You exist, this I am sure of with only slightly wavering certainty that vibrates with nothing but the tiny memory of a breeze.

You, a whisper in the night on lips that mouth your name swollen with hope.

You, a whisper that launches forth dreams on the backs of my eyelids.

And I exist too, this I am sure of with quivering certainty that holds steady in the presence of the strongest of wind gusts.

I, the whisper your lips haven't yet come across.

I, the branch that sways in the warm embrace of possibility.

I, the whisper that dances delicately in the night.

New York Photography: White spring blossoms, Central Park.

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I love cherry tree.. Love the flowers and that perspective is fantastic.. Can I Use that pic? can you signed so I can use it? :)
Beautiful words, beautiful image, beautiful way to start my day. Thanks Vivienne. :)
To honestly, on a PP presentation, Im a Psychologist and love to use it as a calming image.. on a relaxation exercise I use with some patient :)
+Vivienne Gucwa Would you mind giving a tutorial as to what you did when you took this picture as well as what followed in post to get this look? I am curious as to the method and if you went into it with that picture in your mind or if you got into post and went to work and wound up with something completely different than what you thought while you were out snapping the pic.

Again, just curious. Thanks for posting often and posting nice photos.
Of course, that is why I want you to signed If you cant Ill add it on Photoshop :P thanks so much very kind of you
+Jeremy Rasnic - It was a super cloudy day, the sky was very white and overcast and I looked up because the trees were laden with white blossoms which looked gorgeous against the similarly colored sky. I took out my 50mm lens to shoot with because I wanted to get nice bokeh and a good focus on the foreground branch. I don't really over-think a lot of my shots to be quite honest. I tend to just shoot quickly (fiddling around in manual mode fast until I get something that takes my breath away) and then think a lot about them when I go through them later. It probably took me a minute or two to get the shot.

I just opened up the folder this evening after listening to a lot of music (my source of inspiration) and the first thing that came to my mind was that the branches in the distance reminded me of a whisper and I have had this poem ruminating in my head for days but this finally kicked it out of there and out into a post finally.

I didn't do all that much to the photo in post. I opened it in Lightroom, adjusted the clarity a little, opened it in OnOne software and did some minimal effects to bring out the midtones a little and then opened it in Color Efex to fiddle around a little with the border area and tonality of the top half of the photo (graduated neutral density control or something like that) and that was it really.

I have no clue if this is what you were asking or if I went way more into detail than I should have. Hah.
truly lovely....very expressive indeed....
Ck Fang
I love white blossoms so much!!!
+Vivienne Gucwa : Nope. That is what I was asking for. I tend to see something, snap the shot and then adjust as I see fit in post (usually Lightroom). See my post with the little girl's closeup picture for an example- snapped at a parade, but the emotion flowing out of the shot elicited a deeper feeling that I wrote about. That is why I was curious about your workflow due to the poems that usually accompany your pictures. I wasn't sure which flowed out of the other. Thanks for taking time to share. It is always good to understand how others do things add that is one way in which we learn. Thanks again.
+Jeremy Rasnic - It is really interesting, isn't it? I enjoy going out shooting with others because it's fascinating to see other people's methods (although, I am sure people shoot differently when they are alone). A lot of my writing comes later and is inspired by the image it is attached to or is something that rattles around in my head loudly until I find an image to marry the words to. Thanks for asking!
I completely 'understand' the expressive side of art.....and you have a great gift for that...Your Welcome...
It really is! Give 100 people cameras and one subject to shoot and you will wind up with 100 very different shots. It is very interesting the way we each see things differently- influenced by our unique experiences so that it comes out in our shots. Interesting indeed.
You are exactly right, 'Expressiveness", the absolute beauty of art...
very nice! i love the dreamy look and feel to this! :)
this would be a fun picture to play with through the new Lytro camera. I hear alot of photographers are hating these new cameras.
Love the mood and composition!
wow, nice Pic. it's so beautifull.
So cool... ^.^
+Henry Deguara-Pagan - It would definitely! I had a chance to hold a Lytro and check it out a week or so ago when I came across another photographer who was trying one out. It's very different, that's for sure. We were talking about how we could see the technology being in high demand even if the current implementation doesn't soar in popularity with photographers.
Very delicate image, full of tenderness!
Cu Lu
Pretty :-)
Thanks for sharing this wonderful picture
glory to God who create this view
A very touching poem indeed!
this is nice. i have one similar to this but unfortunately i accidentally deleted the file on my camera.
very nice photo, love the colors!
helen.. pls dont make story..
Whisper of the wisdom.....
1 of my best pic.... sooo smoky :D <3
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so beautiful photos...come to india and capture the natural beauti here..............
So beautiful. I love so much.
Realy beautiful. Magekal land.
You are a Magician with Camera!! love your works :)
You are very talented and your photos are brilliant!!
its very naturally and fantastic i like it
Beautifully dreamy and ethereal, both the image and the prose that accompanies it. I love that the image seems monochromatic at first glance, but after staring at it for several moments, the warm pink hues radiate forth.
Se nota en cada párrafo, que tu aura esta en tus letras.
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