"Brownstone envy..."

I had severe brownstone envy when I was younger. Growing up in Queens (another borough of New York City), I visited Brooklyn frequently and the brownstones found in Brooklyn tugged at my heart. Their ornate doorways were flanked by enormous and extravagant stairways and every window seemed to be a frame encapsulating an enticing painting.

There wasn’t anything that came close to these beautiful works of architecture where I grew up in Queens. Watching the Cosby Show fueled my envy of course. I had no idea at the time that the exterior shots of the Cosby’s brownstone were shot in Greenwich Village and not in Brooklyn Heights where the Cosby’s fictional residence was located (why they did this is beyond me since Brooklyn Heights has some of the most beautiful brownstones).

All I knew was that these masterpieces of architecture just seemed more ‘New York City’ than any of the buildings I grew up surrounded by.

New York Photography - Cobble Hill, Brooklyn.

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These look like lovely places to live...
The color richness and the mood are incredible!! Beautiful!!
Cobble Hill does have beautiful brownstones, as do many other neighborhoods in Brooklyn.
This is a nice shot. :)
Some of my favorite residential architecture in the world. I could stroll NYC streets for hours.
Park Slope is awesome, +Ash Laurs!
I have lived in a Brownstone-like house (mine is brick) for quite a few years and love it. :)
Time to break out the funny sweaters :)
+Nina Kuriloff - I live on the Lower East Side in a very, very old tenement (that has since been remodeled on the inside thankfully). I love the Lower East Side! (but I still have brownstone envy :) )
The Lower East Side is really nice. :)
I understand your brownstone envy, though.

I have it now too +Vivienne Gucwa!! siiiigh. What a gorgeous shot. The colors, tones, textures... mmmmmmm. Could scoop it up with a spoon!
Don't forget the puddn' pops.
Vivienne, great picture - I really like this style
gou yi
I want to walk by them one day~~~
Know what +Vivienne Gucwa? We had to cancel a trip to NYC last year - and still have the trip banked!! Just saying'... ;-))))
It really struck a chord that you refer to the cloudy day, which are my favorite(for shooting and just enjoying). This instantly revived the memory of a gorgeous cloudy day while walking to work from the train station to 17th St. in Hoboken, I changed my usual route and discovered the beautiful brownstone homes lining Hudson Ave. This was the street Frank Sinatra chose for his mother's new home when he hit the big time. It has been quite some time since I have been there. Wonder if the magic still prevails. Thanks for your evocative photo.
LoL - love that you had to explain “Queens”. I used to LOVE the Brownstones in NY, nothing like it anywhere else! This is a gorgeous picture!
Nice. I used to live in a Brownstone building in the West Village.
+CorrieLyn Carreno - Cloudy days are my favorite for shooting and enjoying NYC as well. Sunny days have their own charm but cloudy days seem to impart a different feel and interesting tones. I didn't know that Frank Sinatra chose Hudson Avenue for his mother's home. This made me want to check it out now! Thank you.
+Donna Frasca - Well, you know, for many people NYC is Manhattan and in recent decades that association has come to include Brooklyn. Queens (and the Bronx and S.I.) have always been the long forgotten parts of NYC in the minds of many (sadly). Thank you :).
I'm from Long Island (now in Charlotte, NC) to me, it's all home :-)
Truly beautiful. I wish we had those here in DC.
I too am a huge fan of brownstones +Vivienne Gucwa! The closest I've ever gotten to something like the beauty you've captured here, is in Chicago. But I can't remember exactly where in Chicago it was located, because it was over 20 years ago!

Thank you for capturing the essence of classic architecture SO well. :-)
Ah-ha! Brownstone Envy! Thank you for the diagnosis +Vivienne Gucwa -- or should I say Dr. Gucwa? :o) All these years I've suffered & had no idea what from. You've captured their beauty perfectly, Vivienne. I now need to seek therapy for my condition -- nice to know I suffer in good company.
+Jerry Johnson, you read my mind. I can't remember really either, but we were there with good friends & I'm pretty sure the brownstones were near Wrigley Field -- I vaguely remember attending a baseball game & having dinner/drinks in the same area, with a lovely walk past the brownstones to get where we were going. :o)
I grewup in a house similar to this but in north london
+ste waterhouse - Absolutely! Sesame Street, I am sure, had a direct influence on relating NYC with brownstone living. Even now, sometimes I will see a particularly evocative stoop and say something like "that's so Sesame Street". So, basically the Cosby Show and Sesame Street shaped generations of views of NYC :).
+Jerry Johnson - Oh, sweet! I know so little about Chicago architecture. I am sure it has its utterly charming neighborhoods and architecture as well!

+Kari Johnson - This is like a support group for those suffering from brownstone envy! The best therapy is gazing upon the beauty of more brownstones, I say. :)
Lovely treatment and great choice of subject.
Love the rich colours here, and of course that "Vivienne Gucwa" style! Makes me want to make it across the pond one day and see NY for myself :)
This one reminds me the Cosby Show :)
Me too!! I was thrilled to see them in person on our NY trip a few years back, when we spent the day in Brooklyn for our kids' baseball game. Beautiful shot!
I would love to live in one of these! Stately yet warm and homey. ♥
Love this houses with that brownstones... just amazing... great pic
Beautiful -- I grew up in Texas, where we had nothing like this. As you can imagine, I have all kinds of envy for older architecture! Thanks for the photo.
They are a part of the very fabric of New York and such enduring symbols of city...as much so as any skyscraper. It is hard to imagine what neighborhoods would have been like without them.
nice place and nice houses ;-)

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As if I were at that place, splendid.
I lived in Cobble Hill, for a few years when I was a kid, on Warren St. Great Pics!
my family still owns our original brownstone. it can be hell to keep it up but in the end it's worth it.
there is no place like NYC brownstones
Love that view seen so many of those brownstone building in bklyn nice
As much as I dislike the thought of New York, (I come from a city in Texas where even though it is a city, it's still not as claustrophobic as NY appears.) I must say that I've always admired the brownstone. I like the feel and cute/quaint feeling I get just seeing them. Kind of makes me think of town houses. (which I've always wanted to live in)
Beautiful beautiful beautiful!!! It's absolutely beautiful <3 I'm so totally in love with it right now <3
+Knikki Billadeau - NYC can be claustrophobic sometimes but it's not all like that. I find that people tend to be surprised with my photography that I post here that streets are often empty and there are beautiful refuges of nature in NYC as well. :) You are right though, brownstones are a lot like town houses!
+Vivienne Gucwa That's exactly why I think I love this picture as well as other pictures I've seen of yours around so much. You capture an essence of NY that is in a completely different perspective than I ever imagined it could be. I like that.
And what few moments we have when we can catch the city so uninterrupted =D
main fact is that weather makes more beaty .
its like brown diaman.
Colores calidos, entrega un sentimiento de refugio, me invita a entrar a la casa... Muy inspiradora.
Great shot
+Joy Laughter - Parts of Queens have come a long, long way since the I grew up there (in the 80s/early 90s) but there are still some really run down areas too just like all the other boroughs. And thanks!
Es Edificio hermoso..Habria que juntarlo con todo su entorno vecindario y apreciar cuan bello resulta
Beautiful wonderful amazing great shot!
Explain to me why not build the houses on the street level? to exploit the subsoil?
+Fernando Oliveira - Because in some instances (many actually), there is a residence on the ground level as well. These are in many cases 3 family homes (ground level, first level up the stairs and top level).
Should not be too good to live a little below the level of the street! It's a different perspective for me.
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