I have some great news to share. I was contacted by Overlook Press a few months back regarding commercial usage of one of my photos from this past winter for the cover of an upcoming book by David Zeltserman. Of course I agreed! The book is called A Killer's Essence and it will be released on October 13, 2011.

The photo was taken last January on a night with windchill values below zero degrees fahrenheit and temperatures that were rather unforgiving. I love walking around at night in winter all bundled up but this particular night was almost unbearable. I can almost feel the frigid wind on my face when I look at this photo. New York City in the midst of winter is not the friendliest of places but it does possess a certain stark beauty during the colder months that is unique.


You can view this post with links to the book and the publishing company if you wish at my site here:

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Well done +Vivienne Gucwa ! I don't feel the freezing cold looking at that image, but I certainly do feel a chill...
Congratulations, looks great as a cover, also.
Extremely cool! Congrats! Definitely worthy of the cover.
Congrats! Creepy pic... I like it.
Kab Yaj
Awesome! It's a deserving image. I hope the book sells millions and you get residual from it.
very cool and now I have a new (to me) author to read!
Many congratulations, Vivienne!
That's brilliant news! Congrats!! :-)
I'd like to know also, did they tell you how they found it? How fantastic, you must be thrilled!
Awesome news Vivienne. Congrats and continued success.
Jim D
Congrats and the picture is beautiful
Congratulations couldn't have happened to a nicer person. 
That is so awesome! Congratulations. I can see why they picked it - it took my breath away immediately. Really great, +Vivienne Gucwa!
absolutely wonderful! congratulations madam! :)
Very well done, you must be pleased?
Huge congratulations! Love the image too, great light.
Beautiful!... and wonderful transfer to the book cover!
Wonderful News and a Wonderful picture :)
Great job!!! Fantastic work and outcome!!!
That is amazing news so happy for you sol i love looking at your work. Miss you in game <3
ùthat is such great news, Congratulations Vivienne
This is like from movie scene. You've got me another view of new york. Looks great..

Thank you so very much for the +1s, shares and wonderful comments. It's much appreciated. You are all so kind!
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