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Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Oct. 21, 2017
10/21/2017 12:42:00 AM Intel, News, Update
Restored Republic via a GCR Update as of Oct. 21 2017

Compiled 12:01 am EDT 21 Oct. 2017 by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, ret, CEO, Child Abuse Recovery; Author, "Twenty Two Faces,"

A. Oct. 20 2017 4:36 pm EDT: Operation Disclosure GCR/RV Intel Alert for October 20, 2017

1. Everything you see is the complete opposite in reality.

2. A chain of events is already set in stone to occur.

3. Each event is a trigger for another event.

4. One of these events is the Global Currency Reset/RV.

5. Another particular event was set to occur that will trigger the GCR/RV.

6. No one at this level knows when these events will happen.

7. These events could happen at any given moment in time.

8. Some of these events will cause awakenings.

9. Trump is scheduled to visit Asia beginning Nov. 5.

10. Be vigilent and keep your eyes open for certain events.

B. Oct. 19 2017 10:38 am EDT Intel, Yosef: "Preparation" - Intel Report from Yosef via Jeff 10-19-17

1. Dunford gave Beijing the thumbs up on readiness this morning just after 2am Oct. 19.

2. His US military did another fully dressed RV rehearsal last night Oct. 18 (3rd in a row mind you) complete with military fly overs of civilian metro areas and the full exchange process in all 50 states plus Puerto Rico.

3. All began after sun down on the West Coast Oct. 19.

4. This means US can now freely commence their portion of the RV at any time. Which is a requirement for the Republic to be brought forward.

5. All redundant call and redemption centers are at this hour sync'd and deemed interchangeable without public detection.

6. There are 12 separate strategies humming at once in case of attack or event distraction.

7. Dunford is in charge of guaranteeing the delivery and performance of the RV for all American territories.

8. Much of his structural strategies were completed last year, but new centers were added or subtracted as needed with the hurricanes.

9. There were also additional software patches added to prevent hackers from freezing the system.

10. PR has a redemption location which is back up. This is why the US is waiting on major relief efforts financially—as PR citizens will have their own money soon.

11. Chinese General Secretary Xi Jinping speaks tonight Oct. 19 at the 19th CPC National Congress.

12. The once every five year event starts at 9pm EST Tues. (Wed. 9am CST).

13. Xi is first to speak and opens the conference by setting a national 5 year agenda for China and the world. It's similar to the first State of the Union speech for newly elected American Presidents.

14. Perhaps this where we finally hear the term gold standard and it will be set in place for the Yuan to be convertible in gold, globally, and why nothing in the USA was allowed to go through as to give Xi total recognition for leading the world forward financially—all by intentional design of China who now very publicly take control of all world affairs.

15. Things could and should move forward very fast from here on out, as today marks exactly two weeks remaining before the end of Oct. and start of the 2017 holiday season.

16. We've heard from multiple paymasters T3 SKR bond exchanges would hydrate and be spendable sometime today Oct. 19 in the US and Canada. This includes ZIM bond and currency redemptions privately contracted.

C. Oct. 19 Operation Disclosure Intelligence Alert: Operation Disclosure GCR/RV Intel Alert for October 19, 2017

1. All banks worldwide have completed and submitted paperwork to the Chinese Elders for review.

2. All processes are complete.

3. All paymasters have been hydrated.

4. Ultimately the Chinese Elders can override the banks' authorization to release the funds.

5. The plan for Dunford to commence mass arrests in the US must be set up before the RV can occur.

6. Once this occurs in the US, the RV begins.

7. Dunford is standing by and has been for months.

D. Oct. 20 2017 1:21 pm EDT: 6 Years Ago Today, Gaddafi was Murdered along with the Creation Gold-Backed Currency Claire Bernish

Six years ago today, the West took it upon itself to use NATO to overthrow Libyan leader Muammar al-Gaddafi. This was not for any humanitarian threat to civilians as had been repeatedly claimed, but because of his planned roll-out of a new currency to be used across Africa that posed a palpable existential threat to central banks at the heart of the Western financial and political system. The gold dinar based, pan African currency motive came to light in 2016 in one of more than 3,000 of Hillary Clinton emails released by the State Department. This was conveniently timed with the New Years holiday to abate outrage or repercussions.

E. Oct. 19 Redemption Instructions, Philip Tilton:

1. At the redemption facility they will qualify you based on your identification, physical currencies held, denominations, volume and home address.

2. If you demonstrate consistency in your answers they will assign you a new accounts/wealth manager team which will assist you in your exchange.

3. If you appear negative or indecisive, or worse confused, they may ask you to reschedule your appointment so others who are better prepared can go ahead of you. Why? Because banks are in the business of making money, not friends. The less drama the better.

4. Time is money. Be prepared to redeem on time, quickly and in a controlled manner, or be prepared to wait as others go ahead of you. We recommend being early, respectful and understated in all your dress, words and actions.

5. These are well trained GCR/RV bankers do not want to hear stories about your life's calling, nor what you will do later that day with your sudden windfall.

6. Get in and get out. Celebrate in the privacy of your own home, keeping all joy to yourself out of respect for the process and courtesy to others who are not as fortunate.

7. Arrive with all your documentation in hand, in a well organized binder, along with all
your physical currencies, purchase receipts, gift letters, legal entity documentation, IRS tax information, existing bank account documentation, a pre-made list of cashier checks you want made out to specific people with exact amounts. Such preparation could give you an edge on being offered the higher rates. or higher interest programs.

8. Remember that any bank can deny service to anyone they do not wish to work with.

9. If you feel the need to bring along an associate or family member, it will be allowed, but if said associate or family member shows concern or undue negativity over the redemption rate or process, it could dramatically hurt your bottom line.So control their attitudes and limit their questions, especially if you feel the appointment is headed the wrong direction.

10. The general rule is Less Drama = More Money.

11. The quality of your questions will demonstrate higher investment IQ, and thus potentially affect the rate and term you ultimately get offered. Why? Because the contract pool is limited to a set amount, and the bankers will be seeking high volume and high investment IQ clients to offer the contract rates too.

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MUST LISTEN INTELS: Who is Kent Dunn? And, why I follow his latest Geo Political and Galactic Updates every day or week, with confidence. SUMMARY for this video, he will explain: Las Vegas (dark sacrifice for Cabal), California (wild fires started by Directed Energy Weapons -- purging the EVIL), Hollywood (earthquakes will start around Oct 22 and after -- Cabal's child-like tantrum), States declaring bankruptcy (but they have CAF accounts with billions$$$$$ in the stock markets), hurricanes (Harvey was directed by submarines... don't donate to Red Cross and Salvation Army), Trump (P2 Freemason, with hearts towards American people, drain the swamp, 2/3 are clones or holograms, mass arrest 100+ generals, 350+ middle officers, 61,000+ enlisted personnel), CIA create news stories to SERCO (sent to Entrust, to AP and all news stations and channels), Putin (died 2012, Putin's cousins, Czar family, quiet control of Russia), Saudi Arabia (Kazharian / Cabals), Syria (John McCain, gf Lindsey... started ISIS), North Korea (joke, US military is there for over 9 months, missiles sold by Hillary Clinton), China / Japan (who controls what), Mrs. Trump (Trump family, morphers), over a billion years ago (12 tribes from 12 different planets), human DNA (high thinking beings), George Soros (killed last Nov, dead, 6 clones out there, Rotherschild man, Nazi, Hilter is a Rotherschild), Angel and Hillary are half sisters, Hillary (died last Sept, her chip short circuited , both Clintons are dead (clones), Alex Jones (dark comedian, new ID, a front for Cabal on the other side), Bush (draconian, all crooks, illuminati 13, evil / satan), what does Friday 13th really mean, next BIG False Flag in Tuscaloosa, Alabama and Oklahoma City (Oct 31 to Nov 2), oil fields will go down, racial tension, FLU season (bacteria get inside your body, mercury, heavy metals, made in Saudi Arabia), 40 days of Chaos, now is PURGE, Zeus is in charge of the underworld (6 rulers had to pick FATE cards: 2 floods, 1 petulance, 3 fire and brimstone), Revelation Chapter 12, Calm Before the Storm (pre-Storm is the mass arrest of all the dark military / dark soldiers, 98 senators, 300 congressmen, within 30 days), Pit or Nibiru (the HELL planet), Book of Life / Soul Existence, and last but not least, SMILE and LOVE people around you! Think with your HEART. Advance your higher consciousness.

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MUST LISTEN: Kent Dunn, a lifetime political journalist, is updating us all about the LAS VEGAS False Flag operation. He explains how multiple "False Flags" work with a planned setup by the Cabal / negative groups, and they just kill people based on their ritual. Also, he talks about what's really happening in SPAIN, in FRANCE and more. Learn all the INSIDER SECRETS on why these events happen. Hard holograms and clones are going to start disappearing. If you are getting MAD about daily life and events, it's because you need to lift your own "vibration" up now. Many more geopolitical and galactic updates. With LOVE and LIGHT!

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What is the MATRIX and how do we EXIT from it

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When will you WAKE UP with new consciousness?

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Galactic history of time, space, universe and Soul... Infinite possibilities

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Learn where and how all the living beings on earth in the past 500,000+ years ago till now, the present, and the next 100 years in the future -- lots of amazing facts and evidence of all positive and negative beings. We must be conscious beings to fight and win this "spiritual war".
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