Summer’s memories sit suspended like words caught in the throat of winter: stifled, muffled utterances barely able to escape in the form of speech.

But in the wide open expanse of dreams, words take flight.

Summer’s memories break through shards upon shards of branches making their way past the ice-kissed lips of winter conjuring up the outline of buildings and cityscapes on the condensation of winter’s frozen breath.

New York Photography: Central Park in the winter.

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u have a gift not just with the camera.. but the images u paint with your words as well +Vivienne Gucwa . Beautiful
love this view,and for me it's one of the most beautiful building i know
Very lovely winter scene. Love the composition. Like the square format and the border as well.
It's very different from Thailand. Now, Thailand is very hot.
A lot of memories, a lot of home sick. thanks for sharing
Summer isn't that far away now :)
This is brilliant work. Love the way the branches make way for winters breath to flow on to the buildings in the skyline.
+Sitthichok Tasaroj - It's quite different than NYC right now too actually. It's been getting warmer and warmer here but nowhere near as hot as Thailand, of course. This was taken last year during a blizzard snowstorm.
Excellent picture again from you Vivienne.
Edge is suitable for vignetting, and give the image more depth and shades, when the snow melting and spring, while waiting for, a great image for viewing. :)
PS.Here, there is still plenty of snow.
+Vivienne Gucwa, I always love the warm memories your magnificent photos bring up for me! Even when it's a wintry scene! When I was a child, my mom took us to shop in downtown Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota at Christmas time and we loved it! This photo reminded me of those trips. Thank you for beautiful photos and the great emotions that accompany them.

Also, IMHO this phrase is exquisite, "condensation of winter’s frozen breath". :-)
this is just beautiful. i love the way it captures you in thought. just breathtaking, I've never seen it like that before. :D
I just love this picture..very soothing,Beautiful..
Brrrrr... I can feel the brisk air. This is the type of scene where I often end up regretting my choice of clothing :)
Te entiendo.
La nieve tan blanco. wow.
You photoshopped out the thugs, didn't you? :)
I can feel the winter in my bone when I see this pic.
this winter i like to much,,becuase i bone in my home i see befor to much
thanks anna rodriguez,,this your photo wow very nice
thats then you very lovely///////////moira
+Juha Pekka Laine - Thank you so much, my friend. We barely got any snow this winter and where you are there is much snow. I wish we could trade: our very mild weather one day for a day of the snow that you have where you live. :)

+Jerry Johnson - Thank you! What a beautiful memory! I know that Minnesota gets quite a bit of snow. I have always wondered what it is like to live in a place that experiences such a severe winter each season. NYC usually gets very, very cold and has a good amount of snow but this year we had almost no snow at all and the weather was unseasonably mild.
beautiful. such a nice sense of mystery and beckoning.
Ben F
I have great memories of views like these. Thanks for the capture!
Google spamming my stream with What's hot on Google+".
This is not hot, this is fucking invasive.
+Peter Nidzgorski - You can 1) mute a post - which basically stops sending you notifications after you have commented so that you don't get 'spammed' afterwards or 2) adjust how much you see of What's Hot via the slider (if you turn it all the way down, you won't really see anything from the What's Hot category).
Wow, what an amazing winter scenery. I love how the building is just at the back with slight fogs covering it, making the photo look more mysterious and cool :D
Such a gracious handling of a nasty comment +Vivienne Gucwa. Well done. He has misplaced his anger, for sure.

hi vivienne is me israel i like your eyes and your hair style thanks
+Jerry Johnson - I think some things aren't as intuitive as they could be here and people tend to get upset and lash out when they don't understand. What are you going to do? :)
+Jeff Moreau - Your typical choice of clothing would not have been advised on the day I took this photo. 55 mph wind gusts and icy snow against the legs = yikes. :) (and thanks!)
id make snow angels if i were there lol
WOW that looks like the queen lives there
Perfect and romantic.. like a postcard to a lover.
so pretty. The framing is outstanding, how the trees lean in or appear to and hold the image in the distance
Emily L
that picture really is amazing
Oh man, it looks very cold! I glad I live down south!
Such beautiful words to accompany this image. Both are so very elegant and lovely.
Yooo 친짜 좋은 사진이다 대박이다 시빨 요마
that is so beatiful you in new york right
So beautiful!
Nice, Vivienne. Oh but summer is too hot in nc! I like Spring... In those vernal seasons of the year, when the air is calm and pleasant, it were an injury and sullenness against nature not to go out and see her riches, and partake in her rejoicing with heaven and earth
--John Milton
Simply amazing, I like colors and the composition is in harmony...
Wonderful layers, framing, details and tones Vivienne! Love this shot, has such a peaceful feel of this vibrant city :)
Everyone - I just opened this comment thread up and I was going to reply to each and every person but I realized after listing 20 names out that it was a gargantuan task. So, I just wanted to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for all of the super kind comments and for all who took the time to write a little something. - Many smiles and much love.
super shot.which cam do you use
Wow! Such a gorgeous and chilly scene!!!
The end of winter is here.
Beautiful shot to blast it away with for a few warmer months.
Smiles to ya +Vivienne Gucwa. :-))
Suspended is such a great way to describe it. Remarkably still and empty for New York.
+Jared Knutzen - Aw. Well if it helps any, it didn't really snow at all here in NYC this past winter (seriously, so weird). This photo was taken last winter season when we had tons of snow! It was super mild here all winter.
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