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nice will upload pics of my 940 turbo! and yes is in very good shape
+Ryan Foley Thanks for your feedback Ryan.

+Ismael Molina M. please do post your photo's, we'd love to see them!

+Milan Zvara Thanks for your feedback, we'll currently in the process of updating our software and will let you know as soon as there is an update.
I would welcome the possibility to share opinions about in-car systems (such as Sensus). Although it is nice to work with, there is always room for improvement.
I'll take a V60R T6 manual in the states please...
Order one from Gothenburg!!
Leaning towards this over the twitter chat, or planning to keep both? Volvospeed members always seemed interested in the twitter chats, but not may members used twitter when compared to Facebook or even google+ for that matter.
A project I am assisting a pal with:
$700.00 12 sec 1991 745, welded diff, 26lbs boost on race fuel and stock internals (all junkyard parts)
This is one of my runs at the track vs a poor shifting Evo.
Running a lot of compression or advance to need race fuel with only 26lbs boost?
Prevents some of the detonation on the 8V.
The upcoming 16V Redblock build will have a Megasquirt and (hopefully) a 4 link rear end.
Plus it smells so nice! ♫
Yes, I know what octane is. I was asking why you are seeing detonation with those numbers. Super hot climate, a lot of compression? 12s should be anywhere from 350-400hp depending where in the 12 second range you fall. You should be able to do that on pump fuel.
+Frank Maas Hi Frank we would definitely appreciate your feedback, please let us know and we will forward it to the relevant people here at HQ.
As one who likes to stay on message, I will ask here, in this new venue, when Volvo plans to bring their diesel powerplants to their passenger vehicles sold in the U.S.? BMW, VW/Audi and Mercedes have recognized that diesels make sense in a vast country with tens of thousands of miles of highway, as opposed to gas/electric hybrids which are optimal for dense urban areas.
hehe! I should be able to listen to music on a simple boombox too, but I can't! :-)
Stay on message, Phil? The page owner asked us to post images . I did :)
Where's yours!? ♫
The staying on message comment had to do with previous entreaties to Volvo Cars on other social networking sites about bringing the diesel to the U.S. market. I have plenty of images of my 1998 V70 T5M and 1972 142E, but trying to get this message across seems more important to me.
Hi Phil, we currently don't have plans to bring diesel engines into the US. However, we continually evaluate different technologies to ensure Volvo is offering competitive products in the marketplace. Should we offer a diesel in the US market, what vehicle would you like to see the engine variant offered on? We always appreciate feedback from our fans and we'll be sure to pass your note along to our Product Development team.
Since the US no longer gets the standard V70 (which is another issue I have, but we'll save that for another day), I would like to see the diesel available in the S60 and the C30, the latter being the only model I would consider buying, because it's the only model available with a manual transmission.
I look forward to seeing the new hybrid/diesel V60 in the US. I know you say it is for Europe only, but don't be so short sighted. The cost of oil is only going to go up, this is a perfect opportunity to expand your market. Don't save all your best cars for Europe only, share the wealth.
Fernando Gómez Pimienta. 12/09/1012
Estimados todos, y en particular a los usuarios de autos Volvo en México.
Adquirí un S-60 T5, el año de 2004, que a la fecha tiene 78,000 Kms.
TODOS los Servicios han sido en los Talleres de VOLVO, y de hecho he adelantado algunos de ellos, para tener el auto en magníficas condiciones.
En el tiempo transcurrido, he tenido que cambiar: El Radiador, El Radio Completo, El Espejo Lateral Izq, los cuales han representado un costo bastante importante, además de una serie de refacciones tal, que tomaría mucho tiempo identificar, y que también representan costos relevantes.
Pero ahora, el último de mis problemas es que la transmisión automática está "pateando", lo cual quiere decir que el cambio de 1a a 2a no es suave, en ninguno de los dos sentidos.
Yo comprendo que casi 8 años de uso son suficientes para tener que afinar o reparar una transmisión automática, sin embargo me encuentro que mi Asesor en Parque Lira, me informa que VOLVO no puede reparar transmisiones automáticas en México, y que la única forma de solucionar el problema es CAMBIAR TOTALMENTE LA TRANSMISIÓN, lo cual según estimación del propio asesor, está en alrededor de $60,000.00 Pesos Mx ( casi $5,000.00 UScy). Para agravar la situación, mi auto lo valúan en menos de $200,000.00 pesos Mx. Lo cual es totalmente incongruente!!!
Por otra parte, yo puedo entender la necesidad de pagar por el arreglo de la Transmisión, para lo cual considero que VOLVO tiene la obligación con sus usuarios, de mantener un Stock razonable de refacciones. De NO ser así, VOLVO debe otorgar una Garantía sobre sus Transmisiones, de tal forma que en caso de falla, como es el mío, reemplacen la Transmisión sin costo para el usuario.
Yo quisiera pedirles a los funcionarios de VOLVO, su amable atención y su consejo para proceder con mi problema, que considero es UNA INJUSTICIA COMERCIAL hacia los usuarios.
Muy Atentamente
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