"Trees grow in Brooklyn..."

The light after a heavy rain is transcendent. Deep golden hues cling to the damp tree branches as they frame lush green leaves reeling under the weight of the rain water.

It’s all the more impressive against a backdrop of beautiful brick brownstones that can be found in neighborhoods like Cobble Hill located in Brooklyn. Cobble Hill (or Ponkiesbergh as it was first called) was originally settled during the 1640’s by Dutch farmers. The name “Cobble Hill”, according to various historical sources, came from the large amount of cobble stones being disposed in the site.

The cobble stones were used as ballast on the trading ships arriving from Europe. The high elevation point at the corner of present day Atlantic Avenue and Court Street, where the greatest amount of the cobble stones was disposed, was used as a Fort during both the American War of Independence and the War of 1812.

New York Photography: Cobble Hill brownstones.

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the golden hue is tremendous!
It's amazing to see nature blossoming right before our eyes!!! Wow!!! Incredible
+Vivienne Gucwa, not sure there's anyone better than you at capturing the beauty & character of architecture. Love the terracotta color of the bricks with the fresh green leaves . . . and a bicycle (or two) to boot! This is the kind of neighborhood where I imagine everyone knows everyone else. Thanks for brightening a grey day in OK. :o)
Great shot and a wonderful historical story to go with it.
The last time that I went to NYC, was the first time that I walked Brooklyn. I FELT IN LOVE. My next time in NYC, so long Manhattan, Brooklyn is better.
I couldn't agree more, +Vivienne Gucwa. There's just something about the freedom one experiences while riding a bicycle -- or maybe it's a desire for a simpler time when I road my bike everywhere. :o) Especially like the vintage looking ones. :o)
Will do on the weekend -- hope to get out in the garden. Have a fabulous weekend yourself!
+Julian Ortiz - As a huge lover of my neighborhood in Manhattan, you know I am going to have to say that I can't totally agree with you there but yes, Brooklyn does have its own charm (that is something I can wholeheartedly agree with!).
+Vivienne Gucwa, Kari clearly beat me to the punch and read my mind as it relates to your outstanding photo! So I am left to simply offer you a passionate Ditto to what she said. :-)

Have a fabulous weekend my friend! Hope to see a few spontaneous Instagram shots showing up in my Stream from your talented eye as well!!
I know +Vivienne Gucwa , but after having visited 8 times NYC, discover Brooklyn was a very great experience. Manhattan is unique, but for me, Brooklyn is a mix between Manhattan with DC or Boston.
this place seems to be in an episode of pan am
+Jerry Johnson - Thank you!! Oh, you will! I am actually showing a few friends (some from here) around NYC tomorrow so I should also get some other awesome shots this weekend of travels around. Should be fun!
Vivienne Gucwa- Exactly..!!! that scene when the 2 Camarons pack for Paris i believe..
Kind of amazing how materials for things all around us can come from so far away. Your posts really make me wish I knew more about the places I am shooting. The work you put in to research for each post is highly admirable!
Did you think you could be famous posting these pictures
? Like did you plan on being famous if you dont mind me asking :).
but you've got so many followers in your circle and so many +1's
+Nyasia Gettler - That doesn't really make anyone famous. I can guarantee you that most people on the street or even when thinking about photography probably don't know me or my work.
oh i thought you were mad haha. do you think yuo can invite me to chat or no cause i understand with the stalkers and much lol :)
Really nice!!!!!!!!! I like it :-))
Love the tone of the colours - that is a nice photo!
Very nice! I like this neighbor but didn't know the cobble thing.
Tony S
Amazing warmth in your photo.Very Buddhist :)
Your way of representing urban scenes is just fantastic!! Congrats! You should send your pics to the BBC website, in which they summon us to upload pictures on a weekly theme they set. I´m sure your´s will be published!
+Felipe Gari - Thank you! I didn't know that about BBC. I have submitted quite a few times to Globe and Mail with some success but never thought to try BBC. There is a section on their main site, I assume?
a very old building..beautiful building :)
My most favorite time to shoot is after it rains, colors pop and textures are more interesting. Gorgeous shot!
Yeah, everything seems too vivid; lovely orange colour and composition with the green.
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