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A little teaser for the next V-Ray service pack. Thanks to Tomasz Wyszołmirski from Dabarti for the city lights scene.

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vlado its good news!
its going out soos or its gonna take time? i want to test this

great news! Thanks Vlado and the team. Will this SP be release for Max and Maya about same time like last time?

+Jason Huang We will have a beta for Max for a couple of months before the official releases, but we will try to make the final releases for Max and Maya happen at similar times.
It's more than impressive. I did a lot of testing to confirm that :)
vlado..couple of months?? so 3.5 for max not coming next month i see?
ok vlado. and the beta include the ipr mode and its work under max 2016?
Hope to test the beta and write a review about it for Iranian users very soon. Seems so many great improvements already happening in next sp. Thanks Vlado.

when we can test the beta ? thank you
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