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CMS website design, development and hosting
CMS website design, development and hosting


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Working with Andy Cauchie, new website for Kayak Design created. CMS based site with responsive design. And includes all those little extras like contact forms, auto-posting to social media.

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A simple e-mail address validation function, testing for character positions, without using regular expressions.

The function tests for the presence of the characters @ and the full stop, returning either true or false.

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Adding an Image in HTML 

HTML uses the <img> tag to add images to a web page.

<img src=”/images/myimagefile” >

This is a stand alone element, without a closing part. The content added will also be in-line, occurring at the position of the tag.

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Missing Empty Table Cell Borders

When using tables in HTML the border can be missing from some of the cells. By default a browser will not add borders to an empty cell.

The missing borders can be achieved either by inserting an empty character code &nbsp; or through CSS styling.

Only a few days after the last major release there's a WordPress maintenance release. More info on the WordPress website:
Shame to see the old Blog Traffic Ecxchange backup plug-in support disappear. The plug-in doesn't work with the latest WordPress release.

Wordpress 3.7 has been released. A feature update rather than a security release.

Summary of changes in this release are here

A fuller summary is on this page which includes a reference to automated updates.

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Setting the Font Colour, Size and Face

In HTML the font appearance was set using the <font> tag. Additional parameters being included within the opening part of the font tag to define the colour, size and font.
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