Out of the shadows, the city rises proudly into the sunlight that casts its glow on the structures borne out of the aspirations and hopes of urban dreamers.

New York Photography: The Flatiron Building.

This photo was taken and edited with my phone using Camera + and Snapseed. I am @newyorklens on Instagram (view my feed here: http://goo.gl/8hbcE ). You can check out some of my Instagram photos on Flickr here: http://goo.gl/BxNpG .

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Love this!  Great shot of such a neat building.  great tone too!
Glorious. I like how it stands out in the picture.
It's really challenging to get an original shot of this iconic bldg.  This is a great one, Viv.
Such a great building, excellent shot and it makes me miss New york.
Vivienne your work-art has been good ever since, it just that lately people are recognizing it. Keep it up for you have indeed a great talent.
Love flatiron buildings. Look like a ship plowing through the waves of the streets.
Io ci andro a primavera a new york city ..che bello..
Excellent image! I love the angle, the strong contrast and the toning. Of course it doesn't hurt that this is a picture of one of my favorite buildings!
Spectacular!! I went past that building on the open-top bus. Some great sights to be seen on the buses. One day I will get back to NYC, all the way from Scotland. love the city that never sleeps :-) great pics, keep them coming Viv ;-)
I remember this building, is at the corner... and build... don't know no more, but it's very old. Beautiful image +Vivienne Gucwa you know I love your pictures, love NY and watching your pictures feels like traveling in NY. Excellent work again. 
the photo makes it seem so majestic. it does justice to the architecture.
I miss NYC. We try to make a visit out there each year
i know u always done awesome so u shot ones more...
That's amazing Vivienne! All these places we've seen so many times in pictures, paintings, movies, etc., take a new dimension in your photography. It's like if it was the first time I was seeing them.
Photoshop worked ?
ok sorry, newbie question :)
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