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Her striking combination of fifties flair and French je ne sais quoi is just one of the reasons that Marion Cotillard is regularly cited as a red-carpet standout. In honor of her August cover story and upcoming film The Dark Knight Rises, we’ve highlighted the stellar looks the Christian Dior muse has worn throughout the years.

Click here to see all of our favorite looks:
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Love, love, love, the off-white Halter Gown.......ahhh nice!
The off white gown is Jean Paul Gautier worn to the Oscars when she won for " la vie en rose" that dress is timeless ! 
Ur most welcome ! That dress is my fave Oscar dress by Gautier , but she wears it well idk if anybody could wear this dress u know , it fits her .
I wish I could wear it, but I know I couldn't.  One can only dream.....  :)
I know the feeling ... Bummer :p
vogue vogue vogue when am i gonna be in vogue  :)
Like her style and her shape.
i love the full length black one tots gorg
Привет красавица
que ravilla de vestidos :)
i do not like the dress no 4 5 6 but i love 3
elegant dresses....i can't really imagine how does it look like when seen personally....hope i can have some of those..
i like dress no.4, coz its formal not too sexy...
Marion looks so stunning. Elegance and sexiness from strand to the tip of the toe. I like the first dress
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