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Water TV - Living the Dream pool side! 
Thanks to Randy Angell from pool environments for letting 
Water TV capture one of there amazing aquatic lifestyle designs in Dallas Texas. 
Be on the look out for splash talk TV interview in our new global headquarters of Water TV studio with Randy Angell from pool environments out of Dallas Texas.

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Summertime Fun: The Perfect Pair
The soothing rays of the summer sun are once again approaching us, a season in which our interaction with water is most intimate. Just the mere thought of summer warms us to our core, as we start to daydream and anticipate the excitement that is to come, making one reminisce about fun filled days under the sun, reminding us of all the memorable moments we have spent with family and friends, the ones we love and cherish most. Times when even the sizzling, scorching heat stood no chance as it was doused by the sounds of laughter as splashes of cool, refreshing water washed away our worries, connecting us with the elements of the earth whilst connecting with the ones we love most on earth. So whether it may be Mother Nature’s breathtaking creation of lakes and oceans or the luxury and comfort of man’s invention of pools and spas, submerge yourself in water, immerse yourself in a sense of peace and joy that can be obtained by simply doing one thing and one thing only: JUMPING IN!
Welcome to the Pool & Spa industry, revolutionized!
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Swimming pool Life styles: commercial on United Airlines.
Watch and learn about aquatic life style. Thinking of building a pool? Your most important decision is selecting the right builder. The challenge is finding one who is creative in design as well as experienced in the latest technology and build techniques. The Master Pools Guild simplifies your search with members around the world — craftsmen who are dedicated to building the world’s finest pools. In the past fifty years tens of thousands of homeowners have created family memories in pools built by Master Pools Builders. They taught their children to swim in them and their children taught their children. All have experienced the incredible lifestyle magic pools have brought to their home environment and families.
Welcome to the Pool & Spa industry, revolutionized!

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WATERtv the visual source for all things aquatic
 Our mission at Artistic Visual Studios is to take people on an exploration into the art form and celebration of aquatic and architectural spaces that forever impact our lives. Showing them that behind it all is a collection of brilliant, passionate professionals that design and build the spaces that we love and that give us so much joy.
Our approach has been a grassroots movement to change corporate video marketing. As creators, as tour guides to our viewers we stay in the forefront leading the industry to new ground, that’s what makes us great.
Welcome to the Pool & Spa industry, revolutionized!
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Welcome to WATERtv the visual source for all things aquatic that move us.
WATERtv celebrates water for its infinite beauty through highly-innovative video presentations
that pay tribute to those with a passion to explore it as a fluid art form and expose its innate elegance in architecture, technology and design. Discover the artisans, acclaimed and emerging, hear their amazing stories and view how their inspired creations are transforming our everyday lives in the swimming pool industry.

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8 Amazing Water Tricks That Will Blow Your Mind
Water tricks for kids. 8 Amazing Water Tricks That Will Blow Your Mind.
Oh water, just when we thought it was impossible for us to love you anymore than we do already, you make it possible! Our relationship with water truly is endless. There are so many ways we incorporate this element in our day to day lives. We swim in it, we drink it, we are it. Not only does water keep us healthy and happy through consumption and physical interaction, it also expands our mind through the gift of science! Watching this video is truly fascinating, but actually partaking in these simple to preform tricks will really make your day! I tried it, and it was the highlight of mine! Enjoy water tricks for kids, this awesome and entertaining video of 8  amazing water tricks that Will blow your mind from BuzzFeed!
Welcome to the Pool & Spa industry, revolutionized!

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20 - Beautiful World Rooftop Pools -

Discover 20 of the worlds most beautiful rooftop swimming pools!
Even the most simplistic of residential swimming pools can bring us a sense of pure joy and inner-peace, rejuvenating our mind, our body and our soul. But today I’m going to be sharing with you all some truly amazing hotel rooftop pools from around the world that elevate the swimming pool and spa industry to vast and exciting new spheres. Enjoy!

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Swimming pool Safety Measures & Poolside Precautions
Ah, summertime. The season of fun, fun and more fun is right around the corner (June 21st of this year, 29 more days, to be exact). I think it’s safe to say there’s one thing we all incorporate with summer, and that one thing is water! There are many forms of enjoying this clear, pellucid, transparent fluid during the sunny season – lakes, beaches and our personal favorite, swimming pools! And that brings us to the topic at hand friends: safety measures and precautions we can all take to keep our loved ones, as well as ourselves, protected at all times, especially when an unfortunate situation arises. We’ll take a look at various types of equipment as well as education that will ensure the welfare of us and those nearby when enjoying the wonderful perks of a swimming pool in the summer.

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Pool Spa Patio Expo 2013
Pool Spa Patio Expo Las Vegas 2013
The Int’l Pool I Spa I Patio Expo is a  must attend event for the pool, spa, and backyard industry professionals.  With live demonstrations and  product displays, powerful education seminars and engaging networking  events, the Int’l Pool I Spa I Patio Expo is THE place that pulls together pool, spa and  patio industry suppliers, manufacturers and service providers with the  largest group of retailers, builders, service professionals and  landscape architects from around the globe.
Welcome to the Pool & Spa industry, revolutionized!

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