Humanities Magazine January/February 2012 - New York City photography by Vivienne Gucwa

New York Photography: Central Park

I came home today to a copy of Humanities Magazine for January/February 2012 waiting in my mailbox that contains two of my Central Park photos. I was contacted for usage of these photos a while back so it was nice to see them in print finally!

Humanities Magazine is the official magazine of the National Endowment for the Humanities. I was really psyched to work with them because I strongly support their efforts. The NEH gives grants to cultural institutions such as museums, archives, libraries, colleges, universities, public television, radio stations and individual scholars. These various grants strengthen teaching and learning in the humanities in schools and colleges across the nation, facilitate research, preserve and provide access to cultural and educational resources and strengthen the institutional base of the humanities.

The article my photos accompany is called: Public Parking by Anna Maria Gillis and is about Frederick Law Olmstead, the co-designer of Central Park and it centers around his fondness for designing pastoral escapes for the urban masses of New York City in Central Park.

View this post (along with pertinent links) if you wish at my site here:

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Congrats on the publicity, always a good thing. :o)
Congratulations Vivienne! What beautiful photos.
YAY! Woohooo! gives +Vivienne Gucwa a rib-cracking hug and then convinces her to jump up and down together a few times Congratulations, Vivienne! While I am not surprised AT ALL that they chose your images, it does not make the event any less spectacular! Crazy happy for you - - and of course, stunning shots!
a wonderful light and nice colors....
you are simply among the best.
lucia p
esta foto inspira tranquilidad y ganas de desconectarce del mundo y llenarce de paz....
I love photography and taking pictures to
would like to know if you have pictures of other places from new york to me like the Grand Canyon, Silicon Valley's only if you also do not unless you have good day preucupes
+Vivienne Gucwa Congratulations! I knew that someday Vivienne will become a very successful artistic photographer and your achievements will be recorded somewhere.
+Vivienne Gucwa it's interesting to see this in such summer glory after seeing the same bridge in a recent version where everything is snow white.
Congratulations Vivienne, lovely romantic photo
+Vivienne Gucwa I'm sorry. I didn't read the story the first time around as I was attracted to the bridge. Congratulations and more. I'm sure it brought a lot of personal satisfaction to see these images associated with cause.
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