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Then +Andrew Oplinger​ could actually say he married a wilding from north of the Wall.

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Version Control is Sexy

John Oliver can rant about infrastructure.

I'll rant about document version control and collaboration tools.  Many of the jobs I've had have required collaborative document writing and editing and I've come to realize that the question of who has the "master" document is the bane of my professional existence.

When I was still in private practice, I worked for a senior attorney who would edit pleadings and motions by making us all print it out, make individual edits by hand, and then give it to her assistant to incorporate.  While her assistant was inputting the changes, we had to sit there and wait (not that there was ever much downtime in a law firm...). This often resulted in working at 8 or 9 p.m. at night and a very frazzled legal secretary who had several attorneys breathing down her neck.

"Are you done yet? How about now?"

I introduced the team to Google Docs but they viewed it with a lot of suspicion (it was new technology, after all).  Most of the concerns were around security.  Lawyers are always harping on security and confidentiality; of course they don't recognize the irony of printing out reams of papers and carrying it around in bags and boxes.

Yeah, your banker's box is somehow magically sealed because you scrawled CONF in permanent marker on the label.

I've also had jobs where I've had to write large work papers or briefs with 3-4 teams, often times with people outside of my current company.  Typically, what happens is a draft is sent out to the teams for review and end up in the hands of a dozen or so people, who make edits on their own.  They send it back and some poor sucker is left holding the bag and trying to work in half a dozen edits and comments to create a new master draft.

(Never mind what happens if it turns out you've been editing from the wrong "master" document. Do you know what's not fun? Moving edits and comments from one "master" document to the more recent "master" document.)

Rinse. Repeat.


Or the team liaison is tasked with taking their team edits, vetting it with the other teams, and then going back to their internal team with the changes.  Can you imagine editing a 40 page document with a third party, middle-person as the conduit?

Do you know how long that takes?! I do. I unfortunately do.

I wish more teams would use Google Docs or some other co-authoring/co-editing tool.  I wish people would get over their squeamishness about collaborative editing or that Google Doc would be able to somehow earn the trust of these big old school Fortune 500 companies (because the default still is Microsoft Word or SharePoint) and get on their internal IT security approval lists. 

Because it would honestly save companies hundreds of employee hours and hundreds of thousands of dollars.  And save me from all these grey hairs!
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So... People keep saying diversity in the workplace matters because it presents valid view points which may be different than your own. I think bic might have been able to avoid this hilariously facepalm advert...
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Four years!! I've been working on the magazine for four years! Longer than any "real" job I've ever had.  Check out and vote in our annual cover contest - Yes you the reader gets to pick our Anniversary cover!   #veuxmag   #magazine  #fashion 
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Issue 25 - Cover Contest
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Between starting a new job, flying to Canada for a wedding, and the doing layout for two enormous issues - it's been a crazy week!  But super pleased with how these two books turned out!  
Need a little excitement to get you through the week?  Look no further!  ISSUE 24 is now LIVE!  Two amazing books to get absolutely lost in. Tearsheets will be sent out to the contributor who submitted the editorials in the next few days.

Blurb - Book 1 - standard magazine paper:

Blurb - Book 2 - standard magazine paper:

MagCloud - Book 1 - premium magazine paper:

MagCloud - Book 2 - premium magazine paper:

Issuu - Book 1 - View for free:

Issuu - Book 2 - View for free:
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I've written a new article for Kings River Life Mag!  This one is about saying goodbye to the animals you foster... 
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Home is where the heart is

Recently, my hometown of Sudbury was found to be the happiest place in Canada.  Of course Buzzfeed (being Buzzfeed) made a list about it.  They got a lot of it right - if you love the outdoors, there's no better place to be.  Beautiful lakes, fishing, hiking, skidooing, boating. They did miss  Science North (one of the best science centers in the world!) and Dynamic Earth in their rankings...

Sudbury is cheap and convenient.  You can drive from one end of town to the other in 30 minutes.  You can buy a 4 bedroom house for $250K with a massive yard and still have money left over for your pickup truck, boat, and skidoo.  And there is no better place to get wild blueberries than along the side of the highway in July.

I used to get asked a lot when I was moving back to Sudbury, like it was inevitable.  I didn't really have the heart to tell them never, if I could help it.  Sudbury just didn't make me happy because it didn't provide me with the things that I found to be fulfilling.

I like ballets, and orchestras, and shows, and (my latest obsession) escape rooms.  I like trying out new restaurants. The kind of career path I'm trying to forge isn't available in a small northern community.  I love the hustle and bustle of a big city.  I love not requiring a car.  I love having shops that are open on Sundays or 24 hours a day.  It's a rare day that I look at something and think "That's really cool, I'd like to try it" and not have the opportunity.

Sure, hiking and fishing are great - but as a once in a while thing and not an every weekend thing.  There's only so many times a month you can walk through Bell Park.  Going to Science North more than once a year might be pushing it.

I remember walking down the street, downtown Toronto with another ex-Sudbury friend, and the both of us feeling giddy in the big city.  It was energizing!  It was exciting!  It was....hella expensive!

I'm not saying I'm better than the folks who stayed.  I'm saying what makes me happy wasn't in Sudbury.  In some ways, I'm envious of those people - if Sudbury was my town, it would mean I could be living closer to my family. 

The worst are the people who tell me "Oh, I could never move away from Sudbury and live apart from my parents. I love them too much."  pointed look  Pul-eeze.  I love my family too.  Get off your sanctimonious high horse.)

Sudbury was a phenomenal place to grow up.  For me, Sudbury is a wonderful place to be from.  It's a wonderful place to visit.  But it's not home.
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