"Streets of summer gold..."

The first whispers of summer are carried on warm breezes urged on by the sun as it stretches itself out from under the faintest cover of clouds.

As cobblestone streets soak up each and every last bit of golden summer sunlight the buildings glow like fiery embers in the sun’s wake.

New York Photography: Sunset in Tribeca.

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Welcome to summer. Bout time :)
I love the older buildings of NYC!
Wait for the light of day in the fresh of the morning.
Khush N
Nice Capture +Vivienne Gucwa  Don't you just love it when everything just comes together and works? 
beautiful picture of the feelings of a thin
It's a beautiful photo +Vivienne Gucwa! And I especially love the way you've captured the sparkle of the sun's glorious light on the trees' leaves on the left side of the photo. Wow.
Nice picture, love the way the sky looks. And the quiet feel of it.
what a beautiful day...and i can feel the heat!
You really do like clouds! And your shots of the sky and clouds are amazing.
I take my hat off !!!!
Excellent Photography Vivienne !!!!
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