I just found this wonderful project #mountainmonday curatedy by +Michael Russell
Capturing this last shot was by far the toughest job I’ve ever done -- 16 days of work (and a month of trekking to the location before that ) and, during that time, it nearly took my life a couple of times.

To get such a unique view of the peak of Mount Ketil in Greenland (2003m) and its mountain chain, I needed to reach a rocky ridge, which is passed by a few climbers about once every year or two.

First, after walking for a month to get to the starting point, I set a base camp on the fjord’s coast and waited a few days for the rain to pass. Then, after a hard trek in the swamp, I needed to cross a deadly river. This took me one more week and 4 attempts. On one of the attempts, I nearly drowned before getting back on shore. This was followed by 2 hypothermia shocks caused by spending too much time in the deep glacial river. After the successful crossing on the 10th day, I went through a tricky hike over a stone avalanche field up to the ridge. So, there I was -- up on the spot I had dreamed of reaching for more than 2 years -- where a photographer had never set foot before.

And guess what: there was not a single cloud for 5 days and I only had enough food for 5 days.

Since there were no fish to catch up there, I decided to stay hungry and wait one more day and then to run down no matter what the weather was like. During the sixth day up on the ridge I saw the same boring blue sky and felt really bad after all the effort and all the risks I had taken to follow my dream. Then it was early morning on the seventh day. I was packing my tent, feeling quite hungry when a massive front of gray clouds covered the whole sky in just a few minutes! I had my tripod set and a 3-stop ND gradient filter on the lens. I was ready for action. The magic moment occurred right at sunrise when the red rays of the sun gently touched the clouds for a couple of minutes, then it all went back to gray. Being patient is a good thing after all.

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