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Intra-Communities posts are displayed on main stream?

Why [some?]  posts from open Communities I joined suddenly started to appear on a main Stream?  Isn't one of  major points of Communities to remove noise from a main stream?
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+Vladimir Kelman I think it appears on your public profile if you click on it (even if 'views as public', but should not appear in the stream of people that have circled you...
at least this is how it was the other day for me...
but expect endless "creative" tuning fiddling with all this "community" features by googles in near future... ;-)
It makes full sense for it to appear on my public profile stream, but not on a default stream (displayed via Home button). But today I noticed it on a default stream.
+Vladimir Kelman it does do (and always did) appear on your default stream, but not in your friends (people who circled you) stream...
You confused me.
If I'm making posts in open Communities, these posts are not  displayed in default streams of people who circled me, right or wrong? (They can open my profile page to see such posts.)

So, why am I seeing posts from people of my circles which they made inside open communities?

Is it like I'm still supposed to see in my Default stream posts people made inside open communities in case I also joined those communities?    That's how News Line of Facebook works (it may even show posts made in closed groups I'm participating in).
I think I would prefer this at least to be configurable, so that I could opt out of viewing posts made inside open communities  I'm participating in on my Default stream.
yes, I guess you see those because you also joined those communities as well...
also there is a setting in communities "on/off"...
again it's hard to guarantee anything because they are still "fiddling" I think... we can't even be sure that servers serving Australian users have the same software as US ones etc etc
Yeah, where's my slider to decide how much of it I want in my stream?
Or maybe we could use a Slider  regulating of how much of this [open] Community posts will be displayed in my Default stream. It sounds over-complicated, but Google already did that for Circles, right?
This is a known "issue". From what I gather, this has been brought up and Googlers are aware of this causing confusion among users.

I agree that a slider would solve this problem. Although the bleed-through is pretty small (but can be very annoying).

In the meantime, I ended up leaving some of the more loud and spam-ridden communities that I initially joined.
Right, this is a very initial state of forming communities. Both users and Google need some time to settle it down. We'll see how this evolve. Still, I think it's most valuable feature Google added to G+ since the time it was born (from Google Buzz.)
+Oleg Kiorsak  - yes, what +Gideon Rosenblatt said is clear, I understand that. But I still firmly believe that viewing posts from Public Communities I'm in on my main Stream should be opt-out, possible  with Sliders controlling of how much goes to my Stream - like it's already done by Google with Circles.
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