I need your help

If any of you could take a minute of your time to click the "collect me" button on the top of the page in this link, I would be eternally grateful.

It's for a photography contest which includes a chance of winning $10,000 and a showing. You are all invited if I even come close to winning (I realize it is a long shot, but I mean it). :)

Thank you. ♥

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Done! Shared to my FB peeps too.

It's a beautiful collection of work.
Done! ...I think... Slow connection tonight isn't helping.
Done! Good luck. :-)
Is the price a Dream Weekend in NYC? Hopefully if you win you can trade and actually travel beyond the place you live...
+Santiago Fisher - That would have been funny if that were the prize, right? :) The prize is for your work to be shown on billboards in Times Square among other things (which is crazy!). Thanks!
Just realized it was FB connected, so reactivated my account - and I am now collected.
Done, In addition all your work is fantastic..hopefully you can win.....and thanks for sharing it...
Done. First time I've logged into my facebook account in at least 6 months, but it's good to know it's been useful for something! Hope you get there, you certainly deserve it!
+Vivienne Gucwa Ah! I thought it was my crappy connection that was the cause of that... - Good luck though! :)
My biggest Passions its photography and Painting. 30 years ago and moor.You have a wandervoll and fantastic Passion. Gratulation!!!
+Malika M. - Thanks! Yeah, it's via Facebook (you can customize it to only show to you on there if you have it so no one else sees). Have a great weekend too!
dont have a facebook but i will share this to the people that do!
a havephantastic photographics, and phantastic photographics from USA from the Freends of Arizona,New Yourk, Cicago, and California. Thankyou for the wanderfoll Emails from 31.03.2012 from USA.Here in Austria(Österreich,in the Alps) its 1:00 moaning. Its a new tay in my Land.Photography its phantastic in the Mountains of Austria.Thankyou Vivienne.In 8h sending ay phantastic photographics in USA.
I signed in with FB and "collected" you.
That'll be a beer in NYC one day, a fair price. :o))
beautiful work! Thank You for sharing it!

I like your work shown. Was a pleasure to "collect me" and log in through Facebook as well as share here on Google+
I love photography to but I take planetary pics!
You are most welcome and best of luck to you.
Collected with pleasure! :)
Hi Vivienne,
You are the best photographer located in NYC. Hope you will win the price. You deserve it ! I haven't seen NYC breathing like on your pictures. Great work.
I really don't gush - at all - but I may actually gush if/when the Gino Flatiron series hits G+. I will be seriously happy to see them.
+Vivienne Gucwa, do we simply click the "collect me" button or do we need to sign into FB also? I see some people mentioning FB and I didn't do that!
+Jerry Johnson - I think that after you click the collect me button it leads you to a prompt for FB since it is (annoyingly enough) via their FB page so I think that is what people are referring to? Did you not get the prompt? It could be buggy.
Haha, and as I said, got over 77 with ease. Awesome. I'm still a long, long way away. Brad's pretty close too. I was number 114 to collect ;) Good luck! I'm a good 58 away from the premium myself.
+DeShaun Craddock - Wait, seriously? Oh wow! Is there another way to view how many people collected us? (or what we collected?) I collected quite a few people so far but I can't find an elegant way to view what I myself have collected. It's so weird. I think we can re-click on collect me and it just shows the number but I hope that doesn't re-register....
+DeShaun Craddock - Also, I got the email from them (the standard one) with the thing about the 77 for a premium entry but I don't really understand what that entails. More info would be great! Maybe they will release more info tomorrow?
+Vivienne Gucwa that's exactly what I did. I collected myself and afterwards it showed me how many people had collected me. So I have 19, including myself.
all the best for the competition.I hope you win
Took me a few seconds to read the summary, then stunned by your pictures. All the best!
It wants to log with facebook acc, so you all which dont have one, dont try :)
Julie M
Thank you for sharing one of your biggest passions with us!!!!!!!!!!! Fingers crossed for the competition!!!!!!!!!!
+Vivienne Gucwa, Thanks! I did it again and now I'm 99% certain that my vote has been cast. Hope you WIN big my friend! :-)
Done. And fingers crossed for you.
Emil W
done, i just wish we could download your photos here on g+ in higher resolutions.
Clicked. And if when you win, I'm definitely driving up to NYC to see the unveiling in person!
164th person to like your work hope there comes a lot more...will share this with my friends...I love your photography... so beautiful that I wish to see in NY some day.... +Vivienne Gucwa
I usually don't do things that require permission to Facebook, but I think you should win this, so I did. Now, if only I could win the trip to NY in time to see Newsies on Broadway I wouldn't care about the rest of my bucket list :)
+Vivienne Gucwa I just made the "what's hot" list for today. It made me think of you. It has me working the keys non-stop; especially since today is the "clean up" day for Sacred Sunday and the my Monochrome Monday theme. Every day must be like this to you. It's incredible that you can find the time to comment on the work of others. Hope you get some of the recognition you deserve by winning the competition. That would be awesome.
+Charles Lupica - I just saw your post that is hot! Big congratulations, my friend! You are such a great support and ambassador for the photography community here on G+! (and thank you so much)

+Neeta Tolani - Yay, thank you! :)

+Janice La Mere Hackney - Thank you so much! I like that they have it set up so that the people who collect the various artists have a chance at winning something. :)
+Vivienne Gucwa no more than you. You seem to be tireless.

BTW: The circle I shared today went on the list as well. Really cool, two posts in one day on the "What's hot" list.
Collected and shared Vivienne :)
I you win I surely will come :)
Hi +Vivienne Gucwa I don't know of is possible to vote for you every single day, I already voted once from facebook and now from here. Hope you will win... :-)
I was just there a few days ago! Its a beautiful picture will help and share!
mesmo depois de conhcer varios sorrisos o seu continua sendo lindo como um botao de rosa
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