Over glistening cobblestones in the haze of summer heat, the twinkling lights of oncoming cars cast their glow like fireflies in a dense urban forest.

As somnambulists glide over uneven paths, the wind plays a nocturne.

This is when the city dreams.

New York Photography - Cobblestones at night, Central Park.

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Wonderful photo. I love B&W photos of NYC at night. It brings me back to my childhood.
Beautiful ................
                      And imagination ........................
Oh it is Central Park  As you can tell I was a New Yorker
alongside central park, fifth avenue, i think
+William Mazdra - Aw, thank you. (and thank you so much for your recent comments, I haven't gotten a chance to dig myself from under the pile of email notifications that have built up since last weekend but I read them all)
It is a very nice image and takes me back to the days 
Captures the mood perfectly!
this is something silent and awesome,
 please keep me posted
i am walking those streets as i read your poem. beautiful blend of photo and words.
+Vivienne Gucwa your words and pictures carry these sublime messages for us to look at New York from a different light/angle. I have been following your write-ups and I feel your plight of trying to commit full time to your pasion. I Believe that you shall reach (sooner rather than later) your goal due to your dedication and perseverance. Keep it up! 
I love this photo! Thank you for sharing!
+Vivienne Gucwa Oh how I adore your b&w photos! This one is so dramatic and has an instantly nostalgic look and feel for me. Wonderful indeed!
When I lived There I would love to drive around on a rainy night like that, listening to cool Jazz, it seemed to match where I was and the leisurely speed I would drive.
This is Beautiful !!!
very good shadows !!!
and Black and White works Great !!!
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