"Time passes slowly only in the mind..."

I haven’t forgotten about my promise to post one phone photography image a week! This was taken yesterday in Little Italy during some of my adventures. Little Italy is a small area in downtown Manhattan. Currently inhabiting a tiny section of Mulberry Street between Broome and Canal Streets the area recalls a rich history of immigration. Many original tenements still line the streets and what is left of the area emanates a tremendous amount of history.

I am @newyorklens on Instagram. You can read about my thoughts on mobile photography and Instagram here: http://goo.gl/GBA7s and you can check out some of my Instagram photos here: http://goo.gl/LuWMk . Most of my phone photos are now processed in Snapseed and/or Noir first and then tinkered with in Instagram depending on my mood.

I am still on the fence about how I feel when I see photos posted to Instagram that aren’t taken with a phone. I see more and more dSLR (and other) camera photos in my stream there and it is a bit jarring. I prefer to stick to posting photos of New York City to Instagram taken only with my iPhone 4s because it’s my own personal challenge to translate what I am seeing with only my phone camera and the few phone camera editing apps I use on my phone. I feel like I have all sorts of other sites to post my regular New York City photography to and the spirit of Instagram seems to be primarily for mobile photography (in my own mind anyway). I am sure my feelings on this may change over time but for now, I am all about using Instagram as an outlet purely for phone photography.

New York Photography: Little Italy.

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Nice look and detail for a phone shot, they really are improving the cameras on them.
Ethnic neighborhoods...wonderful reminders of the everyday people who helped build one of the greatest cities on earth. Keep 'em coming +Vivienne Gucwa !
Classic street image, timeless feel to it.
"Time passes slowly only in the mind..."
C: I'm sooo jealous of your awesomeness in photography
I share the same opinion as you regarding Instagram. I only share photos taken on mobile and prefer to see the same. For me, IG represents a handy service to share snapshots of daily life. A nice spot between Twitter and Tumblr. While there are no clearly posted rules, and any service is up for interpretation as leveraged by the end user, the official application and service is entirely mobile based suggesting it is intended to be used for mobile, by mobile. Working around that system seems a bit dishonest.

edit: and more importantly, it is a fantastic shot.
I know "little Italy" such a great place. Beautiful image
+Armand Salmon - So happy someone read my post and wanted to comment on the whole phone photography vs. regular camera photography sharing via Instagram thing. :) I feel the same way. Since it is a mobile app and the filters provided are there to somewhat enhance phone photos (you probably wouldn't use the native Instagram filters to enhance a nicely edited regular camera photo for example), it makes sense to me that the service is primarily for sharing mobile phone photos. However, as you say, there are no real posted rules and from googling the topic, I have seen articles that express that even Instagram is on the fence regarding the whole debate.

I also feel that Instagram inhabits a space between Twitter and Tumblr. I find myself posting images to Instagram that are more spontaneous (not that my formal camera photography is overly planned) and that it's fun to just take a photo, mess around a bit with it in Snapseed/Noir or Instagram and just post! Also, the community engagement there is high, I think because it is via the phone. It's so fun to just go through the stream and double-tap images from people I am following (commenting if I want along the way). Seems more effortless somehow?
Initially when the service came out for Android, I commented at some length that I would not be using it after about 30 minutes after installing. This was just days before the FB acquisition. My gripe was the design of the Android app, and the forced 1:1 crop as compared to streamzoo which had a little more flexibility. Well it is not the first time I have publicly foot in mouthed myself ;) and I now realize that from a design UX perspective, forcing all images to be the same formatting in size allows a streamlined presentation across devices. When time permits, I do find myself planning a shot by stepping back in consideration for what will be cropped.

I agree, I find the entire experience of the mobile app a bit more intimate. I like seeing a variety of great shots that make me want to toss my crappy old Evo and also seeing everyday photos of meals, funny signs, etc. Also, I like seeing my extended family members photos of their kids and everyday life. For many of them, G+ was not the place for them either by the initial learning curve of circle management or feeling lost. Instagram, and similar micro-social services present all the tools they need to share.
+Armand Salmon - I still really appreciate that Streamzoo allows for non-square format sizes. But, I have really been enjoying the challenge of the limits of Instagram's crop (although someone told me recently there is another app that lets you make images smaller to get more in the frame or something, can't remember the name).
gou yi
it's good, sometime we use something to express the feeling we like.:D
Es un "fresco" inmemorable...Zona de rica expresiones esteticas
When I see this picture it reminds me of that old tv show Hill Street Blues
My family somehow came to be in this area .....
Es la atmosfera tipo pelicula de los 30´s en que reinaba en otra ciudad Al Capone ....Si el Tiempo se detuvo fue aqui en Little Italy con sus edificios para recordar un sueño del ayer, que se compara con los sueños del presente
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