"Echoes of Monet..."

There are times when nature so perfectly replicates art that so perfectly replicated nature creating a philosophical conundrum for the ages. This was one of those moments.

Here is my little spring tribute to Claude Monet by way of some gorgeous cherry blossoms luxuriating in the sunlight over the pond at the Japanese Hill and Pond Garden located at Brooklyn Botanic Garden.

New York Photography: Cherry Blossoms. Brooklyn Botanic Garden.

You can view this post along with information about prints of this image if you wish at my site here:



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definitely a Brooklyn shout out to Monet -- very nice. And the cycle began when art perfectly replicated nature in the hands of Monet !
Iván M
Hermosa imagen, debe ser del jardin del Eden¡¡¡¡¡
Wow. That's all I can say. This is one of my favorites on G+ recently. I love the composition, simplicity, and the shimmering colors. One of your best IMO.
Maki MA
wow, so beautiful!
This was a very nice start to my morning, over here on the left coast! Beautifully done, +Vivienne Gucwa!
+Vivienne Gucwa That is so cool. Maybe you would like to join our new group? #MyBackyard We would love to have you !
I think Monet would be coming to you for some tips.. This is beautiful in all aspects. Nicely done and so appreciative you shared
This is one of the most beautiful photos that I have seen in a very long time.... absolutely stunning. I thought Monet before I even read your words.....
Vivienne, have you spent some time in the Orangerie? Those 2 by 6 metre canvases are really something to see in a lifetime.
Makes me want to dust off my cameras, and get back into photography. Beautiful.
I love your description as it is so true! The physicists and the spiritual teachers say all of the universe is contained within each particle. Thank heaven for the artists like you and my partner +Shane Robinson who put it out there via art for the rest of us to savor!
Looks like a Monet painting! Wonderful!
that is a beautiful picture of pure natural art!!!!!!
That is an amazing picture! I would buy that!
OMG it's really beautiful picture
That +Vivienne Gucwa is a positive simulacra...a sentimental triumph over the eye...VERY nice in my opinion.
Hi Vivienne; I love Monet! The soft tones inflecting nature with every brush stroke, has me peering for days at just one of his works. Rouseau, a Russian painter, from the same time, is also good.
I tried to go there in Sept. but got lost in the park and never made it. Beautiful!
No, creo que es photografia. (perdona, no hablo portugues, pero ojala me entienda)
Thank you...it's now my background!
I'm not in the habit of writing to strangers, but my God, this photo is unbelievable beautiful, and so are many of your NYC cityscapes. You have a great eye for color and forms, such as buildings, with accents of color such as copper rooftops. Very, very nice work.
What a gorgeous photo. Thank you for sharing.
Sometimes words r not enough 2 describe something!this is one of those things.thnx 4sharing

Beautiful Vivienne Gucwa... by the way I love Monet...
yes very nice....... beautiful painting, see you again another
so nice..........................
This image is a Fine Art Photography. Absolutely gorgeous colors. Nice job in capturing the moment of still life.
the beauty can be defined,as the serenity is sleeping!
This is so beautifully epic!!! Puts Monet to shame, if you ask me!
Kab Yaj
Oh, Vivienne, those draping blooms...we don't have anything like that here in Hawaii! I love the reflections in the water.
yes .. highly impressionistic.
i love that, someday i want to be an artist
This one made me look some more your work is stellar ,"like your light".
I am agree with you...There is also Giverny, Claude Monet's Foundation and home...
dis is s0 beautiful! It so looks like a painting. So awesome.
This is absolutely beautiful! Love the composition and color! Wonderful.
Uma das imagens mais lindas que já vi, bela foto, admirado :)
Your work is beautiful. Thank you.
Perfect timing for such poetry in colors. What a gift of nature and man.
Ah....I thought it was Brooklyn but was not sure...kick self.
COOL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
so very beautiful. I wonder if Monet ever saw such beautiful light.
I love this picture! It's so calming and reflective for me, anyway!
+Vivienne Gucwa, your work always transports me to the beautiful side of my memories of New York! Monet is one of my favorites and this is one of my favorites of yours! - Jill
That's a great picture, love the colors.
Absolutely beautiful! Ordering some of your stuff now :)
Bliss is what this is. It show the beauty in simpliticy
I know it's been said, but this is just stunning.
Beautiful photo! The depth and way the composition is balanced really draws you in.
Love this so much. LOVE. new desktop background<3
I love this picture, it is really beautiful!
the colours are so warm. very nice.
Absolutely beautiful. Is this a digital painting, or enhanced photo?
u r amezin nice view great shot
Exquisite beauty. Makes me want to dream the day away
It is a painting. Use your imagintion
What a Beautiful picture! Something all natural only Nature could paint!!
Wow, it looks magical.
Impressionism at its finest!
Love this! Simple, beautiful, and classic. I wonder if Monet caught as much flack for painting his garden as some photographers today catch for taking photos of the same.
Saw the movie last night and was disappointed. Won't be watching the others. Much prefer the books.
I have non G+ photography friends who will love this and may well inspire them to come over. Thanks for sharing!
Awe-inspiring, this image feels like a reasurance that nature has not yet been completely destroyed by us. Use your talent to galvanize others in the pursuit of preservation.
There aren't words to describe this in my vocabulary, so I'll just say amazing.
+Gerardine Rudolphy - Fantastic! I hope they do come on over :). And thank you!

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+Aidan Obrien - "No time to turn at Beauty's glance, and watch her feet, how they can dance."

+Matthew Proujansky - Thank you for dropping by and leaving such a kind comment! I appreciate it!

+Jerry Johnson - Thanks :).

+Christina Tucker - Your comment made me smile. Thank you.
Everyone - So, I just attempted to go through and thank each and every one of you but I realized what a task it would be. So, I just wanted to say thank you for all of your comments and kindness from the bottom of my heart.
Se queda. Sin Palabras!
Which is why he's my favorite painter (along w Edouard Manet, no relation)
hola no entiendo Nada en ingles yo supongo Que Tu tampoco SABES en espanol Te agregue Como mi amiga espero Qué me aceptes y SE Amos en buenos amigos
Absolutely Stunning! I am kinda a fan of Cherry Blossoms.
too beautiful and nice images
Piękna galeria zdjęć. Dzięki tobie Vivienne poznałem New York
beautiful reminded me of the vampire diaries
Vivienne, very interesting concept here of the philosophical conundrum between art and nature, yet my 2c on this is that I'm not sure that nature replicates art. What I think is that it is thanks to great artists like you, with that exceptional eye, that any lambda viewer can notice how nature can create art. How many of us would have walked past that pond without noticing the sheer beauty of what you captured so well? Yet it is true that with such an image nature and art seem to resonate in an endless symphony :)
When you say my little spring tribute to Claude Monet let me disagree with you for a minute, it is a superb tribute. Nothing less. You had me in awe again my dear :)
+Laurent Coppée - Thank you so much. I love this phrase that you used: "Yet it is true that with such an image nature and art seem to resonate in an endless symphony." Putting both nature and art in the context of something like an endless symphony demonstrates the fluidity of both concepts.
greatup picture !, nice pic! i love you which nature
+Vivienne Gucwa Hey Vivienne :O) nice to meet you here, thank you for the message on FAA ♥. Beautiful image you posted here x All my best Heidi
AAAAGGGGHHHH! Can one faint from swooning? Holy cow, Vivienne!! And look at that little bit of light on that group of blooms!!! *sigh*
Stunning work!

Usually I have the composure to think of something meaningful to say, but not this time.

I will just sit back and stare at this a while longer!
This is soooooo adorable, +Vivienne Gucwa!, I guess I told you the same at Facebook... :). It doesn't matter this is adorable everywhere it goes.
Wow +Vivienne Gucwa I grew up on a steady diet of French impressionist paintings... Sundays at the Met with Mama... This is truly remarkable. You captured the light light Monet's brush. :)
OOh +Vivienne Gucwa we could go together and re-live it as slightly bigger kids now! We're definitely due for an NYC hang! No? :) xoxo
I love all of your pictures. This one is so beautiful. I am partial to gardens ;)
Stunning image, Vivienne. Exceptional on every level.
How about a meetup at the New York Botanical garden soon? Orchid show...spring springering everywhere...
+Kelli Seeger Kim , +Alan Shapiro - I just realized that the very awesome +Brad Sloan and his lovely wife +Mandy Sloan are coming to NYC that very weekend and we will be hanging out with a few others to show them around. I am now wondering excitedly if we can all get together and show Brad and Mandy awesome stuff in NYC together.

I totally forgot that all that was happening on the 21st. So, you know, I am now thinking fun photo times partay.
+Vivienne Gucwa - Wooo! Hell to the YEAH! I can do morning to afternoon. I will, sadly, miss any evening/night festivities (as I need to get home to the kidlets) - but I will absorb as much fun as I can before the sun goes down! Woooo!
+Vivienne Gucwa I'm on the same schedule as Kelli. But looking forward. Having said that, if you haven't been to the NY Botanical Gardens at this time of year, please make it a priority (especially you +Kelli Seeger Kim given your love for macrolicious stuff)
beautiful, full of melodies and hamonies.
wish my dreams comes true, unforgetable enviroment.
Wow, brilliant Foto! I love all of your New York Fotos
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