I used to refer to sunsets as sun-fire.

Those first sunsets burned through my retinas into the innermost recesses of my mind.

Clouds poured over the smoldering sparks of orange like thick plumes of smoke and before the sun extinguished itself, it burned the brightest of any flame in existence.

When the sun sets over New York City, it’s as if a thousand flames dance across the sky, leaving embers scattered across the skyline in the wake of it’s burning: like a fevered dream scattering its remnants across the mind before the deepest of slumbers.

I used to refer to sunsets as sun-fire.

I still do.

New York Photography: New York City sunset in silhouette.

You can view this image along with information about purchasing prints of this image if you wish at my site here:



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Your words always bring to much to your photos Vivienne! you are a true poet at heart!
I am really speechless after seeing this photo.Too good to be true!
What a great way to describe sunsets, +Vivienne Gucwa!! Sunset are like the encore to a spectacular show of daylight the sun gave us. Have a lovely weekend!!
Thank you +Ambrose Chan . That's a beautiful thought: "Sunsets are like the encore to a spectacular show of daylight the sun gave us." Hope you are having a wonderful weekend!
gou yi
like dragon:)
Maki MA
that is very impressive, I love your works and words!
gou yi
sorry...I see the red bright point now actually !
Nothing like a lithium sunset!
han he
You bring nice photo again...and good moring
That is so cool, +Vivienne Gucwa. The lighting & the clouds make it look exactly as if the sky is on fire. And the reflection on the water is just beautiful. And, your description . . . words fail me.

The thumbnail, or whatever it's called, doesn't do your photo justice -- it absolutely needs to be viewed "enlarged". Sorry for my dopey terms, I am so not technical. :o}
I always get amazed by the shoots you do! Having NY at your fingertips, or better said trough your lenses, gives you a lot of space to work!
You are most welcome, +Vivienne Gucwa. Having a lovely & rather warm weekend here in OK -- 90s already -- not sure what happened to spring. I must have blinked. ;o)
Hope you're having a fabulous weekend too!
+Kari Johnson - Oh wow! It's been cool and rainy here in NYC. (well, in the 60s which is sort of cool) I am just waiting for the super hot weather to hit though. I have a weird feeling that this summer will be a scorcher!
Beautiful capture of the sunset looks like the water is on fire +Vivienne Gucwa
I love your words... even without that photo, I can vividly imagine that astonishing sun-fire :-)
Brings back great memories of New York days gone by. Thanks.
Great perfil of the city!!!
I agree with David... memories and more memories of this unforgetably precious city!!!
Fried, nota-se que has beaultifl work, abault, fotografies. I am very pleased.
Your featifully, your trully!
wow this is like a fuckin ... really nice pics..
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