"Every yesterday..."

Street art on a store gate. Lower East Side, New York City.

Layers of paint, grit, decay and meaning make me fall in love with New York City over and over again.

Elaborate painted dreamscapes unfold on slumbering store gates surrounded by the discarded remnants of every yesterday and every today.

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+Vivienne Gucwa i told you should of cut it out lol xx but!! know thats why im glad photography was invented to bring the past back into the future the best miracle man and women can have in the 21st century.
+wayne szabo - I knew what you meant :). I simply meant that for me the entire scene tells its own compelling story. And thanks! I agree that photography is wonderful for capturing fleeting remnants/glimpses.
Your images entice me all the time to get down to NYC.
+Vivienne Gucwa sweet find... LES is changing... these sites will all soon give way to boutiques and artisan cheese shops...
Woman, your art is unique!
This is straight "Blade Runner"...
+Billy Wilson , +Steven Sherwin , +Kiki Nelson - Thanks!

+Lance Sanders - Thank you! So happy you got that reference :).

+kora foto morgana - Have you heard about the fact that these types of store gates will be a thing of the past in favor of the fence-like ones? It's because apparently they are difficult to get into by police and fire officers when there are issues. It makes me really sad because I have loved store gate art so much over the years.
sigh... +Vivienne Gucwa the more the reason to go out there and shoot them... perhaps that could be a nice idea for a future photowalk...
Grafitti is a fascinating subject.
Wonderful stuff in this image! So glad that you're up and about again!
i love it. makes me wanna go look for this place.
I like your of New York City Picture's .......... Please send me so more pictures of New York City...Okay!!!!!

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