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I haven’t forgotten about my promise to post one phone photography image a week! This was taken yesterday in Little Italy during some of my adventures. Little Italy is a small area in downtown Manhattan. Currently inhabiting a tiny section of Mulberry Street between Broome and Canal Streets the area recalls a rich history of immigration. Many original tenements still line the streets and what is left of the area emanates a tremendous amount of history.

I am @newyorklens on Instagram. You can read about my thoughts on mobile photography and Instagram here: http://goo.gl/GBA7s and you can check out some of my Instagram photos here: http://goo.gl/LuWMk . Most of my phone photos are now processed in Snapseed and/or Noir first and then tinkered with in Instagram depending on my mood.

I am still on the fence about how I feel when I see photos posted to Instagram that aren’t taken with a phone. I see more and more dSLR (and other) camera photos in my stream there and it is a bit jarring. I prefer to stick to posting photos of New York City to Instagram taken only with my iPhone 4s because it’s my own personal challenge to translate what I am seeing with only my phone camera and the few phone camera editing apps I use on my phone. I feel like I have all sorts of other sites to post my regular New York City photography to and the spirit of Instagram seems to be primarily for mobile photography (in my own mind anyway). I am sure my feelings on this may change over time but for now, I am all about using Instagram as an outlet purely for phone photography.

New York Photography: Little Italy.

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