"Courteous hosts..."

The afternoon yawns with its mouth full of sunlight before it slips into the shadows of evening.

Fire escapes catch the sun’s gleam: staircases for dreamers propelling dreams skyward.

And the trees bow graciously in the lingering glow of sweet sunlight: courteous hosts beckoning wanderers to bask in the shared glow and warmth of the city.

New York Photography: Greenwich Village street.

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So much warm goodness going on here.
Kodak had in there in there early manuals, not to shoot toward the sun. I scoff at that! I am glad that you do to.
You make some cool finds in NY. Love the warm brown tones.
gou yi
it's comfortable~~~^^
great mood! it is indeed dreamy :)

"...staircases for dreamers propelling dreams skyward."
Wonderful +Vivienne Gucwa - This photo speaks to me in several ways. Although cities have always dominated the natural world there are small moments of harmony and contrasts between nature and the city if one keeps their eyes open. On this street, nature appears to have gained a small foothold into the sky, and reminds us all to dream of beauty and bigger things, among the countless ordered structures and interdependent complex systems that define our cities.
it's nice sunrise over there. ;)
+Tom Chamberlain - Really? I don't really know the old rules (or the rules) since I am relatively new to photography (2 years). I wonder if it had more to do with the sunlight destroying lenses/film in the older cameras? I love shooting towards the sun. :)
it's like so peace. your welcome. ;)
талановитий фотограф - це людина яка вміє побачити красоту і в буденних речах
How is it you can make staircases look so dreamy, Vivienne?! Thank you for the beauty of word and image to bask in, dear!
this is wonderfully shot,amazing view
Oh, +Vivienne Gucwa! The light, the trees . . . & all those fire escapes! It is truly beckoning to dreamers.
A little sluggish, but things are just getting rolling. Enjoy our week, +Vivienne Gucwa. And you are most welcome. :o)
This photo reminds me a little of downtown Charleston, SC.
Maki MA
beautiful. great shot!
I love all the stairways...and that tree! :)
Redolent of NYC - thanks. Once lived in N NJ and we loved to go into Manhattan Sat/Sun. Will be back there in late Sept.
I love how the trees gives an extra touch :).. Nice picture
a side of nyc you will not see in all the blockbuster movies and this good, looks so comfortable there to live or just hang around!
So awesome that I went through the whole album

it remembers me of friends house! Monica and chandler!
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