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More than 3 years later, "deleted" Facebook photos are still online.
Facebook is still working on deleting photos from its servers in a timely manner nearly three years after Ars first brought attention to th...
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I think it is more of a suspension than a solution.
Apparently if I do decide to delete my FB account, it may not truly delete after all. That sucks. 
I know for a fact its not deleted. I deleted an account, and I got the message that I could reactivate it with all of my settings and everything any time I wanted to. That's not a real delete.
I'm thinking about deactivating mine when they force timeline on me.
What about Google+
Will our deleted photos still be there 3 years from now?
There's delete, and deactivate. You can delete your Facebook, without future recovery, but they keep that link hidden on the site. I'd post it, but don't have the link handy on my phone. Deactivating your account is just temporarily disabling it, so you have the option to return to where you were prior to deactivation.

If you truly want to delete your account, just Google how. Like I said, if I wasn't just on my phone, I'd try to conveniently post the link.
Also, even though you can do an actual delete on Facebook, I'm convinced they will still privately keep everything you've ever posted. They collect all of our data, and believe they'll forever have it. 
I've been looking so long at these pictures of you...that almost believe that they're real...I've been living so long with these pictures of you...that I almost believe that the pictures...are all I can feel...
they will never be deleted- they are being saved for all time and you are being lied to.
Consider EVERYTHING you have EVER posted on the internet.
Now consider the types of things YOUR CHILDREN (are/will be) posting on the internet.
Now try to imagine the type of dirt we will be able to dig up on presidential nominees in say.. 60 years.
Scary isn't it?
The public is going to have to lower their standards to accommodate for all sorts of strange things.
+alexandros trivyzas their standards already seem unreasonably low. I would argue that standards need not be lowered, but instead be more realistic. Example: Candidate A was drunk and ran naked down the street once. Candidate B thinks the world is 6000years old.

The key is to vote for non-idiots/hypocrites -- that'd be raising the bar.
we have lowered our standards to all time lows by even considering newt gingrich, the congressional liar, mitt romney, who is way out of touch with people of "the lower classes", or an assassin like obama.. there ya go- hate me later- don't care.
big brother is watching and has been for some time while we were asleep at the wheel. The Man knows all...
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