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On multiple occasions I needed to put together a quick sequence diagram, preferably in a browser. The go-to approach to export SVG from OmniGraffle is too cumbersome.

Now there is an excellent Javascript library mermaid, which allows you to put such diagram quickly almost in a natural language - from an IT guy perspective anyway. Head over to:

for a less than 50 line html source for the diagram in the screenshot. Just download it, modify the text - and benefit.

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People with libraries of unread books annoy me. More than a dozen of unread books is a paper collection, not a library. Likewise about music - two dozen albums with "never listened" pieces in them - got to fix it. So last July I set all my music collection on random and promised myself not to skip or change the order until listened to each piece in the list

I am done today. Turned out to be way harder than I thought. Now I know how annoying Beatles are when there are too much of them among other good music. Teenager self should take a note. It turned out to be hard to listen separately and out of order to pieces which meant to go in sequence, like parts of a symphony. Also surprising that it averaged only about 28 minutes of music per day - apparently working with music background is not all that rosy and I was turning it off to concentrate more than I realized. Oh, well.
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Cato (the Libertarian shill of Koch wealth) hedges bets by further distancing from hardcore Republican base?

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An electric commuter plane startup is spot on in technology implementation. It is way ahead of it's time because of security concerns. Maybe missing these opportunities can force governments to consider secure systems as a benefit instead of as obstacles to surveillance?

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Interesting write-up from Greg Fallis. Very interesting - the history of the Bull is fascinating and seems underappreciated. The second change of the statue's perceived meaning is a curious twist to think about. Second - because the original meaning did not hold. It morphed with time into the symbol of financiers of Wall Street. It is that second meaning which the Girl's author was addressing, not the first one.

If Arthuro Di Modica is unhappy with a different-than-original meaning attached to the statue - then he should have had the statue removed from Wall Street some years ago, when the second meaning (being Wall Street symbol) creeped in. Apparently it is also completely in his power to find another home for the Bull today - like, move it to Harlem :). It would make a nice symbol there - and potentially regain some of the original symbolism.

As for the Girl - well, maybe the statue will be removed on the same day as the Bull - the rich corporation would not want to leave the out-of-context reminder of their controversial PR in place. Or they may follow the PR through and replace the Bull with something else the Girl faces. Would that have a similar emotional value? Not initially. In 10 years? I think it is likely.

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Interestingly, about a year since I posted this, the video was restored at the TED website. It is now here:

It seems to suggest that talking of the wealth trickle-down claims being BS is now an accepted public statement. Good.

For the rest - watch the video. It only became more relevant since when he presented it. Smart guy.
His previous TED talk is not on the TED website. The available YouTube version claims it is banned from TED:

A much softer talk on the same subject of income inequality is on the TED front page today ( ). Although it states some correlations, it also does not elaborate on causations and so leaves the problem and the action disconnected.

But the fact that +Nick Hanauer's second talk is still on the TED site, that the issue made it to the front page, and there have been more talks on the issue is significant. Watch this talk below - Nick improved his talk and presentation significantly over the years. His is only talk which seems to move beyond just acknowledging the problem.

More and more it looks like Rachel Maddow is the Fox talking head of the left.

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Utopias are not pragmatic. But they make nice aspirations ...

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Coffee-break for nerds 👍

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"Blank stares" are the scariest part: when bureaucracy and rich don't get there is no brioche for poor to eat - a society breakdown is looming
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