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“If Google+ continues to attract users at an aggressive pace, Facebook will run the risk of losing its main competitive advantage over time,” a report from the American Customer Satisfaction Index states.
As much as Facebook is a part of people's day-to-day lives, a lot of people don't actually like using the social network giant. Google+ on the other hand is getting a warm reception in comparison, acc...
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I personally don't like the idea since the same brazillians that ruined facebook actually think that g+ is a desert, and I want them to thinking on this way forever cause G+ is good enough for me. 
Warm reception or not, I still don't see a lot of friends using the service - and that's what will make or break it.
"Google+, which has a laughably small user base size compared to Facebook"
As they say, "best things come in small packages".
+Eduardo Morales it is barley a year old.  It took FB years to get where +Google+ is today.  Give it time.  It kills me how some people think that over 900 million people will just move over to G+ over night.  People, for what ever reason, are scared of new things, even when they are much better for them.  Give it time.
Hugo Dias
Facebook is the new Orkut
I've made friends with Google+. Not close friends mind you, but Google+ had to follow a different path and it has done it well.
+Dustin Knittel The difference is that everyone wanted to jump on board with Facebook when they initially heard of it. The opposite has happened with Google+.

Also consider that G+ is fighting another battle - the hassle users have to go through to set up ANOTHER public profile. I think if that wasn't the case, many more people would make the switch, but they stick with the Book because it's convenient.
I do like a few things about G+. But there a few things I don't like either. Also none of my close friends are using G+ and they feel like they have invested too much time sharing photos and statuses that they don't want to start all over. So for now mostly I use it to follow interesting people. Somewhat twitter style but with richer UI. 
facebook = F- google = G+ I'm so done with facebook, now i just need  
to root my phone so I can get rid of facebook and the other (preinstalled) crapware on my phone.
facebook makes for a really great interactive phonebook.
Unfortunately, we'll get more like Maria if G+ gains popularity with the masses. I like G+ but all my friends are on FB and only a few are G+, so FB still gets more of my time.  For now.
My only complaint is that many of my closer friends do not use Google as of now. Of course, this is both a gift and a curse. Only time can tell which one will really come out on top.
"...and the 70,000 or so people surveyed by ACSI, for some reason, like"

With how much information Facebook zaps from your Android phone, I would never buy a device with the app pre-installed.
I have decided that I trust Google, that said I have opted into both the tablet and Android phone. I would imagine that would classify me as a happy customer.
+Eduardo Morales everyone wanted to join FB after it had been around for about 5 years.  They joined because everyone is on there.  Took 5 years.  And the first wave of people joined because it was better then Myspace, God rest its digital soul.  Now like the survey shows G+ is better and people are coming to it at a faster rate than FB ever had.  You see where this is going.  Also G+ is not what FB is.  It is so much more and people are seeing that.  Just give it time and I honestly do not think it will take 5 years like FB did.
Brian D
Facebook might just be the next AOL.
Love Google+ can not wait for the masses to defect!
Facebook now is boring...too many spammers
Heck I started using G+ and told my friends (the close friends), of u want to message me or find out what I'm up to, start using G+, because I don't really update my FB account anymore
One of the things that's a little difficult to get used to in G+ is that you have to go looking for things you're interested in. G+ doesn't shove things in your face. That's good for those who know what they're doing and interested in.  Bad for those who don't, like granny and the computer-clueless -- which may be good for the first group ;)
Facebook's mobile experience is truly horrible; slow-loading and clunky. It's worse on the iPad FB app, where for some reason you can't caption a photo for upload.
I think the reason G+ is so much better than FB is because there's a lot more smart people on it. If everyone migrated to G+ I think that it would be filled with a lot of the crap that facebook has. On a sidenote I would much rather use a Google product anyways.
I really dislike Facebook mobile.. very clumsy 
I gotta admit I'm pretty happy none of my friends are on google+ One can only pray the trend continues for me =O)
Forget facebook. G+ is better. Makes me wonder what's next though.

Also, I can see Facebook try to copy Google+.
While I do want all my friends to join Google+, its inevitable that all the 'like if you _ ' bullshit will follow. I really hope it doesn't ruin Google+ like it ruined Facebook.
Pretty amazing for a ghost town. I guess that means we're a bunch of satisfied ghosts. 
I'm not entirely sure I want all the facebookers over here.
I'd use Google+ if it wasn't barely breathing...

A quick scroll down the page brings up stuff from January... 
I was on Facebook years before it was popular, it's taken months for Google plus to develop itself into a very competitive alternative. At this pace Google will overtake facebook in another 18 months. I'm behind it, one hundred percent.
Not to sound like a hipster, but I've been on Google+ since it was a beta. 
Meh; Google+ has a ways to go yet on the actual engagement side...still, be nice to slap Facebook a wee bit...
+Benjamyn Carron you'd find the same thing if you never friended anyone or liked anything on facebook.  It's all about what you choose to follow.  If you take the time to add some people, publications and websites to your circles, you'll probably find a richer experience.  Or, you can continue to be amused by the Zynga status updates for your facebook friends.
Yeah I'm really considering just getting rid of my Facebook account and only using g+
+Eduardo Morales - Totally wrong. It took Facebook 4 years to hit 100 million users. It took G+ 10 months. That beats Twitter, MySpace, Orkut, Facebook, and everyone else by years.
C Neal
I agree, I just took one more step to closing out my facebook altogether.  I hate the ads, privacy issues, and ugly UI, especially the timeline ughh
I love g+ for awhile it seemed like I was updating my stuff for absolutely no reason ...but now after some convincing I have all the friends I actually care about on here and have never likes a social network this much
I like Google Plus.  But please make yourself more open to Hoot Suite!
Google+ has a better flow to it. Zuckerberg just wants your data for his profit
The last article I read said G+ was a ghost town.  Which is it?
Until I see any of my friends (facebook addicts) join G+ I won't belive this is going anywhere. I do thinks it's the best social network by far in structure and everything from Google's part, it only lacks on interaction (yes I know this has 308 comments, 99 shares...), I'm talking about friends and family. I see neither of them here, and I know a bunch of user who doesn't, too.
facebook is for smart people who still have aol accounts and have it synched to their yahoo mail. lol
I agree with most everyone on here. I hate the bombarding of spam and (like this in 3 sec) crap that facebook is. Hope more like minded people jump ship and leave the drones on Facebook.
So very true. I wont even install Facebook on my new Nexus 7.
What amazes me is that we see articles like this and must contrast them with the scores of others declaring that Google+ is a failure. 
Google+ is far superior to fb.....fb is fine if your still in High School..I'm drawn to Google + more mature post
Facebook is for people you already know (and may or may not care about) Google+ is for people you want to know.
Is anyone kind of worried that G+ will attract a similar size crowd as FB did. I personally do not want G+ to have a bunch of pre teen social masturbation like FB does now. FB can keep those fools. I like my smaller more educated ecosystem as it stands. 
FB is for children
Facebook is like a family gathering at Thanksgiving. And we know how well those go.
Let's see...updates on my sister's college roommate's cat's ingrown toenail situation, or lively debate about topics I actually give a sh*t about?  I'll take G+ ftw, thanks.
Facebook's mobile experience is crap. This google+ iPad and iPhone apps are incredible. The photo upload in the background is awesome. I feel better knowing all my pics are backed up and I can share if I want to later.
I can def see folks moving as a critical mass is starts moving 
+Wesley Stickles Let's all think of facebook as the training wheels on our social networking adventure.  With G+, let's all be more judicious about whom we add to our circles and where, which circles we choose to display, and which apps we allow into our lives.  I'm pretty sure by keeping it well curated, G+ can remain a compelling experience.
+Daniel Oliveira yes the Brazilians did ruin Facebook! Facebook will soon become MySpace. My countrymen first ruined #Orkut now Facebook it's like a plague. Keep them away from Google+.
I have serious doubts, regarding the 'human condition'! ;-]
I would have worried about social network lock in, then I remember how quickly and easily everyone abandoned MySpace for reasons not entirely clear.
I logged into my bands Facebook page for the first time in a LONG time and apparently they have added an App Center where you can access all those annoying facebook games and apps that flood your stream with noise.

I think Murdoch has left a tinge to everything he's touched...
Yeeaup! By far, it's the way to go with social networking! Privacy factor is hell of a lot better than fb. FB can kiss my ass!!
Yes ,I only use Facebook out of necessity and got rid of twitter.
I just started using G+ and I like it better than Facebook. It's definitely more elegant and easier to use. One thing i have not figured out is that if there is a way to post multiple pictures on G+ via its mobile app. Thanks
I discussed this post with 1 person in a hangout.
Google+ - wish more of my friends used it! 
+Jeremy Collake Unless you have abandoned MySpace, you will not be clear why. I feel I would miss Facebook, but I have a desire to be free of the chore of searching around it for updates.
I like G+ but most of my friend still stuck on f/buk 
The only problem i have with g+ is the ability to l
Post porn shots!
Otherwise, i like google+!
Facebook will turn old like yahoo messenger
Disabled my facebook account weeks ago
becoz g+ers spend less time on it?
Actually, I know plenty of people who have Google and Facebook, and still prefer Facebook.  Myself included.
Must be because all the rants, sadness, and alien-like writings some people wrote in facebook status.
Does anyone still myspace? Hahahha 
I know nobody with this preference, just nobody.....
It's nice to see something positive written in articles about g+ for a change, especially after it frequently gets labelled as a 'ghost town', etc.

However, i disagree with you using the word 'laughable', in terms of user base comparison. Yes the g+ user base is smaller, but it doesn't mean it's laughable. It's not just about how many people use it. It's whether they actually enjoy using it, as what i think the article is about.

So if 900 million people are using a social network, but hardly of them are actually enjoying the social experience they get on there, which is the whole point of a social network. I personally think that's far more laughable.

I hope things stay as they are because if everyone from FB comes to Google+ then Google+ will turn to crap, peoples walls will be filled with endless crap just like FB,
I like plus better, but

I hope both the red button and the blue button have a long and exciting competition.
I use both, I don't like the repeats on Google though, and most of my friends are on fb.
I have both and I can't stand Facebook. It's slow, inconsistent, kludgy and littered with annoying and irrelevant ads. If I could get most of the people I know to switch, I would ditch FB altogether.
Really? I've have zero active friends on Google+. It is still only for the tech savy. It is a long way from mainstream. Most of my friends have not even heard about it, or know what it it is.
I really enjoy the solitude I get on g+. Nobody here to bother me like facebook.
What Google plus has achieved more than anything else is getting Facebook moving. I really doubt FB would have introduced improvements in their event system without the pressure facing by Google plus' amazing event system.
I can vouch for this. I'm currently boycotting Facebook because of how irritating their interface is any way I try to view it. iPhone app blows, Android app sucks, and the full website is just insulting. I'm trying to convince more of my friends to come to the Google side currently, but they all fear change.
Google+ is going to be the leading social networking site in a few years! 100 times better than Facebook 
The problem with Facebook is that it's too complicated, the Facebook app sucks! And you're post are not able to go public, like anyone in your Area can see your posts if you choose... But I use it because my friends and family do...
told people facebook is dying off just like myspace did and now G+ is the main thing woooooo
I agree FB is getting boring for me google+ is way more interesting and hands down the games are way cooler lol its rough trying to get friends to leave the evil FB
g+ has certainly won me over. facebook is now just a read-only activity now.
I'm on Here more than I am on Facebook. Grown tired of it. On here you get to see a whole lot of different topics rather than what people are doing or sharing. 
Google+ will take over sooner or later
why that Wired page doesn't have Facebook share button?
the like button is placed very low comparing to G+
It's only a matter of time before G+ takes over! :p
I just wish that +Google would open up the API so developers can do for +Google+ what they did for Twitter, facebook, Instagram, etc. Content is impossible to get onto or off G+.
But what about all those articles labeling G+ as a "ghost town"?  (noted sarcasm there)  :-)
Different approach on G+ and the content is richer, even more the discussions
in 2 years face book will be out and g+ will be king
Here in the Philippines, what makes facebook more used than g+ is how the society uses it here. Like FHM Hot 100, or Hot Import Nights, or other Parties and Events, are usually posted in Facebook.
About time as soon as Facebook started trading stocks I was out .... I'm not cattle 
FB has long been a "have to use" for a lot of people, while G+ is a "want to use"
Hangouts are what's continually bringing people here. That and Picasa.. and convenience.. and Timelines.. and Android.. and Facebook sucks.
I keep trying to get my friends to use Google+ instead of that drama-filled hate parade facebook. This is sooo much better!
I just hope that Apple and Google will kiss and make up, at least on Google Plus. I'd love to see deep iOS integration into G+ in the same way that iOS6 is integrating with Facebook and Twitter.
I really just like Google stuff. That's why it is +1.
I'm getting on board too. I'd like a few improvements but I hope they don't go all facebooky on me!
G+ users seem more grown up than FB users and hope that FB survives so that the masses don't defect....I personally prefer them way over there so G+ remains non crappy
How in the Lord do you make a video of yourself on here so you can broadcast it to America? lol
There's this new thing called Myspace...
But the user statistics used to contribute to FB's "tarnished" rep are drastically higher in proportion to much smaller segment of Social Network users who are happier with +...
I hope most my friends and family take thr time coming over from Facebook..
there's this new thing called Orkut...
I don't even hate FB as a platform, and Google + has become my favorite by a long shot. It is not just different platform. It's a different company, culture, people demographics, integration with Gmail and Calendar and Youtube, etc. it's everything. Yes, they still need to improve on some things. 
I totally understand why Facebook is in the toilet.  I've practically abandoned the stupid thing due to it's privacy issues.
As Google + gets more and more integrated into ANDROID it will be Facebook out. There are over 1 million people activating new Android phone every day... that means in 2 year google+ will have more users than facebook...
Getting rid of my Facebook was the best thing... ever
+mark curtis The good news is, depending on the type and manufacturer of your device, rooting is often no more difficult than a point and click operation.

I've been rooting and flashing custom ROMs since I first started with Android back on the original G1 and trust me, it's only gotten easier.

A word of caution though. Do your homework. Read, Comprehend and only then, Execute. Not many devices out there have a fail safe recovery method like Samsung devices using the ODIN flashing utility.
It's got some big tweeks required to be sharper and more robust. :-R
+Eduardo Morales When I first got on FB in 2007 I hardly had   any friend connection, then it blew up in 2008 and 2009. When I was the only one I didn't leave, I kept coming back until one by one I connected with old family, then old classmates. Now I have over 1000 friends and probably 500 of the are real life friends in some capacity. That said, FB didn't have any competition, so it grew faster. G+, granted, has FB as competition and has to convince folks to come over here, yet to another social media site. However, they don't have to switch, just come here, too, until the decide which one they like better. 
G+ is definitely more social when it comes to interacting with a broader user base. Also, much better mobile platform.
I am satisfied  to use G+ as my public page to anyone  who want to  connect with me; friends or works related.
+Jonathan Cruz devil's advocate here but Twitter and FB did not have widely-used tools like GMail to convince users on making a social media profile.

How about we talk 100 million ACTIVE users? I want G+ to be successful but let's be honest here.
This Things got a reason and it's only going to grow. 
+Jason Dailey Actually, many manufacturers are now releasing devices with unlocked boot loaders and it's now more about the carriers making the manufacturer lock down the device. A recent example being the SGS3.

That device has unlocked boot loaders on all carriers EXCEPT Verizon, who directed Samsung to lock it down "to better protect (read "control") the user experience. But, even the Verizon version now has root available. Myself, I use an SGS2 on T-Mobile, which I had rooted and customized an hour after I got it home. ;)
G+ is the future have friends in circles and share with them the information for each circle is more real and private than Facebook. And remember Facebook beginning like a desert and My Space have more members and now.... Remember learn from the history
I definitely like G+ I just wish all My friends and family will switch from fb.
Ho hum... very few actually use Google+ in my experience
The problem of google+ is that it is unable to attract ordinary social network users as it is not that FUN enough.
+Jason Dailey Don't give up hope. Android and its ever growing community of open source developers hate dictatorship carriers and bloatware as much as you do so, just keep researching and watching the developer community for news and info on how to free your phone from the shackles of whatever carrier you use now or in the future.
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I bet if you poll car owners you'll find a lot of Toyota owners don't like their cars that much, compared to people who buy more exciting cars. But they still sell boat loads of them. So what does that tell us? Customer satisfaction is not the only factor. Until everyone migrate to + there's not much action here. Only 1 of my friends actively use plus. Everyone else is on bloody facebook.
I prefer G+ , it's not even close. I just wished more of my friends were on it.
Deleted my Facebook account some time ago. I do find that I spend less time online arguing about meaningless things with drunks since I switched, but that isn't really a bad thing. I hear there are even circles to do stuff like that here if you just like to argue or like drama for the sake of drama.

Overall people are just smarter here on average as well, which I appreciate. Facebook has always been a mess of a design too. Google + was just made better and works better. Doesn't feel
Iike a glitchy mess.

I do miss some people stuck in Facebook, but my assumption is they will get here eventually.

FB sucks...I had it before it went mainstream. it got sick of being constantly poked and the other annoying things that people could do to you. my list was so long that it was hard to click on scrolling bar and move down the page at a fast pace. the best moment that I had on FB was the day that I cancelled my account...ahhhh better
Facebook already lost, they just don't know it yet. Send Chuck Norris over to tell them, with cake. (The cake is real.)
G+ circles feature rocks!! Less spam, easier management, more control. Try doing THAT FB!
I have continually become more and more happy using G+. Facebook has become cluttered and messy day after day
Agree that Googles mobile app is better. Wish more of my Facebook friends would join. I might use it more then.
MySpace, Hi5, Facebook

It's only a matter of time
+Jim Wilbourne has a point. Facebook is getting really mundane imo. All I see is people liking these groups with all the eye candy (you know which ones I'm talking about), and these annoying Drake caption pics... Also built in video chat is nice on G+
One more reason for Facebook to die over time is it's attachment to Microsoft. That was an absolutely wrong turn in terms of business IMHO. 
+Jason Dailey HTCs are some touchy devices to work with but, nowhere near as bad as the Motorola's. I haven't messed with an HTC since rooting a friends (think it was called a Thunderbolt) and that was a little sketchy but, it all worked out and of course, as soon as root was achieved, a Nandroid backup was the first order of business.

Still, I keep my previous phone (SGS/T-Mobile Vibrant) around just in case. ;) One option you might consider. Pick up a second (used) device to work on, that way you're not risking the function of your daily driver.
I only keep facebook around because of a few people that I talk to that only have facebook. I have facebook chat set up in kopete, so i can chat with them and never have to actually enter facebook. It has been quite some time since I've logged into my facebook page.

Google+, on the other hand, I visit it nightly on my phone, reading tons of interesting stories and points of views.

Sure beats reading about how Sue needs help raising cows in farmville on facebook.. ..
one problem is that with multiple options, people might be divided between services and then both would suffer.
although I do love me some G+
G+ has a long long long LONG ways to go but that's the way I like it!
not a fb hater .. just think g+ is clean and well executed ... especially within +Android  .. plus i can share stuff outside of it .. unlike fb ...keep up the good work +Google+  :)
The only issue is that most friends still don't use Google+ but more people with similar interests to my own have a Google+ account so its kind of a tossup
I just just installed it..... Literally....
Google+ will get where Facebook is today, all I hope is that it doesn't get there in terms of lack of privacy, spying, and hidden agendas that ruined Facebook.
Yeah I want people to come slowly to g+ so that we don't get spammed by loads of fb users, and what really annoys me about fb us that people hack each other! I mean its a sociable network not a back-street gang beating up kids.
I have it I dont use it much, there's no point really ,i have over 3000, facebook friends i still like the ol' booze-up really,more fun.
I'm trying to jump on board. I've banned myself from FB for a week to really learn how to use G+
Facebook it's karma, you killed the MySpace and G+ is going to slam you 6 feet under the ground. Let the Google over take the Universe. Waiting for the moon street view Google. Keep up the good work.
Recently left Facebook for Google plus and I have not looked back since. Facebook was fun when it first came out when I was in college but now it is total garbage.
G+ is soooo much better. As someone who literally started using them both around the same time G+ has a better community.
I think this is kind of like comparing Neiman-Marcus and Walmart.  While customers may rate Google+ better, they are still doing most of their shopping at Walmart. 
Its because we dont have the kids posting "OMG LIK DIS IF YOU LAUGHCRIED/HATE CANCER!" gotta love the circles :)
I really hope that more people don't start using google+. I like the smaller community and they fact that almost everyone has something worthwhile to say. 
I find Google + to be more mature than FB.

I much prefer G+, however most of my friends are slow on the uptake.

I guess it's a change thing. Most people dislike the idea of having to change when it could mean having to learn new software.

This may be a long race. 
Have not seen any of my friends join meaning Facebook wins until all my friends join here . If i had to choice it would be facebook 
This new avatar of google+ rocks.....feels cooler than fb....
I prefer Google+ layout and other features as opposed to fb
the first time i use google plus.. hot topics are very informative... now... facebook garbage sharing is dominating google+ also..
G+ is still a good experience because, for the most part, the idiots haven't discovered it yet.
I don't blame the users on Facebook spamming for likes, but rather Facebook for creating a pathetic platform that encourages spam. G+ gives you full control of the incoming and outgoing conversations you engage with.
G+ is the future. Look at their updates to the mobile app. Imagine what google glass is going to do in a few years. Don't forget SEO through your 1+. Facebook is dead to me.
Competition is good, Facebook shouldn't have a monopoly on being the only social networking website. I think it's great that there's an alternative available.
Facebook is the new myspace, Facebook is gonna die like myspace!
Even the advertisers are leaving Facebook because only the American are probably doing the LIKE sign on there instead of the people overseas. General Motors pulled there advertisement off Facebook this year. 
We are working on it!!! Facebook will crash and burn, just like myspace... G+ is the Future!! Welcome.
G+ is not FB. Let's keep it that way. It's not just about the platform and timeline, it's about what the platform is for. I inherently view G+ as an online network/forum for finding cool information and sharing photos and articles to the interested people that are out there. FB is where I stay in touch with family, friends, and acquaintances. I like the split. If G+ ever "wins" over FB, then I'll likely be looking for the next interesting platform. 
Both are cool. But I would like to see all my familia here, in G+
G+ is hands down a better, less obnoxious, less intrusive way to stay in touch and not waste time
Here's my two cents i've already shared in another post:
I sincerely loved Facebook "back in the day" -- maybe three or so years ago. Back then, (anecdotally speaking) the website was used to connect with those you may have distanced from. Soon after that, it was used to organize and network with friends. We used to only share intimate, meaningful thoughts and photos. Now, it's a messy, ad-filled 9gag with no way to prioritize content.

The transition wasn't necessarily by fault of Zuck 'n' Co. It's just how the user population grew. In part, the "look at me!" mentality swayed users to post silly pictures to garner as many "Likes" as possible. Facebook became a meme collector. And a poor one at that. At least reddit allows for democratic curation. The memes are impersonal. Connections became less intimate

Enter Google+. It could be because it's a community founded by nerds. It could be because it's still a close-knit community. For so many reasons, G+ as I've encountered (still anecdotally speaking) is host to intelligent conversations, user-created artwork and photography, meaningful connections. Let's not forget innovative communication: Where Skype on FB is an afterthought to chat, Hangouts has been used for everything from Muppet jam sessions, to presidential town halls, to project productivity; where FB Events is nothing more than an e-vite system, G+ Events digitally mirrors non-virtual events and admits that events can be entirely digital.

So.. +1 to an awesome, innovative, and creative community!
+PHILIP CRAWFORD advertisers are leaving FB not because only Americans click on Like, it's because the increased revenue per user from a non-American user is less than 1/10th the value of an American user. Thus, that big number of 900M+ users is irrelevant because most of the American market is saturated (already use FB) so the increased user base only comes from less valuable (to advertisers) users. Plus, how many of those 900M+ users are pets? I know my parents pet is on there. So is an uncle's pet. I doubt those users are worth anything to advertisers. 
Facebook is just routine G+ i the future ...i believe
This seems to be the new platform... more people have to get on board.  
Guys, this is stupid. G+ will not replace Facebook. They may be competitors but they can coexist, with ease.
Anyone who hates Google+ or thinks it's a ghost  town, that hasn't even given it a go  is exactly the type of person we don't need here anyway, because they will add nothing to the site.  

It's a sort of Natural Selection really.  lol 
Manoj S
Love it because of the app
If u guys have fb on ur mobile android phone n u go on play store u will notice the numerous complains about the fb app. Its horrible... From the 1.7million 5stars it had... It now has over 700gs 1star...
Who cares? Does G+ really need to "win?" Let it be whatever the users want it to be.
The problem with facebook is it full of other people's crap that I have no time to block or hide them. It's seems to me that everytime I'm on G+, I always see something interesting and learn from smart people that I follow
Oddly enough I'm reading this on G+... Imagine that.
Go G+, go!! G+ is the best! Facebook is evil and can go die in a fire.
However, i don't konw how to make friends with g+.
I stopped w/ FB over a year ago... I have the account for easy login to some things but I network w/ G+... people need me, I have a cell phone and email.
si quieres te ayudamos de G +- Tus amigos
I think google still have  some work to do, but i don't have a facebk but i have  G+ and so far i am a happy camper.
  +mario ma  Just add people who say stuff that you like or agree with.   Or people that are willing to help you learn to use this program.(there are many)   Add anyone. don't be shy.   and share cool stuff you have, or create  or re-share cool stuff others share,  people will add you,  ad them back.   You just have to engage with people and they will come.   If ya find people you don't really like,  uncircle  or block them.  It's all about interaction though.   Feel free to add me  :)
i use both cuz i like them both.
Google+ is too complicated!
I think g+ is an upper level of social media than any others.
If your mobile app sucks and your into the social space then your not doing it right
G+ is great. It's just sad that it hasn't caught on as much. I have turned it into my one stop media hub with some apps from the chrome store. Now my Facebook and Twitter feeds are automatically fed into Google+ and my posts to G+ are automatically sent to twitter and Facebook. With G+ I can check all three!
I actually kind of prefer to keep the riff raff off Google+...I don't need another place to see pictures of food, duck-faces, pregnant bellies, or 5-day old posts from Reddit. The discussions and content are better on G+ vs. Facebook and I hope it stays that way...
I really want g+ to succeed, but at the same time I've noticed that there have been a lot more turdheads posting nonsense over the last month. I think we also got an influx of homophobes since fb added the same sex marriage icon.
Holy Crap.. a story that is not wrong and skewed?
I might have to start reading wired...
I homes don't want those Facebook users over here, just love the environment here created by +Google+ users like all of you. Facebook is tyrant.
Im new to Google+ and I love it! Im still getting used to it, I hope it stays this way.
I'm torn in 2 about this , I WANT G+ to succeed , but I don't want the current feel that it has to be lost when 'the masses' all end up on it.

I've been talking about switching fully to G+ to friends and family who are currently on FB, even they are starting to hate the site now, but they are heavily invested on that site with pictures , timelines and of course the games.

I can't see them switching any time soon.

the spam merchants have already started using G+ though , I get random circle invites that when checked are just fake accounts with advertising on them.

Does that count as success?

Google plus is superior in quality because it is safer unlike facebook which is mostly used by highschoolers for gossip
I like Google+ but none of my friends use it. They have all created accounts but they never post anything. It forces me to use both when I want to just cut Facebook out. 
G+ Is very dead facebook is where its at fuckheads
The mobile app is one the major reasons I prefer plus. It just shits all over Facebook app, they seriously need a major overhaul.
Personally I think Google+ is quite fine without all the people I know from Facebook on it.  That's not because I don't like my FB friends, quite the contrary, but that I get so much from G+ without anyone I know that it would be enough on it's own.  But FB, Twitter, blogging and reading blogs individually are just not enough on their own.  G+ can be all these and through synergy, more.

One thing that Google+ needs is a '-' button for posts or profiles that excludes a post/someone and a '--' button that excludes posts by them and everyone who has them in their circles.  That will allow us to quickly weed out that chaff that comes as the likers come over to crash the plusers party.  Hey Facebookers, keep your hands off my desert!
Google needs to win over the house wives before taking the crown. Here's hoping! :-)
Google+ is way better then Facebook, but no one I really know is on here. Weird thing is though I actually socialize here more and just poke around on Facebook.
Chris - so right! Find G+ to be wonderfully informative with people so willing to share. Just go with it!
I dont know wether a warm welcome or not, still I can't find most of friends on G+, when fb came there was no competitor but in G+ do have..
What's the big deal? Mentally mature people tend to be happier.
Well, sure, why not? G+ has a better interface ... more thoughtfully drawn up ... Hope it stays that way for long ... Carry on, Google! 
It don't know what it is but, I've grown so tired of FB. I'm trying to limit my visits to twice a week a now. 
Many people don't try G+ anymore because they feel that it has the same feature as Facebook.
T Ma
I can't stand to see an iPhone and Facebook in the same picture..... I'm not even getting into the background. Cheers!!!
I could have come up with that on the toilet while taking a shit....what research was that dumb shit? That's how it's always is, just like how cassettes took over a-track then CD! (this is my late night angry man post) fucking ridiculous!!! 
Idiots will stick with FB. Got to get their daily dose of mind-numbing games. It's built into the business model.
ansel k
lol.  I left FB because its like high school and no one does anything interesting as well as they(FB) spy on you a lot.... and then leak it... On accident of course.
 At least google spies on you then uses it to make you happier with cool new stuff.  XD
Google+ is currently a niche for more technically minded. Don't presume that it will survive 800 million Facebook emigrants.
As long as I don't get "game" invites here, and keep seeing posts of substance with the random quips, I'm sold.
G+ ain't going to survive the "chasm" ... between early adopters and mainstream, unless Google does something more than sucking their thumb hoping their "superior technology" will cause a shift.  The best solution technology wise rarely wins. Nice guys finish last.
"It's official"? No one asked me. I rarely use G+ and use FB more.

Oh, and I don't care for anything Google does to try and make me happy. If Google wanted to make me happy, they would drop 99.99% of everything they are doing/have done and go back to being nothing but a simple search engine like it was 14 years ago without a sidebar, without search suggestions, without filtering based on what it thinks I like/want, without sponsored paid results up top. Google has gotten to the point where I might as well switch to Bing.
Google+ on Android is the best. FB doesn't even come close.
@Robert Klace Simply put, why are you on G+ right now if you hate Google?
I find the news feed on g plus much more interesting it's full of beautiful pictures, quotes and real news. Rock on
I didn't expect to be addicted to g+. Google really has done an amazing job in terms of the user interface esp. on mobile devices.
As many of you have stated, a lot of us (kind of early adopters) would like to see some more of our friends and family here on G+, I recently tried to convince my group of close friends to get profiles on Facebook and 9 out of 10 told me that having profiles on Facebook and Twitter was enough social media for them, all my arguments about quality of information, better mobile experience, better UI didn't matter to them. There's the real problem G+ has to solve in order to grow in facebook proportions.
Some of my friends are starting to make the change to g+. I've preferred it for a long time, myself, and with Facebook working about half the time anyone tries to use it, people's frustrations are starting to make them change.
Google+ primary negative? Sausagefest!
its only a sausage fest if you want it to be.
I don't agree with this...............People enjoy facebook much more than Google+
+Robert Klace Google is lot more than a search engine and the world is better for it. The world would kinda suck if there was no android or chrome or gdocs or gmaps or gmail.
I personally feel , Google + is now much better than Facebook. the security and other issue are main reason
Google outpaced Facebook under many aspects today. User experience, news discoverability, search capabilities, mobile experience and not least privacy policy. I keep lazily checking Facebook just for gossip
I've been long time FB user. However it's gotten very MySpace and congested with crap and 3rd party apps. I like G+ simple interface and open format to view strangers post and comments. On FB everybody is so paranoid about people seeing their business. It's simple to fix stop posting your business and stupid crap. My Social Media time has shifted dramatically to G+. 
Ajoy V
One entertains and one educates at least most of the time!
Nice fuck Facebook. Lol Google+ all the way. :-)
so true.. as my network at my office have blocked FB.. haha
em starting to like this.. no shits around.. just a social networking site.. and that's all we need.
A lot of people use Facebook through their mobile phones, so am I. Google+ still does not support much functions like Facebook...therefore, i am still with facebook 
Google plus wins against Facebook any day. Better software, developers and philosophy. Google we love you.
Richard, I agree, but google is sometimes too big for its own good.  I forget what is google.... like, blogger, blogspot... they are the same thing.  flickr?  picasa?  android? my android phone wont even sync with my gmail account....   google needs to streamline everything.  i guess they face some anti trust hurdles, idk....
G+ is not in the league Facebook is in. It has a long way to go. By then FB would be single far ahead that G+ will be like blackberry
google has always given out quality products and for free....i use fb because most of my friends are there..and at this momment of writing this comment my stupid fb app is not getting any data....i hope ppl get over with fb...
+Hasanul Banna Siam Which functions do you mean? I still can believe facebook doesn't allow you to upload multiple photos or upload it to a specific album from your phone.  Facebook is hands-down the slowest and PITA to use app on my phone..... The app ratings reflect this...
Facebook only need continue with "app improvements" and they will do it to themselves. More power to G+.
Why am I using it, because I'm tired of Klout showing no activity for G+. The above post of mine in this thread was my first post under G+, and this will probably be my last for another few months till I get bored out of my skull and start looking through my unused stuff again.
I hate that focking facebook :) i love +Google+ I believe in " EVERY THING OR NOTNIG " & facebook is nothing.
Well,for me anyway, I think there is room for both. I user facebook to see what friends and family are up to, where as I use Google+ to find interesting things to read :-)
I got to Facebook for stupid pictures to look at.....I got to g+ for stimulation of the mind
No me gusta FB, it's too nosy - seems to be telling all what I like, read, click, comment on, etc.  I know there are privacy settings but they make it hard to set.

G+ though seems more robust and clean.  
The Red pill... The red pill... The red pill... :D
Google+ is Facebook for smart people lol
I just Joined Google+ and I'm starting to like it.
google+ is what facebook COULD be, but 10 years more advanced and way less shitty. Plus google+ is just Gorgeous.
Yes, loved these kind of issues, so interesting package wow. Wel, am always intereting on G+. Cause you can communicat with different people in the world. That's Great, one love peeps. I like it!!.
I use G+ coz my FB account is literally filled up with guys I don't know and gals I don't want to talk to.
Fuck... I don't want more people on google+, they'll ruin it with their "+1 this is you feel bad for blah blah blah"
I use G+ to follow interesting people, I like the fact that non of my friends are using it. That means it's easier for me to find people with similar interests.
All those who want to have your FB friends on G+, just circle their email addresses and start posting exclusively on G+. They will be notified by email of your posts and they'll soon come over to read, respond and participate. Also, start using G+ for your events. That too will be a good draw. Since most of your friends are sure to have a Google ID already, it's extremely easy to starting using G+.
I like google + as it is I think jeremy kyle also had a lot more viewers than the wright stuff ?
Google+ have every interesting peoples...scientists & IT & Photographer & Artists and sooo many more...i love it
From small things big things grow love g+
Facebook is such a pain in the ass now with all the extra crap added on to it that i much rather use G+
Although it does not get a lot of attention where I live, but G+ has a cleaner interface, though some work is still needed, and allows people to interact based on common interests. At the end of the day, the more options we have the better.  
Fuck... I don't want more people on google+, they'll ruin it with their "+1 this is you feel bad for blah blah blah"
The fb account numbers are faulse ive got two accounts that have been hacked and I can't access floating around fb I asked for their help to close them but ive heard nothing so they can take my two from their numbers. Long live g + so much more tastefull
I didn't think g+ was very popular...everyone I ask doesn't really know what it is...
This is for the website... why would you think it is only for mobiles?
I closed my fb account some time ago. Never used anyway. But i dont want all the fb users to join here. I like the mature of google plus
For me this is not a race of members, but staying spam free. Heck i dont even want all my friends here.
The instant upload is awesome. The gui is superier and people are much more mature.
Noone needs cat pictures and the like. But just in case, Google needs to have noise control of your stream.
Facebook preinstalled from which device?
I also agree because yesterday i almost deleted my facbook acount since i have started using google
Takes time to know new stuff for example iphone the 1st smartphone then the iphone apps. Google + going to be better
If G+ would lose the animated GIFs I would love it more.
It will be interesting to see how this plays out over the next few years.
Looking at the comments here, I find it hard to argue that G+ is dead, or by just checking its statistics. But I really don't care about having the masses flooding G+. Maybe due to the way you organize your circles, it will not be a problem, but on facebook there is a lot of very uninteresting post, don't want G+ ending up there.
Providing g+ doesn't over step the mark with privacy and resists the temptation of over bloating out with unnecessary features/complications I'm sure it will continue to have good growth.
Facebook is past. No privacy, lots of congestion
Fazebook? no thanks.
Actually I think that, beside interface and features, G+ contenent are better than Facebook ones...because of the users. In other words don't let them come to G+ to spoil the fun.
Oh well, worst case scenario you can always mute them into some nice circle "wandering facebookers"...
Circles. They help filter out all that useless social spam!
I like G+!! I like turtles!!
+Joseph Bobadillo The beauty of g+ is what +Marco Vecchi said. even if facebookers migrate here and share them everyday life, you just put them in the "not interesting" and turn the volume down.
And im optimistic too. I think there are a few FBers who would learn "proper" social media behaviour in here.
It's everyone's choice which is which, stop those cut throat competition!
Though how do I invite my facebook freinds here
Opposite is
"Never going to give you up"
Google what ? seriously ?????
Its easier for G plus to get higher scores because its new so most of the users are presumably the core fans of google. When more join in I bet the score will go down unless some major advantages can be demonstrated. I use both G+ and fb, though not much of either. I dont feel much differences..
G+ i have interested on it. One love.
Got rid of FB and never been happier.
+Dustin Knittel Thank you! For years Facebook was restricted to college students, even after that people were too involved with MySpace to take interest in Facebook. With g+ you don't even need to have your friends in your circles to strike up some great conversation. Here is the bottom line.
#Facebook - revolves around knowing about every stupid thing that goes on in hundreds (if not thousands) of peoples' personal lives. Farm ville.
#Google+ - a place for a global community to spread knowledge, ideas, humor, and awareness.
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