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The new way to reward, motivate and empower our young people
The new way to reward, motivate and empower our young people

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Deputy Headteacher at  Ballakermeen High School, Annette Baker said that the school has received huge support from local businesses to provide shop donations to add to the Vivo shop. 

The School are also getting high vis vests made by a local company sponsoring the school with ‘Vivo Genius’ on the back!

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Great Classroom Management Advice :) 
We want to know: What's the best classroom management advice you've received? Join the discussion and check out these 100+ answers:

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Try this easy “take what you need” activity for building classroom community: How do you encourage a positive community in the first weeks back at school?

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“Vivo has also supported students to engage in a range of extended school activities with a high proportion accessing either before or after school clubs.

Staff are focused on promoting positive behaviour and in turn this is developing a harmonious culture of learning and parents have acknowledged Vivo as the most effective strategy in supporting learning”.

Ian Pedler, Deputy Head The Magna Carta School

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“Overall, we have seen a huge improvements in attendance, engagement, achievement and a reduction in exclusions.”  

Gill Salver, Vice Principal, The Duston School 

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Molly Standley, a Year 9 student at OMA, comments,

“I think Vivos are a good thing because people can work 
towards something that they want from the catalogue.

I also think it’s really good that the Year 11’s can pay
for their prom tickets with them”

Read what other schools said about Vivo here on our blog:

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