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Take the risk, or lose the chance.
Take the risk, or lose the chance.

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'Just Quote It!' is now finally available for Android and Android Wear! Try it out!
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The Android Wear version of the new app "Just Quote It!" is ready! #justquoteit #androidwear #app

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So much to learn of data binding, thanks +Lisa Wray for this kind of posts!
Pro tip: More data binding — Easy view visibility in XML!

I heard you guys like data binding.  Here's another trick I've added to my portfolio: boolean visibility.

When I first started on Android, it seemed so obvious to me a View was visible, or not, I often made mistakes in my xml files like:


Don't laugh!  You know you do too.  After four years I can now type View.GONE in my sleep, so when I first started with data binding, I imported View and wrote code like this:
<import type="android.view.View"/>

android:visibility="@{user.role== null ? View.GONE : View.VISIBLE}"

You know this pattern; it exists wherever optional fields of data are displayed in the UI.  My code reviewer objected this was awkward and wordy.  I began to point out that View has three states of visibility and therefore a boolean would not do when I realized he was right.  I had some kind of View-induced Stockholm syndrome and there was now a better way — I had known it when I first started.

I now use 
app:visible="@{user.role!= null}"

and in my Java code, I wrote ONCE AND FOREVER:
public static void setVisible(View view, boolean visible) {
view.setVisibility(visible ? View.VISIBLE : View.GONE);


- Someone will probably ask; data binding does avoid NPEs (e.g. android:text="@{user.role}" would not throw an exception if role is null) but it will not automatically hide the view—just make it empty. Sometimes this is enough; often (like in the example user badge) you need to hide the view to achieve correct alignment or avoid gaps.
- What about View.INVISIBLE?!  You can still use it. If you want.

Data binding:

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Android Studio 1.4 Preview 1 is now available in the canary channel, with a number of new features - a new theme editor, network and GPU monitors,  a vector icon wizard, new lint checks, new quickfixes, etc.

For more information, see the release announcement:

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How to use a U2F security key to protect access to your Dropbox account:

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do you ever wonder at what point you just got to say fuck it man? Like when you gotta stop living up here, and start living down here? #8mile  

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It's warmed up enough to try 3d printing again, and I needed to test my printer after repairing a z coupling. So, shark clip.
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100 days of Google Dev, Episode 65/100

Android Performance Patterns Season 3 is here!!!

No one wants to be stuck inside all day, debugging the performance of their app; So Android Performance Patterns is here to get you back in the sun!

+Colt McAnlis has 12 great new episodes covering topics like Enums, Shared Memory, and Networking Performance.

It's like a summer pool party, but for performance... and also you don't have to deal with 1/2 lbs of leftover guacamole... (seriously.. what are we supposed to do with this stuff?)

#GoogleDev100 / #PERFMATTERS
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