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Restoring the hearts of the fathers to the children.
Restoring the hearts of the fathers to the children.


(Malachi 4:1–5) I don’t know about you, but it does not sound to me like that jealous God of wrath would have all that much unconditional love for folks who want to lie about His true nature. You know what I mean—those who make the ridiculous assertion that the God of the New Testament is not the same jealous God of wrath that He was in the Old Testament? Or maybe you haven’t heard, “God loves you and has a wonderful plan for your life.” That fatuous statement needs a slight bit of correction: According to the Bible, it holds true only for the collective Body of saints, not individual sinners.
“The Voice of Elijah® Update,” February 2007, pp. 18–19

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I see violence increasing beyond all reason. “The Voice of Elijah®,” Jan. 1992. #Charlottesville #restoringthetruth

Saving “faith” (belief) is nothing more than a mind-set. That is, the Living Word of God is a specific content that one must believe in order to be saved. If one believes that content, one will “bear” (“carry”) the precise image and likeness of the Living Word of God that he believes.
“The Voice of Elijah® Update,” February 2009, p. 18
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(Colossians 2:8) The point Paul is making is extremely easy to understand, but it is not one that most folks take much time to think about. Paul has just informed us that God holds the True Believer solely responsible for determining what is true and what is false. That is because Paul knows we will all be judged on the basis of our actions, but our belief in (or rejection of) the Truth of The Teaching will determine what we do.
“Questions & Answers,” “The Voice of Elijah®,” July 2002, p. 19
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The Apostolic Teaching is once again available if you have any interest in it. But this is the only “invitation” you are going to receive. I have not been called to coax, cajole, coerce, or in any way compel anyone to believe the things God called me to teach. Time is much too valuable to waste on those who obviously have “better” things to do: (Revelation 19:1–9).
“The Voice of Elijah®,” July 2006, p. 28

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If you have had the pleasure of experiencing the life-transforming power of the new birth, you know full well that happened because you heard and believed the Truth. However, you may not be aware that not that many have experienced what you have experienced. Therefore, they don’t know what you know.
“The Voice of Elijah® Update,” December 1996, p. 7

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One of the things I have stated repeatedly over the years is the fact that the Prophets “sealed” the meaning and significance of the things you find written in the Hebrew Scriptures so that the Truth they understood could provide a “witness” against fools by being compared to the oral Teaching that is being handed down by those who claim to be True Believers at the End of the Age.
“The Voice of Elijah®,” April 2012, p. 4
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The only valid knowledge of the Truth is one that prompts us to continually ask forgiveness. That alone provides the means of escape from the pettiness of this life and the pathetic striving brought on by jealousy.
“The Voice of Elijah® Update,” May 1994, pp. 6–7
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