, the ATF just felt a disturbance in the force. I'd go ahead and keep it, considering we won't have the chance soon.
Next time order a M1 tank and maybe they'll send you a 64" plasma TV.
He had Amazon Prime, so they upgraded him to the Assault Rifle for free.
Damnit! I never get deals like that! lol
Some watch zombies, others fight 'em! That is pure madness.
More gun laws would have no effect on situations like this.
Anyone that is anti-gun, obviously doesn't understand that without America's second amendment it would simply be a countdown to the day that our militarized police forces, commanded by the fed, would abolish the rest of the amendments that give the 'sheeple' (the complainers) their right to bitch about stupid shit without fear of being arrested w/o charge, held indefinitely, and/or tortured into an admission of guilt.

Also, read for crackers sake!!
At least you won't have to hassle with your old tv you can just shoot it up 📺🔫
Incredible. That will not happen here in our country will get it
haha thats when you take the rifle and demand for your tv.. or else.... :o
Wow us that the new smart tv, I just ordered one...let me go check on my order at UPS I'll be right back
That's what we call someone possibly getting rid of evidence of s crime or just a total pranksteps idea of a sick joke.

I would have to take it n. get it registered n a license or return it to Amazon with police report.... hmmmm what to do? Yup license n registered n then send it amazon 3rd party that they sent me wrong item n get it documented properly n go to shooting range. I haven't shot a weapon since I was little n we were shooting cans off logs in a place away from people n wild life. Had a blast n would love to start going to the shooting range n have some fun. ;-) 
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