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Internet provider companies continue push against consumer privacy - they want to ease restrictions on selling your data.

PSA: If using ObDev's products LittleSnitch or LaunchBar stop NOW! Website seems to be compromised, you do not want to get an autoupdate, until they clarify the issue.

Dear +Microsoft​: Windows Server 2016 Essentials Backup feature installs without dependencies, but fails to run without Network Load Balancer installed => BUG

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Funny, it did not feel that it was a build process for something. It was an engaged and mindful conversation on interesting topics at DevOps Chicago, Hosted by +ThoughtWorks

Best regards to contributors to info crowdsourcing. Be that place/product reviews or (my 2016 big benefit) StackOverflow answers. Thank you!

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This image's interpretation was debunked - it is not an instance of news tailoring to a market. However, to the point of the rumor, keep in mind that in the coming years each and every person's information stream may be tailored to their confirmation bias.

Tailoring newspaper content to a state market at that point will be an irrelevant child play. And these are the minor examples of variations you might see in different people streams.

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One little annoyance +FUJIFILM UK can address in cameras firmware for HDR shooting - allow for an assignable function to mark a beginning and and end of an HDR sequence. It is a hassle to recognise the boundaries of two multi-batch sequences in post processing.

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This is good. +Google Photos​ as well should be concerned about metadata stripping when they update their services.
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