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Don't be fooled into thinking your creditors have your best interest in mind. Prime example: We had a prospective client visit us yesterday afternoon. The mortgage company had filed a foreclosure action, but claimed to be "working with her" on a loan modification. Although she had been noticed to be in court, a representative of the mortgage company told her over the phone that she didn't need to worry about attending the hearing. When she came to our office, we ran a quick check of the court records and determined that the hearing was on a request for default judgment by the mortgage company. in other words, if she didn't show up, the mortgage company was going to obtain a judgment to sell her house - despite their representations to the contrary. We attended the hearing on her behalf and the court agreed to allow her time to file a response. But if she hadn't come to see us, she would've lost her home. If you're involved in a court proceeding, NEVER blindly trust what the other side is telling you. If the party suing you is represented by a lawyer, you probably need a lawyer, too.

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