"For two..."

That chill in the air wrapping itself around trees like an overflowing scarf , the crispness on the breeze chilling faces with its autumn kisses, trees displaying their decorated limbs in golden shades of serenity: Autumn.

Cinnamon sticks resting languidly in steaming mugs of hot apple cider, pumpkin-orange colored wishes carried on the scent of firewood, frosted sighs of contentment exhaled in long cool breaths, leaves sounding their crackled whispers of surrender, earth reeling from summer preparing for its long engagement with the snow-covered proclamations of winter: Autumn.

New York Photography: Bicycles in autumn. Central Park. 

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Stunning shot, Vivienne!  Beautiful colours and mood.
I want to be there.  Beautiful and your words are just as beautiful.
awesome looks like dream trees.its capture by u...
+Vivienne Gucwa I always enjoy your posts, but this is my favorite (for now anyway, that could change next week :oD). You have captured the most lovely golden orange color & bicycles to boot! Autumn is my favorite season & this is the perfect depiction. Well done.
its just good to roll around there with someone, come baby love roll with me  hehehe an*d*
wow what a stunning capture and those two bikes makes it even more beautiful
I am ready for fall too!
you are in college or school richa?
Absolutely stunning, how you have turned two trees,into this beautiful piece, the colours......... thanks
I love cinnamon. Yum. I'd love to see autumn colours in real life one day :D
Stunning! Love the color of autumn, soothing and comforting
Beautiful photo. Wouldn't mind taking a little trip up north for this Fall image, but I love and would soon miss the blues/greens/corals of Florida.
May favorite time of the year! Remember raking and jumping for hours at a time.
that's too dry u might hrt yo self stop imagining and jump in yo bed.
I wish there is fall in my country [Philippines]... lovely!!!
I want to rake up a big pile of those leaves and dive in!
Nice picture, love autumn in new york, colors on the trees look so beautiful.
This is great! Love it!
i love new england,for nothing surpasses our beauty here.for us that is.
My favorite season is winter,
but i've never seen such an awesome pic. of fall!
It was pretty mean for that tree in front to steal the other 2 trees bikes.
Love the photography and your poem. You are truly gifted. 
Fall lives the falling of the tree leaves!
oh fall leaves so pretty and nature like
cant wait till it gets like this at my house
I can just picture myself running through there, scattering leaves as I go and looking at the wonder all around me!
I Love this picture 
Makes me homesick for upstate NY & New England! Golden memories indeed.
Makes you just want to run through those leaves, then sit under the tree and read a good book.
This makes me want fall time to come just that much faster! My favorite time of year!
i love it its b-utiful imagin walking trew
Thats the place I would love to recite my wedding vows. One day! This is for us, James!!!!
Please call back later. It's still summer until Sept. 21 where I am and I hope every year that winter won't come this time.
this is why i want a fall wedding! :)
My favorite season of the year, although we didn't seem to have much of autumn last year.  Waiting with bated breath for it to deliver this year.
i am not ready for summer to end
Beautiful! Makes me almost ready to say 'good-bye' to summer:)!
That is a lovely piccher i wold bye it for 20 pauns lol
it reminds me of falling in love  again and again
Man, I'd like to roll around in those leaves!
So adorned in our masters wonderful works. Lovely pics 
love the colors of trees, turning colors, up north the trees in large groups remind me of a big bowl of fruity pebbles . this is very beautiful !
a gorgeous picture- well done :)
that gives me so much peace too, and it lets memories of the past come back
..../ ....(___ _
[L]........((| __))
[I].........((_ |__))
[K]........((| __))
[E]--....((|_ ))
Kit Kat
that would be me in my backyard
What a gorgeous image!  So serene and lovely color!
wow thats awesome
F Aman
Like it too, really nice and bright pic!
The pic is good but the poetry above just captures every feeling I feel during autumn
What a beautiful picture, it shows Autumn is wonderful and colorful season comparing to the other seasons, for that matter spring is also colorful but autumn is different to spring. Indira burgul
Don't DO that, Meiling! EVERYONE is good in their own, unique way! Some people just get steered in the wrong direction of life! That's what's WRONG with our societies today! People have forgotten how to be humanly decent toward each other! We're ONE RACE... HUMAN! There's an old English saying:"United we stand - divided, we fall!" EVERYONE should do well to remember those words - BEFORE intending to insult or hurt someone in any way!
LOVE THAT PIC. I would love to be there
this so soothing like jazz on a bright fall day
Why my dad will not let mw learn to ride a bike?... worse case why did you?
This picture is beautiful
I dont care!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D lol
When the cycles fell in love...........................................
This is a good place or a stick up, no a real STICK UP!  There ain't a soul around...grab the bike, now! I hear dem' screwing in the bush.
Good job!!! Like it!!! Thank you for beautiful pic!!!!
Beautiful words and a beautiful scene.  Autumn will be arriving soon!
so lovable silent and also romantic place 
you guys are lucky in a tropical country like ours we see only such beauty in pictures
1st i love this picture.Second my birthday in fall yeah looking forward to that.
I'm ready for fall love this picture great
beautiful, my absoulutely favorite time of year.
how mesmerizing.... Creative n luvly
Renee:Such potent imagery.
Maggie: I love that! its so beautiful it breaks my heart.
Renee (to Maggie): Shut up.
Maggie (ignoring Renee): And such a perfect picture to go with it!
Renee: I agree completely:) 
this is such a calming sight. makes one wanna take things slow...
in autumn the leaves are just adorned with orange,red and brown
this looks like my back yard leafy
ohhhh....... my god. it`s very nice. unique.
i like be there with my love. my husband. her name is Vahid.
I want this as my background!!!!! Awesome Picture ;)
wow sooo colorful, very pretty.
Autumn's glow ~~ truly luminous. Many thanks.
Awesome... rich light, excellent angle to depict, fabulous mood... picture-perfect... thnx dear +Vivienne Gucwa ... superbly beautiful...
Only a divine hand could create such a picture perfect color blended serene setting amid the chaos and confusion in today's world
My name is Dorenda.I'm using my hubby's phone this is sooooo beautiful
Anna K
Really beautiful. 
We truly live in a beautifull world. Its a pity we dont stop and take it in
some of the best photos i have seen is right here there great
Autumn is the best time of the year for me as far as the places that I have been to are concerned.
Autumn is a wonderful season but my favorite is Spring. Thats the season I was born in. But for some reason my parents named me Autumn. My name is sooooo lame all it means is change. It's also the  beginning of when people die. humph. Love the picture though. :)
Autumn is a beautiful season but i like summer thts when my birthday is
Yur poem makes me feel the warmth of autumn, not the chilliness.
Even the bicycles look like they're in love! Beautiful photo Vivienne.
Owl SW
I've not ever seen before an autumn like that in my life. :(
여기도 곧 가을이 오거든요!
Can I bring my bf here and just make out with him in peace thank yu :) it looks very pretty and nice :)
Thanks again so much everyone! I was out all day yesterday and when I got back and saw the response to this I was floored. Much love.
gold-en (both the poetry and the picture)
gooooooooooooood place

 and very goooood photographique
What Lovely words, your very good
Autumn or the fall all over the world there are scenes like this just delightful.
leaf in red , mystery . 
Longing even more so for Autumn now. Lovely image.
jhara patar path dhare nutaner amantran............
Your photos gave me a taste of life in new york city thank you for that
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