Did a few low-light samples with the new #Fujifilm  X-E1, with both 35mm and 60mm and Fuji EF42 flash. See image metadata for details. Images are cropped jpegs from the camera - no other processing. Body and lens firmware was updated before shots to the latest available.

Overall I do feel it is a solid camera with good lenses. I do not know if it worth all the raving it received, but some is warranted. As there is so much positive told about the system, I will focus on cautionary things which you may want to know before buying.

Camera feels extremely light after handling 1DsIII with a 200mm. So much so that it took about an hour to get used to it. It mostly feels solid except for the battery door.

Speaking of the battery door - it did feel flimsy to me. Ergonomically it should (in my humble opinion) auto-lock when closed. Instead, user needs to manually slide the lock, which is an unnecessary thing to remember when changing memory cards in a hurry.

Changing memory cards is not very comfortable with medium-sized fingers, like mine. I think it is frustrating to anyone with larger hands. Overall, if your hands are of a larger size, you probably should not buy the camera unless you physically checked it out somewhere. Some reviewers mentioned the AF button positioning as an issue - I do not concur, it does not bother me.

When I bought the set (X-E1 + XF35 + XF60 + EF42) I also got a few 52mm filters and a step-up ring. The XF35 lens has 52mm thread and 60mm has a 39mm thread. #Heliopan  (and some others) offer a 39->52 step up ring, which supposedly allows you to stick to one filter size. Unfortunately, the XF60 filter thread is recessed into the lens front. So deeply, that you will not be able to mount a step-up ring into it. At least, until someone makes one specifically to address recessed thread design. So the step-up ring and a couple filters are now going back to +B and H.

The in-camera software is very uneven. Some awkward word choices make things not very obvious. For example, if you turn your camera's silent mode on, it disables any (build-in and hot-shoe) flash. The apparent intent of that mode is to be discreet while shooting. Well, it should be called a discreet mode then, because I just wanted to get rid of the sounds and then spend extra time troubleshooting the flash issue. There are couple other small issues like that.

On the other hand it is sprinkled with conveniences, each seemingly small - but huge in the aggregate. I love in-camera raw re-processing with different settings - one must see it in the instructional video from FUJI guys at Fuji Guys - Fujifilm X-E1 Part 3/3 - Top Features - and resizing of the focus reading area by the scroll wheel while in focus point selection (at 13:07 mark of the video). The strong side of the camera is that it takes longer to describe something than to do it once you know it.

IQ is great when planets align, but focus is finicky, and exposure compensation did not seem to have effect quite a few times with +1 and +2 settings. Not sure what is going on - will have to investigate further.

The external EF42 flash feels cheap. The tilt mechanism is weak and does not hold a simple #Lumiquest diffuser at a 45 degree position. Mounting lacks confirmation. Overall, that feels like the weakest member of the set. I think, it is a re-branded #Sunpak  PZ42 - so all other community feedback on it should apply.

Now, the most important question - would I buy it again? Likely, but not necessarily. Feel on the fence about it. I will definitely keep looking for travel-and-family kit options and may be this will become my backup set.
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