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Intra-Communities posts are displayed on main stream?

Why [some?]  posts from open Communities I joined suddenly started to appear on a main Stream?  Isn't one of  major points of Communities to remove noise from a main stream?
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Is it like I'm still supposed to see in my Default stream posts people made inside open communities in case I also joined those communities?    That's how Timeline in Facebook works (it may even show posts made in closed groups I'm participating in).
I think I would prefer this at least to be configurable, so that I could opt out of viewing posts made inside open communities  I'm participating in on my Default stream.

Or maybe we could use a Slider  regulating of how much of this [open] Community posts will be displayed in my Default stream. It sounds over-complicated, but Google already did that for Circles, right?
I think you're seeing reshares of Community posts.

+Vladimir Kelman ah hang on you're right, I just started seeing them today. I don't think this is a good idea....
Same here, I've seen some Community posts show up in my Stream as well.
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