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New York Fashion Week has officially begun and designers have opened their doors to Vogue for a sneak peek at their upcoming collections.

Click here to see exclusive previews of Jason Wu and Rag & Bone fall 2012 collections:
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i wish i could be a model for any megazine <3
That Dior red skirt is Gorgeous!!!
what if I order to newyork will be sent to Indonesia? because I'm an Indonesian, thanks
you have to jst click on camera icon and add to browse your photo...
Fashion is always exciting this time of the year. Great fashion lines.
Cut your coat according to your cloth
be grateful if you includ me in your circle thank you.
really a good experience...hope i will go to NY and write on my blog about this fashion week!
For now i will attend Milan Fashion Week to write about events and set up of fashion world,
- Interashionist -
One day hope too get there!! Started my business in Westport, Conn. LOVE NEW YORK!!!!!!!
NYC is the place to be! Especially in The Bronx. There are so may hispanic influences here that magazines could use. Add a lil flavor to the clothes they're marketing.
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