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A Joker with no Jokes, a Jester with no Queen.
A Joker with no Jokes, a Jester with no Queen.


from today's DYAC files: I wanted "embittered" and got "embiggened" and somehow I feel like this is a metaphor for the best parts of so-called "Millennial" culture.
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Dear +Google -- especially Google Ads and the Google Mail team:

If you want me to click through on the ads in my mailbox, supply a non-trivial way for me to learn where the link goes.

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So there I was, playing DIVE ( in the sunshine...

I could see my screen well enough to see the numbers, but the styling was hard to make out. This was having a surprisingly deleterious effect on my scores, which I thought was interesting enough. But then I tried putting my mac into what I've always called "Night mode" -- completely photo inverted. (control-command-option-8 is the default shortcut, though I think these days that shortcut defaults to off -- you can find it in the accessibility menus.)

It was, to +Alex Fink's credit and my surprise, still easy to play and quite attractive. In fact, it felt like it was maybe easier to play than regular coloring -- not because it's easier to see, but perhaps because useful relationships I was used to tuning out were now different, and thus harder to tune out.

Anyway, it was an interesting experiment, and i recommend it. +Tom Hargreaves, +Allen Knutson, + other diverse divers.
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Every swallow, every solitary bite
every morsel has a slight
insubstantial, not right
mouthfeel -- mind feel -- like a why
would I bother ness
there's a trace
missing, some element I'm not getting.
There's a failure to thrive,
to appreciate being alive
in every swallow, every solitary bite.
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Hum™ by Verizon™: Teach your kids not to trust you, by introducing them to the all-seeing eye.
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I've always been a fan of the so-called Boston Left (or Pittsburgh Left, if you happen to take PA's side of the family argument); if you don't know it, go look it up. I don't mean that I'm necessarily a huge fan of the maneuver itself, though I don't mind it, so much as just the fact that in a world of increasingly homogenized culture, we still have some pockets of local flavor. Also the idea that emergent properties of a shared system like driving can organically give rise to complex behaviors that are actually interesting and arguably better for all involved at the expense of a little complexity. I mean, real, live, prisoner's dilemma game theory stuff! So Sexy! I was always jealous that none of "my" cities had such a cool thing acknowledged about them. So with that in mind...

A few weeks ago, I was on my bicycle, stopped at a red light. If you know the intersection, I was in Berkeley, headed North on Shattuck at Ashby. If you don't, that's still true but the important thing is that it's a small intersection with a protected left for on-coming traffic. Also, that south of the intersection, there are two lanes which might both be going straight, but immediately north of the intersection, they merge into one lane, and it gets a little hairy with parked cars and local pedestrians and etc. Now, I'm on my bike, so I don't relish the idea of merging, and moreover, it's Berkeley -- I know that most of the drivers are going to try to give me space even though they're in a hurry, so I'm going to feel badly for making their drive harder via their effort to make it easy for me. Once I'm merged, it's easy, partially because of the way the street there is shaped but also because i stop having to look backwards while riding forwards, so I'm thinking, if I can beat the cars across the street and get past the merge point, it'll be better for all of us.

So when the cross-traffic light turned red, I darted across on my bike before the oncoming left turners could start moving, smoothing out the merge ... and I realized -- this is Berkeley's equivalent of the Boston Left! I've found it! Yes! So here, let me spell it out for you so you know it when you see it.

The Berkeley Gambit
Break the law and post-hoc rationalize how it's for the greater common good.
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With all the various ways of entering text these days, i have developed a new need. I want an icon telling me which way the text was entered, because different formats make different mistakes.

A microphone, for instance, would mean that anything that doesn't make sense was probably supposed to be something that sounded similar. "We rout tough teen" was probably "we're out of tea".

A keyboard indicates that fixing the nonsense means swapping in a nearby letter, regardless of sound (and possibly spelling auto-corrected) so "It's Gert North day" might have been "it's her birthday" .

And a squiggle across the keyboard -- meaning Swype or some similar technology was involved, indicates that you should give up and ask what the duck they meant because there's no hope of piecing it together at this point.
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I feel like, after all these years, I should not longer be frequently posting to G+ about how to use G+, but here I am. I feel like I found a way to search a particular person's posts, and now i don't see it. in fact, when i go to search, i get a clunky animation that then drops me into some "explore" interface where it's not clear i;m searching posts at all. Is there something I'm missing, O o.g. G+ users?
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