"Into the light..."

Central Park, New York City.

Over the glistening cobblestones in the late summer haze, the twinkling lights of oncoming cars cast their glow like fireflies in a dense urban forest.

This is when the city dreams.


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I love the focus on the brick/stones.
Great photograph! As usual, your info adds to the pleasure of looking at the pic. Thanks for sharing.
I love the various textures of the different stone. The lighting is spectacular too.
I love the different textures, and I have to agree with other comments your words put me right there in the photo.
Beautiful. Love the lighting and how the background is slightly out of focus.
The pair strolling together into the darkness as the world races by with a harsh glare....beautiful.

It has a romantic feel that is oddly wistful.
I'm reminded of the photo you shot at the fountain in Washington Square Park.
Really love this - what wonderful ambient light
I love the atmosphere here. Such lovely focus and depth of field, and I love the black and white.
Very nice capture of an autumn mood. On many of your shots one can immediately catch NYC - this one is more mood than city. I like it anyway ;-)
Sometimes a lack of focus can be a wonderful mood creator. Nice.
I was looking through your shots again.
I really adore this one.
It deserves another +1.
I really hope to get this good one day. Great composition. Simply love it.
Nice picture, always loved the old brick streets, makes it looks old and beautiful. Nice
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