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Register now for the Dart Developer Summit 2016!

● October 26-27 (plus a codelab on October 25)
● Munich, Germany
● 15 talks about Dart on the web, mobile and IoT
● Opportunity to talk to the members of the Dart team
● Free admission

More info on the agenda and speakers soon.

Interested in speaking? Please submit a proposal:

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Swedish TV channel SVT made a short film about one of the funniest events held in my native town - Monstration (one mocking demonstrations of the May 1st).

Film is mostly in Russian with Swedish subtitles (I could not find Danish ones though)

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This is almost as funny as a LSV's Three-Oblivion-Rings-Infinite-Loop.

Somebody created a slowly ticking down loop inside the Hearthstone game by combining two creatures: one that respawns when dead and one that deals damage to a random enemy when a new minion enters the battlefield.

See the video inside the article:

[almost because a) it's not infinite and b) staged :)]

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Remembering Satoshi Kon who passed away 5 years ago for his unique editing style.

Remember a poem by Fernando Pessoa about the poets and pain, they fake non-faking?

Today I was reading Heinrich Heine and suddenly found a poem that touches the same idea. I wonder if Pessoa's poem was inspired by Heine's? 

Ach Gott! im Scherz und unbewußt
Sprach ich was ich gefühlet;
Ich hab’ mit dem eignen Tod in der Brust
Den sterbenden Fechter gespielet.

Oh God! unknown I spoke in jest 
The things I felt most deeply; 
I've acted, with death in my very breast, 
The dying hero, cheaply.

Full poem in German:,_daß_ich_mit_Verstand

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See you again Prague. Til then Mucha's Iris will remind me about you.

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Surprising things in Bratislava: Hans Christian Andersen's statue 

Reading books in translation is like playing Russian roulette. I've recently started reading "The Book of Disquiet" by Fernando Pessoa and I have been checking  some of his poetry too. Unfortunately I don't speak Portuguese so I have to read him in translation.

And that's where the problem lies. Here is the very same poem in original and in Russian and English translation

O poeta é um fingidor
Finge tão completamente
Que chega a fingir que é dor
A dor que deveras sente

The poet is a faker
Who's so good at his act
He even fakes the pain
Of pain he feels in fact.

Поэт — притворщик по роли,
Легко ему сделать вид,
Придумать саднящей боли
Подделку, что не болит.

If you speak both Russian and English you'll spot that the ending of the poem is completely different in these two translations. 

Russian one says (yeah triple translation makes everything better) 

The poet's role is "faker",
It's easy for him to fake
Invent a numb pain's
Imitation - that does not hurt.

In other words: in English translation the poet is faking a pain and actually feeling a pain (though a different one, perhaps) and in Russian he is just pretending that he is in pain when he is not.

English version is understandably more appealing to me. But unfortunately the only way to figure out which one is closer to the original is to move to Portugal and learn the language Pessoa was writing in... 

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New blog post Browser as an Interactive Disassembly Navigation Tool (and it's not about V8 or JavaScript :))

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Happy Mathematician's Day!
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