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"Red areas denote population centers where zombies might graze, while dark gray zones cover parks and wilderness areas, which are most likely to be walker-free." You're welcome.
Using the incredibly helpful Map of the Dead zombie survival map, we determine how to survive in the metropolitan cities of the United States.
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News you can use, for sure.
My parents' places are both in "safe" zones...My house is not.
There's not nearly enough gun stores in San Diego though we do have a marine base to raid.
This is so creative and amazing!
luckily my work location has about 3 gun stores nearby
This is totally stupid.No such thing exists.Dead is dead.
You will likely be the first to have your neck torn out and be half devoured Mr Berry...
Americans and there Zombies


Can't believe so many people have been fooled in thinking Zombies are real. Sheeeeeeessssssh!!!!!
+Azarel Howard - just you wait....the zombies will swarm and you'll be running, and we'll be safe in our fortified bunkers.....
lol sometimes i think grown ups are just kids
Everyone knows it takes a Voudoun priestess to make real zombies...
+Pete Hardie And meh living in australia is about as safe as you can get from zombies IF they were even real. :) 98% of this great nation is Zombie no go zone. :P Personally it just looks like they made this map based on population concentration figures. :) SCREAMS fake to me. :)
+Azarel Howard - I guess if you live far away from the population centers, but if you live in downtown Sydney, you're tucker. mate!
I see Zombies out driving EVERY DAY! THEY ARE REAL I TELL YA!
+Mike Minor - your too funny. And yes, i believe you. They are called "Obama supporters".
+Tod Anderson I thought that they were some Apple fans, most Prius drivers and/or all Fox news watchers... My Bad! :-)

Wait, aren't the Zombies mostly concentrated on the red areas of the map? LOL
+Mike Minor :D Nice :P
I love it when random conversations between random people go off topic. Things get very interesting. :)
yo mike. i beliveit is called an adult without coffee.
+Jeri Birgen :D Very True :) I know a tutor at my UNI who thinks his students should drink more coffee. :P Says it might help participation. :P
Knowledge is knowledge, you can only gain as much as you want. :)
but if we read this and share it with people we know as humans, and if there is a zombie apocolypse, won't all the now-human zombies of our former friends and family now know to go to the parks and wilderness where we will be hiding and eat us...?
@Alice : as per our current zombie lore they totally lose their memory once they turn so that won't be a problem :)
ooooooooooooooohhhhh.... thanks... i wasn't sure... now i feel moderately stupid because of my lack of zombular knowledge :)
Hm I wonder if I get bit than eat someones brain tht knows of the zombie map wouldn't I gain some sort of knowledge?
Nice find +kevin Johnson although I think he might find himself lacking internet access and just maybe a phone line. :P
If everyone goes to a sparsely populated place it becomes a densely populated place...
hhahaha (leaves puts sign on door) gone to woods see you when Zombie-Apocalypse has been done
I still don't understand how the zombies have a never ending lifespan. Is this only true in Atlanta? (where the show is based) I would go north where they would slow or at maybe even freeze?
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U will not release it! For the world as we know it will be a living hell! Jk I would be ready with mah fully loaded ACR 130!
MM Khan
Please Help the poor
Wait we can make the zombies are slaves right? Like in the Walking Dead. ):D
The biggest threat in a zombie armageddon isn't the zombies, but the human survivors. Zombies don't wield guns and act out of desperation like people that have no government and are in survival mode.

Zombies are slow, dumb, and predictable...people, on the other hand, are bound to do all kinds of crazy shit.
Jesus asked me how much I love Him so I spread my arms and said “This much”. I asked God how much He loves me. He spread his arms and said “This is how I died for you.”
you have one for australia?
is the red part the danger part?
Needs to add in car yards and construction places, I want a bull dozer and a dual cab Hilux and does anybody know where to get a Winebago in Brisbane?
Damm now more people will know about my secret zombie survival area damm you.
This map is great, but in a zombie apocalypse, there will be no internet. and even GPS will eventually stop working after a period of being wildly inaccurate.
I think it would take a LONG time for the internet to no longer exist... A bigger issue would be power but even that will likely take some time for power webs (or whatever they are called) to come down due to neglect.
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