A sober realist leader may in fact be something #Bhutan  needs after having some relatively easy success with tourism and energy exports. A dream of progressing beyond feudalism while freezing the culture is as realistic as "all bhutanese are nice people" country image presented to tourists. Someone thinks Milarepa's uncle was the last jerk in that corner of the world?

A realistic view of populus shows complexities - egos are exacerbated by early successes, but sealed by the national humility culture and religion of buddhism - until they may burst. There are very hurtful refugee problems of similarly explosive nature. And this is a sub-1m people country - miniscule by regional standards - sandwiched between India and China.

All that on a piece of land, which is as, or more, beautiful as Kashmir. Imagine how many greedy people in the world now eyeing the lucrative spot...

Yet the biggest challenge for Bhutan is to come up with a vision. The fourth king produced the best vision possible from his - then still feudal - vantage point. Well, the country has moved off of that vantage point in a matter of a decade. Although highly relevant, the happiness vision is not as instrumental as the country needs today and in coming decades. And national soul-searching and common vision needs to happen quickly - otherwise we may soon learn of a new Indian province acquired.

Even though Mr. Tshering Tobgay does claim to focus on internal and short-term goals, an adjusted big picture is the most complex and very urgent problem of the country. If he is not focused on it, he better have some very smart and trusted advisors drafting the future of Bhutan beyond his term.

Best of luck and best of wisdom to you, Mr. +Tshering Tobgay 
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