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Affordable, easy-to-use VoIP call center software for business
Affordable, easy-to-use VoIP call center software for business

Voicent now has built-in connection set-ups for, SugarCRM and Zoho CRM

Is your business being kept from the advantages of VoIP-based business communication because of an existing Customer Relationship Management system that you just can't be without?

Many businesses have third-party applications that they can't or won't part with, even if the parting allows great cost savings, enhanced performance or efficiency.

That's why Voicent has always kept the open-source architecture needed to make integration of third-party applications a relatively easy affair. We know that business communication solutions that won't communicate with important parts of your business really aren't solutions.

We've also found that existing CRM systems are especially important to many companies--to the extent that they won't allow then even to be temporarily taken offline, much less permanently sacrificed for a new business phone system.

For these businesses, even the temporary loss of their CRM systems would be too disruptive to even contemplate.  And the idea of losing--or even risking the loss--of the critically important information their legacy CRM tool contains or the day-to-day processes they support would be unthinkable.

To address the concerns about legacy CRM systems that may be preventing some prospective customers from considering new VoIP call centers or automated communication tools, Voicent identified and streamlined the integration processes for the most popular CRM systems available.

Now, Voicent's latest software release provides built-in connection set-ups for three of the most popular Customer Relationship Management applications available, including, SugarCRM and Zoho CRM.

Although the open-source architecture of Voicent’s VoIP Call Center solutions and auto- and predictive dialing tools have always allowed easy integration with third party business applications, the company took extra steps to speed and simplify integration with three of the most popular CRM systems available—, SugarCRM and Zoho CRM.

Click the link below to learn more about Voicent's easy integration with CRM systems, or to see exactly how easy it is to integrate, SugarCRM or Zoho CRM with Voicent.

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Voicent now fully integrates with’s flagship Customer Relationship Management (CRM) application.  Read all about it here: 

How can you reduce hosted Call Center fees?

We hear lots of justifications for the exorbitant fees Call Center hosting vendors charge.

Hosting vendors will charge you per agent, per call, per line, per minute and, sometimes will even charge you for not using a minimum number of calls, minutes, etc.

Then, when, say, your vendor’s Predictive Dialer connects a call and transfers it to one of your agents, you pay a hefty Call Transfer Fee.

Hosting vendors will tell you that these fees are paying for the cost of hardware, or hardware maintenance, or, well, let’s go over some of the justifications offered by Call Center hosting vendors:

Hardware and hardware maintenance costs?

Please! Computing resources are available today for a tiny fraction of what they once cost.  These costs not only include security and maintenance, but are incredibly scalable, allowing you to add or subtract resources according to your needs.

List maintenance to make sure phone lists contain valid numbers and that opt-out and other DNC (Do Not Call) requirements are being met?

Voicent’s Call Center software automatically discards invalid numbers and honors opt-out requests. 


Without human involvement. 

And, regardless of which one of our Call Center tools receives the opt-out request, it will be executed globally, insuring that none of our tools will accidentally telephone that number again. 

Oversight of compliance with regulatory requirements, to make sure that you don’t get hit with any expensive fines?

Just as with list maintenance, Voicent’s Call Center software will automatically monitor and manage calls for compliance with the FCC’s Telemarketing Sales Rules (TSR).  Indeed, simply using our communication software qualifies for “Safe Harbor” protections against prosecution for violating FCC rules against excessive Dropped Call Rates, because it demonstrates that you are deliberately attempting to meet the law’s requirements.

Well, today’s Call Center technology is really, really complicated and so we have to charge high fees for it?

Sounds like what the Phone Company used to tell us, doesn’t it?  At least the Phone Company really was using highly expensive telephony hardware.  

The great thing about VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) technology and other IP technologies, is that it simplifies communication and provides astonishing cost savings for users.

But, customers of Call Center hosting vendors never see those savings.

It’s pretty clear why these vendors want to trump up the “complexity” of hosted Call Centers, isn’t it?

So, how can you get the sophisticated features, flexibility and simplicity that today’s new communication technology offers, and also get the cost savings it provides?

So, how can you get all the sophisticated features, flexibility and simplicity that today’s new communication technology offers, and also get the cost savings it provides?

The best way to exploit today’s new communication technology is by owning today’s new communication technology and then employing it to your best advantage.

Don’t be frightened by hosting vendors’ claims of complexity. All you need to do is download the software, take 20 minutes to set it up, and see how easy it is to own and use.

If you’re too busy to do it yourself, you can call us and we'll set it up for you quickly and affordably.

Click here to learn more about the savings you can get.

Click here to download our software and try it for free--no strings attached (you don't need to give us a credit card or even your email address).

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Voicent's Call Center solutions--including its innovative Managed alternative to hosted services--has been getting some attention.

Several VoIP-oriented technology blogs have called attention to technology writer Robert Poe's profile of our company.   

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Voicent Communications has announced that its targeted Call Center product suites are now available through an on-demand subscription service.

The subscription service is part of Voicent’s innovative, managed alternative to Call Center hosting.

Using Voicent’s managed approach to Call Center sourcing, customers enjoy higher security and more control over valuable data, while paying substantially less than the cost of hosting service fees.

The last advantage of Hosted over Managed call center sourcing—monthly service payments rather than upfront software purchases—is eliminated with Voicent’s new subscription service, which provides customers with full access to every Call Center tool needed, for a low monthly cost.

Earlier this year, Voicent packaged its powerful Call Center software tools into suites designed with particular business objectives in mind.

Learn more about Voicent's new subscription service by visiting

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Voicent software achieves professional Call Center-grade scalability with its 8.5.0. release. The improvements in the way the software uses computing resources enable a single, ordinary laptop or desktop computer to handle thousands of in-bound and out-bound calls while maintaining excellent call quality.

The increased capabilities especially strengthen Voicent’s BroadcastByPhone and Agent Dialer tools, however, all of Voicent’s software solutions benefit from the improvement, including its IVR Studio tool, which is an easy-to-use Interactive Voice Response application designer used to create sophisticated navigation menus for phone systems and other custom business application integration and development. Learn more here:

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Starting with small- to mid-sized businesses, Voicent is creating serial articles detailing email newsletter publishing--from concept to content management.

Based on our How To Guide to Email Newsletters, the current articles run from three steps to conceptually creating your newsletters, to basic subscriber list creation.

Later, we'll add articles on design, advanced list management and broadcast options and tactics.

Once completed, we'll turn our attention to Email Newsletters for non-profit organizations and communities of faith.

You'll find links to the first article here:

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Introducing Call Center Manager, software that automatically measures workloads and adjusts outbound calling pace to comply with federal telemarketing rules, speeds effective training for new agents with "whisper coaching" feature allowing live-call coaching that is inaudible to customers, provides easy call monitoring and recording, and includes real-time and historical statistical reporting capabilities for tracking and managing agent performance, line usage, and campaign productivity. Learn more here:

Voicent announced last fall that it would withdraw support from Release 7 as of Feb. 1, 2012. Although Release 7 will continue to work, that version will no longer receive additional development work or be available for sale or download on

Visit to download a backup copy of the software or, better yet, upgrade to Release 8, which includes lots of new features and capabilities. Visit to learn more.
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