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High Grade 3D Printing Filaments and more.
High Grade 3D Printing Filaments and more.

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Try our all new Slicer Configuration Generator! 
We added support for Simplify3D and extended support for "Slic3r" as well as "KISSlicer". These profiles will auto-configure your software for the right extruder and bed temperatures, fan settings, diameters and some other useful parameters that vary Slicer by Slicer.

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Making your experience better: Download KissSlicer material configs for all #Excelfil Filaments from our support site

A stunning 26h print our Twitter friend @questpac made with his Felix 3.0 and ExcelFil Arctic Silver PLA.

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We created a new #ExcelFil Filament Configuration Bundle for "Slic3r". As easy as: Download, Import and Print with the our pre-tested settings.

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Heard about @e-NABLE? We recently donated our #Excelfil Filaments to the cause, so dedicated people like Aaron Brown can 3D print dozens of cool hand prosthetics for kids in need. See an interview with him talking about the project below. Can you spot our Cherry Red Excelfil PLA Spool on his workhorse printer in the background? 

The Project always can use more volunteers donating print time on their printers. Check out the group to learn how you can get engaged!

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We always are excited about new, innovative ways to use 3D printing technology.
When we heard about Architect Arthur Mamou-Mani's project to employ "Project Silkworm" to literally weave a large 3D installation for Shanghai's Premier Experience Mall we immediately came on board supporting the project with our ExcelFil Filaments.

ExcelFil's low tolerances and high grade raw materials allow for consistent and predictable results that digital designers, educational institutions, artists and 3D printing enthusiasts around the world trust.

Each of the 200 modules will be printed locally in Shanghai on Hypecask's excellent Delta Tower Printers which allow for these large scale prints.

Silkworm is a plugin that translates Grasshopper and Rhino geometry into GCode for 3d printing. Silkworm allows for the complete and intuitive manipulation of the printer GCode, enabling novel printed material properties to be specified by non-solid geometry and techniques of digital craft. You can read more about it here:

Date:  25th September – 12th October 2014
Location: Xintiandi Style, Shanghai

Client: ShuiOn Land

Architect: Arthur Mamou-Mani
Lead Collaborator: Andrei Jipa
Project Consultant: Stephany Xu
China Partner: GreenCity

Hypecask (3D Printers)
Voltivo (PLA Material)
Shanghai Popup Store Art Project
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For technical model prints, its nice to see as much visual detail as possible while not having to resort to very small layer heights which require extended print times. We experimented with different master batches and polymer additives to further fine tune for this specific application. Below some 0.2mm layer prints done in our ExcelFil Arctic Silver which allows for realistic reproduction of minute details. It's available through our global network of partners:
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AIO Robotics's ZEUS all-in-one printer/3D scanner combo had captured my attention the first time I saw it on Kickstarter. Not just for its great looks.
When the guys over at AIO then reached out to us to partner up on bundling our ExcelFil Filaments with the soon-to-be shipped printer I had a first hand look at the final prototypes myself at their manufacturing site here in Taipei.
Great design, professional workmanship and an innovative concept. And best of all it will be shipped with a free spool of our premium PLA filaments.
Get yours at:
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