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Sports analysis, told through interactive data visualizations
Sports analysis, told through interactive data visualizations

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I've begun revamping the home page to Vorped.  Going forward, the Vorped front page will be a feed, not too dissimilar to Facebook, Twitter, or Google Plus.  Each day's feed will highlight interesting players or teams, all based on data.

Historically, Vorped has acted primarily as a reference site.  My goal for the upcoming NBA season is to continue being a useful reference resource, but also to expand into becoming a place for discovering new information, and for contributing new, crowdsourced data not typically found in public datasets.

Some specific features I'm working on:

- Tracking your own data.  Whether it be for your favorite NBA team, or for your own local college or rec league teams.
- Tracking your own KINDS of data.  Pick and roll data?  That's not publicly available.  But maybe there can exist a tool that helps collect this data easily.
- Data visualizations everywhere, and up-to-date.  For example, the same interactive visualizations found on the shotchart pages will be found on the blog, and within the feeds too.
- More interactive visualizations.  I'm counting, like, 20+.
- Unit-level data.  I've worked out many kinks with the unit data, and I'm excited for a couple analyses in the pipeline.

I'm very excited for the upcoming season, and I hope to help push the basketball analytics community further along with these somewhat crazy ideas.

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There's now a women's pro basketball version of Vorped, with WNBA data.  For example, here's Tina Thompson's player page.

Still a work in progress, but it should at some point have the same data as the NBA version of Vorped.

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I created a visualization for NBA standings over time.  By visualization, I really mean a line graph with a bunch of buttons.  Fancy huh?  I do think there's some usefulness despite its sparseness of words.  Please let me know what you think, good or bad.

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Updated Player Shot Charts: 2011-2012 Season Reports, Export to Image, and More
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