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Vynce Montgomery
A Joker with no Jokes, a Jester with no Queen.
A Joker with no Jokes, a Jester with no Queen.

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Does it come in large?

I feel like, after all these years, I should not longer be frequently posting to G+ about how to use G+, but here I am. I feel like I found a way to search a particular person's posts, and now i don't see it. in fact, when i go to search, i get a clunky animation that then drops me into some "explore" interface where it's not clear i;m searching posts at all. Is there something I'm missing, O o.g. G+ users?

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Perhaps the NSA is so sure it was a nation state because the calls are coming from ... Inside the House.

Google Play Music decided to open my morning with "Everybody Knows". Feature request: thumbs up | thumbs down | too soon. 

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this is ... wow. AI for the wat.

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"As always, it's Flu season on the Internet."

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Another amazing piece of art from factor visualization.


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C'mon, Kentucky -- Get some voter turnout going, and be, if not actually blue, a lighter shade of red that can give me some hope.

(Also: Mayor Gray for Senate!)

I want to name a child Hypocorism and call them Cory. 

What the fuck, Google Plus? Why is my feed overrun with bullshit rightwing conspiracy theories? How is this supposed to make the product useful to me?

I was hoping, today, to use G+ more and its competitor, one of Peter Thiel's sources of income, less. But it's too hard. Come on. Get Better.

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